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Player: Jonoth

Character Full Name: Dyma Facebuster

Character In-Game Name: Dyma

Nickname(s): Dynamite

Association(s): Steamwheedle Cartel, Horde, Ebon Blade

Race: Goblin

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities:

  • Cool As Ice: Specializes in frost-based spells, particularly those that harden her body and weapons.
  • Black Dynamite: Well-versed in explosives and demolition, from simple charges to complex bombs.
  • Fast and Furious: Skilled driver and pilot. She's not quite an ace, but she can get out of moderately difficult trouble.

Age: 50

Sex: Female

Hair: Light Blue

Eyes: Glowing Blue

Scale/Height: 1.1/4'6"

Weight: 90lbs


Dyma has two sets of clothes. For intense combat, she wears the plated armor she wore in life, but painted in black and blue and adorned with skulls. In her daily life, she wears black leather adorned with gold.

Other: Her skin is blueish in hue, looking dry, frosted, and cracked. Runic tattoos cover her torso. Her breasts are noticeably large, and almost perfectly spherical. If one looks close underneath each, there are scars that are still stitched closed.


Alignment: Neutral

Dyma's sadomasochistic personality in life is elevated further in undeath. When performing her duties as a bruiser-for-hire, she often goes above and beyond the requested level of torture and violence, justifying it as giving her clients their money's worth. She is a woman of her word when it comes to fulfilling contracts, but she is tempermental in her loyalties, most willing to connect with those that help her satiate her violence fetish.

In life, she died while the Steamwheedle Cartel was on the side of the Horde, so her faction loyalties still lean slightly in that direction. However, she still tries to be faction-neutral when beneficial to her as per both the cartel's positional shift as well as her time in the Ebon Blade.


Dyma was born on Kezan, her father being an imposing presence despite his very average size. His no-nonsense attitude, as well as the cutthroat culture of the Goblins, heavily influenced how he raised his daughter. From an early age, he'd constantly test her, taking things from her whether she misbehaved or not in order to teach her how to be tough. When she began speaking up for herself, he started using violence to show her that words were not enough to protect herself. She would eventually grow up to be bigger and stronger than her father, but would still lose to him in their frequent spars. She took pleasure in the pain, knowing that each defeat was a lesson, and it would make beating him much sweeter. She would direct her force on the other Goblins, sometimes to get the things that she wanted, but mostly because she enjoyed inflicting her own suffering on others.

When the day finally came that her father was defeated, she beat him ferociously, only to find the old Goblin looking back ather her with a smile, blood and missing teeth unable to mask his pride. He introduced her to the trade fleets, and she followed in his footsteps to become a bruiser. The advice he imparted on her was that only the strongest, most cunning, and most ruthless survive, and to never demand less than what she wanted. The ship Dyma served on carried mineral deposits, which she quickly learned the explosive properties of. She fashioned explosives from whatever materials she could find, from crude dynamite to small explosive charges. She learned to work with fuels and engines, and would force her way into the driver seat of any vehicle she could. She also spent time looking for worthy opponents, not just ones she could cause pain to, but those that could dish that pain right back. It was euphoria for her, and when the wars between the Alliance and Horde broke out, she knew that she wanted in.

During the Second War, Dyma served on the side of the Horde as a guard and demolitionist, her skills being put to use to aid caravans going through the mountains. When the Kingdom of Alterac sided with the Horde as well, it made transports smoother, and she would spend more and more time studying to make more potent and efficient powders from the minerals she gathered. This shift in attention would be her downfall, as she was caught unawares by the invading force of Stromgarde. Maces in hand, she battered back as many soldiers as she could, but the odds were against her. In a desperate attempt to get away, she set off an explosion in her shack, causing her to plummet into a chasm. She survived the fall, though she was without resources save for a single mace. She could hear the voice of her father echo on the winds of the frigid cold. She needed to be strong, cunning, and ruthless to survive. So she used her mace to chip away at the stone around her, looking for the right minerals to use to her advantage. She kept rabbit skins to hold her findings, at the expense of leaving her largely exposed to the cold. The skin of her face began to frost and crack, her eyes reddening, her nails blackening, and her feet slowly becoming frostbitten. But she was determined to survive. She used the explosives she crafted to make caves to sleep in as she scaled the side of the chasm. She eventually made it to the top, and in a malnourished daze stumbled along south to the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Still believing the war to be going on, she hid in the wilds, foraging and hunting while trying to make contact with a Horde unit. She learned to make explosive traps to aid her while she regained her physical strength. She also took to abducting those skilled in medicine to help dress and treat her frostbite, threatening the life of any that suggested amputation. Through them, she learned enough to eventually take care of herself, as well as finally discovering that the Horde had lost the war and that the Orcs had been put into camps. She decided to remain hidden for the time being, not wanting to be jailed as well. As she made her way around Lordaeron, taking to robbery by ambushing merchants on bridges and narrow passes.

Many years later, when the Lich King arose to power, Dyma was killed while attempting to rob a caravan that turned out to be undead Scourge. She managed to batter and maim many of her attackers though, so she was taken to Acherus and turned into a Death Knight. With her memories a blur, her training focused on using frost to augment her natural strength, hardening both her body as well as her weapons. The lust for violence felt by all Death Knights slowly began to lift the fog, though the Lich King's control over her remained strong as ever. She began tinkering with explosive charges and powders, driven to create weapons of mass destruction. When the Scourge began to prepare for their assault on Light's Hope Chapel, she had one of her comrades-in-arms aid her in a special surgery: a last resort. Two spherical cannisters were implanted where her bosom was, each holding a special powder. If things looked bleak, she would rupture the cannisters, causing the powders to mix and generate a powerful explosion that would take anything in the vicinity with it. During the battle, however, the Lich King lost his hold on the Death Knights, and Dyma regained control of her senses before her plan was enacted.

In her freedom, Dyma set about learning what had happened while she was away from society. She discovered that the Steamwheedles had turned to neutrality after the Horde had lost the Second War, so she followed suit by working as a bruiser-for-hire. A true Goblin even in undeath, she charges good coin for her services, which mainly consists of being a bodyguard for merchants of various goods including slavers and brothel owners as well as mercenary work. She has kept her explosive implants, joking that the day she finally goes out for good, she will go out with a bang!