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Height Guidelines help players determine the height of their characters. The numbers listed here are the expected height of normal, healthy representatives of their race and gender. While extremes occur in either direction, it is important to note that large variations from the heights listed are considered rare.

Any approved custom scale values (that are under 0.9 or above 1.1) can be found on this spreadsheet.

Height Table

Race Male Female
Blood Elf 6'1" (1,85m) 5'9" (1,75m)
Draenei 7'5" (2,26m) 7' (2,13m)
Dwarf 4'11" (1,50m) 4'7" (1,40m)
Forsaken 5'11" (1,80m) 5'4" (1,63m)
Gnome 3' (91cm) 2'10" (86cm)
Goblin 3'7" (1,13m) 4'2" (1,28m)
Human 6' (1,83m) 5'5" (1,65m)
Night Elf 7' (2,13m) 6'8" (2,03m)
Orc 6'6" (1,98m) 6' (1,83m)
Tauren 8' (2,44m) 7'8" (2,34m)
Troll 7'5" (2,26m) (Upright) 7' (2,13m)
Worgen 6'8"' (2,07m) 7" (2,13m)

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