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Player: Kage

Character Full Name: Drezz

Character In-Game Name: Drezz

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): The Horde, The Ebon Blade

Race: Troll

Class: Forgemaster

Age: 28 (before death) 34 (current)

Sex: Male

Hair: Pale white dreads.

Eyes: Glowing pale blue.

Weight: 324

Height: 8'1"


Drezz stands at an impressive height of 8'1" when standing at his full height. Clad in plate armor, his weight increases almost twice. The armor itself is inscribed with runes. His skin is a deathly pale white, if it is ever seen from under his armor. His fur is completely gone, having fallen off in his deathly state. He carries two blades, one on either hip. One is a blade from his past life, a jagged blade held together by overlapping leather straps and melted steel. Red runes now glow along the entirety of the blade, freshly inscribed. His other blade is one he had picked up after becoming a Death Knight. The long blade's runes are etched into the hilt and along the base of it's steel, but the edge remains unmarked save for the chips from tearing through armor and breaking blades.


Drezz has fully taken in his roll as a Death Knight. He has no delusions of attaining a better life, or even a 'life'. Anything from his past life is ignored. Brothers, sisters, lovers, friends. All have been left behind. He is a tool of who ever will use him, be it the Scourge, the Ebon Blade, or the Horde. His loyalty is to who ever bests him.

Alignment: Neutral


Drezz was born on the Darkspear Isles from one of his fathers many wives. Jijel was a renown hunter throughout the Isle, and for good reason. Jijel was a strong fisherman, able to take a shark down on his own and bring it back to the village with the creature on his shoulder. Drezz was taught at a young age how to fish from his father along side his six brothers. He wasn't the oldest, but he wasn't the youngest either. He was neither the strongest or the weakest, the tallest or the shortest. In turn, he was the average son. As he grew, he never knew exactly who out of Jijel five wives was his mother, and none of them seemed to care enough to tell him.

As the boy grew he became fond of the axe. It wasn't long until Drezz learned how to use one in each hand, and would in turn become a berserker in time. His life was calm. He made friends, even got married to two women himself. Then the Horde came, and the isle's were threatened by the Sea Witch. Like many of his kind, he left with the Horde, and ended up joining the military. There he fought many battles, from the forces of the Alliance to quilboars, and eventually the Scourge.

Drezz left with his military unit to Northrend, providing support on the front lines to the main army. His job as simple. Break and destroy anything Scourge, moving or not. And it was something he was good at. His now large stature mixed with his beserking habits made him a perfect weapon for breaking ghoul skulls. But it was not to last. Eventually, outnumbered and over run, he and his unit would be slain by a group of undead, but death was not his end.

Drezz woke up similar to all Death Knights. A drone within Acherus: The Ebon Hold. With the whispers of the Lich King in his head telling him to kill, he soon found himself slaying countless Scarlet Crusaders. But Drezz was not haunted by this. In fact, he welcomed it. Killing was something he enjoyed before death, why resent it now? After the destruction of the Crusade in New Avalon, Drezz found himself with the opportunity to leave the Lich Kings command. the Ebon Blade broke the troll out of his trance, and he soon joined the order.

Drezz, now a Death Knight, soon picked up Rune Forging as not an addition to his weapon, but more as an art and a pass time. He spent countless hours in the hold simply carving runes and forging new weapons for the Knights. Eventually, his skill would grow, and he would become a Forgemaster, one creating the best of weaponry for the Ebon Blade. But that was not all he did. With his new brothers and sisters he would join them in Northrend, forsaking his past life and focusing on the destruction of his former master. Once a beserker, he became an abomination with destructive might, blood runes focusing and strengthening the trolls power.

With the end of the Lich King, a new threat emerged. Deathwing took flight, and shattered the world. Now an elite member of the Ebon Blade, Drezz works with his family to put an end to the new threat, only because the rest of his family wants it. With new runeblades and his brothers and sisters by his side, he moves to break the Twilight Hammer, and perhaps find something new.

Skills and Abilities

Runes, runes. Runes Everywhere!: Drezz has taken up the habit of carving runes into anything he can, simply to pass the time. His armor itself is covered with runes. Many of them are powerless and simply there for design, but a select few retain power. Those that do, he keeps hidden from view.

Forge Master: Drezz is a Runeforge Master of the Ebon Blade. Not only can he make near perfect weapons for each Knight that comes to him, but can etch runes all along the blade that are stronger then the runes any other Knight could make.

Berserking Juggernaut: Drezz was a Berserker in life. And a Juggernaut in death. His strength is huge, and he is not afraid to use it. If he can't cut it, he'll bash it.

Spellstealer: Drezz has learned a new 'trick.' By placing a ward around his foe, the ward can absorb the next spell the foe uses within the eight seconds the ward exists. The absorbed spell can only be used once, and Drez himself cannot reuse it. Trying to steal a spell of the light will only backfire and cause a massive amount of damage to the Knight using the Spellsteal.