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When Conquest of the Horde switched emulators to Trinity Core, the change heralded a number of changes, including the introduction of player commands.

Information on this page is adapted from the Commands spreadsheet



Use this command to set the expansion level for your account. For instance, if you need to bump down the expansions on your account due to being on a computer without them installed, you can use this to temporarily remove them, and then again later to add them back on.

Syntax is .account addon #addon

Addon values: 0 - normal, 1 - tbc, 2 - wotlk, 3 - cataclysm.


This toggles locking your account to your current IP address.

Syntax: .account lock [on|off]

Note: Avoid using this command if you have a dynamic IP address! You may find yourself locked out of your account if you utilize this command and then your IP address changes.


To change your account password, use this!

Syntax: .account password $old_password $new_password $new_password


This will add the specified id #itemid (or exact name $itemname in brackets, or link created by shift-click at item in inventory or recipe) to your inventory. Only itemIDs with a number greater than 200000 can be added! Basically, almost any weapon or armor piece will have a copy in the database, which you can use by simply adding 200000 to the item ID. For easier use, look up the name using .lookup rpitem

Custom Items created by the staff for use. Most of these items cannot be found in-game.

Synax: .addrpitem #itemid/[#itemname]/#shift-click-item-link


This shows your bank inventory! Banking on the go!


This displays a list of commands you have available to you.

.gm ingame

This will show which GMs may be currently on the server.


Display usage instructions for the given $command. If no $command provided, show list of available commands.

.lookup rpitem

Looks up an RP item ( greater than 200000 ) by $itemname and returns all matches with their Item ID's.

Syntax: .lookup rpitem $itemname


Use this command to set your scale (percentage-wise, in decimal format) based on the average of your race. You can use any value ranging between 0.9 and 1.1. Bear in mind that you can only use this command 10 times before you are unable to change it anymore! Characters who have an approved profile are able to access a larger range of scale, between 0.85 and 1.15, save for a few exceptions: Tauren/draenei are not able to go past 1.1 and gnomes cannot be smaller than 0.9.

The syntax is .scale #value Typing only .scale will show your current scale.

.server motd

Simply shows the current server message of the day!


Temporarily enables all flight paths for use.