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Player: Aisha.

  • Character full name: Lady Diandra Driscol.
  • Character in-game name: Diandra.
  • Nickname(s): Diana.
  • Age: 29.
  • Sex: Female.
  • Hair: Light brown; long and well cared for.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Weight: 140 lbs (63,51 kg).
  • Height: 5' 9" (1,75 m).
  • Other: Diandra tries to leave her refinement behind, but she can't really get rid of it or some of her snobby habits. She still takes good care of herself and that is why she is always clean and bright. Others usually make fun of the way Diandra keeps herself spiffy and often misjudge her skills.


Diandra usually wears heavy mail or plate armors that have blue, gold or yellow on them. She always keeps herself and her armor nice and clean. Diandra hates wearing dresses, but if needed she would, so it is rare to see her dressed as a woman of refinement. She tries to look like a tough warrior.


  • Alignment: Lawful neutral.

Taught to be a woman of refinement since her childhood, now she has become the opposite – uncivilized; free as she calls it. Yet, even though she tried to leave her refinement behind, she still can't really shake off a few of her snobby habits; she still takes good care of herself and that is why she is always clean and bright. Others usually make fun of the way Diandra keeps herself spiffy and often misjudge her skills and/or her personality calling her a stuck-up noble. Diandra is of noble heart and she cares about honor. She is kind and giving, all for a noble deed because she strongly believes in the Light like her father. If somebody is in trouble and Diandra can do something about it, she will interfere. Bound by her own code of honor she follows only what she thinks is right, even if it sometimes doesn't entirely meet with the law. Often she acts different, trying to sound tough and ruthless, but underneath all that she is the same kind person. Even though she is kind, she's still a little hot-headed and causes a little trouble from time to time just to show off as a tough warrior.


Diandra was born in the former great city of Lordaeron. Since early childhood she was taught how to be sophisticated and what not snobby. Life came easy to Diandra, she had everything served to her, but she slowly grew tired of it. Diandra was becoming different; other children and her siblings laughed at her ideas of honor and how a person should be measured by the amount of noble deeds and not by the bloodline or the family‘s fortune. She had to face the teasing and suffering the other children brought on her. That ultimately set her mind on becoming a noble fighter to set wrong things right, but once she told her parents… She was told to forget her wild idea, even though deep down her father was happy. She had to obey and for the next few years Diandra followed the will of her parents. She was becoming a snob even though she didn't want to be arrogant. Surely it was normal, since her mother was of noble blood and her father was one of the many respected soldiers of Lordaeron, but Diandra was growing sick of the arrogance.

The war started. Little did Diandra expect that it would eventually reach her when she waved good luck to the soldiers leaving for the war along with her father. The war sparked Diandra's dreams once more and once again she stated that she wants to be a fighter instead of sitting home and waiting in the darkness, letting others die for her. Yet again her mother ordered her to forget it. This time Diandra couldn't accept the decision, she wanted to be free and so she started to read and secretly train on her own to become a warrior.

One evening when the sun was just behind the hills Diandra was training with a wooden sword in the fields. Unfortunately a few of the local kids saw her. It seemed awfully funny to them that a girl of noble blood was doing that and they decided to tease her. Picking up a few sticks they quickly rushed to Diandra to catch her off guard. They surrounded her and started to tease, tossing blows at her with the sticks they picked up, trying to show her that she is weak and her dreams were nothing more than illusions. Diandra defended herself, but there was too many of them for her alone to fend off. She fell into the dirt and started crying as they continued teasing her. However, her cries were soon overheard by a knight that was riding by. He ordered the teasers to go home and helped Diandra up. The knight was very kind, Diandra saw the honor and nobility in him that she herself was trying to reach. They talked till late night; there was so much Diandra wanted to know... Just as the knight was escorting Diandra home, she asked him to teach her how to properly wield a sword and... he agreed to teach her.

The knight's name was Ekram. He was one of the many free knights, wandering alone, taking any job that is acceptable by their own code of honor, in simple words – a mercenary knight. Early next morning he started to teach Diandra what he knew. It wasn't easy even though the knight was going easy on Diandra because she was just a girl. Day after day Diandra came home late, dirty, sweaty and tired and it wasn't long till her mother grew suspicious of her daughter's activities; sports was not a valid excuse anymore! Her mother sent Ashley, a servant of the Driscol family, to follow Diandra and see where she was going and what she was doing. Fortunately, being vigilant and knowing Ashley for a long time Diandra noticed that she was being followed. She went into the nearest crowd and lost her. Diandra's mother was angered by the Ashley's failure. Seeing no other option Diandra's mother grounded Diandra from going anywhere. But that didn't stop Diandra; she started to sneak out of her room every day. Thus thanks to the knight Diandra learned how to properly wield a sword.

Just as things were looking up at some point another obstacle was tossed in the way. Arthas returned to Lordaeron… At first it seemed like the war was finally over, people cheered at his return, so did Diandra‘s family, hoping that there will be news from father. Unfortunately Arthas only brought death and suffering to Lordaeron. Everything turned to hell in a matter of seconds. Diandra and her family gathered what they could and left the city as fast as they could. Devastated, shocked and scared they joined up with other refugees. Once they reached safety in a camp for refugees, far from the ruins of Lordaeron, Diandra decided it was time to act. Not happy about her own decision she left her family, at least what remained of it, and ran away on her own to pursue her dream. Diandra wasn't proud of her decision, but she made sure that her family was safe before leaving.