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We've had a number of people spamming various chat and RP channels, then making replies to the effect of "But it doesn't say we CAN'T talk about LOLCATS on Chat!" So, I'm here to spell out to everyone the rules on the use of various channels and emotes as far as what is and is not allowable.

The Rules

No cursing or vulgarity in any public chat channel. Try to keep everything reasonably PG-13-rated. Being as how everyone automatically joins LFG, as an example, it really doesn't need publicly-inappropriate content. This also goes for the forums. Any OOC discussion that is R-rated and up needs to go in the Adult channel (type /join Adult). Again, derogatory comments will not be allowed in this channel, either.

These topics in ANY OOC channel (even /Adult) will result in a kick or ban

  • Rape
  • Racism
  • Drug use

We also request that things like OOC politics and religion not be discussed directly on the server or forums. There are plenty of places to have intelligent conversations about these topics on the internet, and we have no interest in the OOC drama it inevitably breeds. We don't mind if you discuss it elsewhere but leave this baggage at the door when you come to CotH.


Before I get started, I'm going to explain the concept of Spam, which is usually text that takes up space on a player's screen for no reason, or takes up far more space than it should.

While I will be going into specific examples for the different channels, a general rule for ALL channels: If you have multiple things to say, fit it all into one message (or two if you hit the buffer limit.) You are not in a race. You are not trying to beat /trade or /lfg spam. If you nod at a group of people, emote that out, don't /nod to each individual person as this takes up too much space (see above, you're taking more space for an action than is necessary.) If you have the habit of hitting the Enter key after every sentence, you will need to get out of it.


You should not be having OOC conversations over /say. There is an exception, but otherwise you should endeavor to always keep /say IC at all times. The exception is as follows:

  1. If you are in one of the designated OOC areas. (As of this time, only the OOC area is in Shatterspear Village)

Another note for /say is to avoid things that cannot actually be conveyed through speech. Do not put smilies in /says. While not always necessary, it is highly recommended that you spell out numbers, particularly those that are fairly simple to type (ten, one hundred, two thousand, forty-five, etc.)


Most of the rules that apply to Say also apply here. In particular, no smileys (type it out instead. If you want to put a :-), instead put "So-and-so smiles.")

Custom emotes allow for greater flexibility, but there may be times when you want the accompanying stock emote for the character animation. If you do this, make sure you're not stringing multiples of them together, as that will constitute as spam.

Also, avoid emoting out the thoughts of your characters. We are not mind-readers, our characters would not be able to directly discern your thought processes.


LFG should only be used for one main purpose:

  1. To look for others to RP with.

Anything else should be put into other channels.


The following is allowable in Chat:

  1. Discussions about RP that may or may not be going on presently.
  2. Discussions about lore.
  3. Discussions about the server and game mechanics.
  4. Discussions about one's real life, provided it is relatively brief.
  5. Greetings and goodbyes (Hello server! Hello UnnamedNewbie!)
  6. Brief item links supplementing an on-topic discussion mentioned above.

The following is NOT allowed on Chat:

  1. Lolcats, basketcats, Chuck Norris and his roundhouse kicks, Overlord Saurfang and his cleaves, lolwut, X socialite/actress is hot, X socialite/actress is a tramp, fish riding bicycles, O'rly/Ya'rly, IT'S A TRAP, Sailor Moon, The Picard Song, Stan Sells Everything, Cloudsong, u suck lolz, mattress surfing, and anything else on this intellectual level.
  2. If it didn't happen to you personally, it shouldn't be here.
  3. If you saw it on YouTube, eBaum's, 4chan, or YTMND, it also probably shouldn't be here, with few exceptions.
  4. Multiple item links that may or may not supplement a discussion appropriate for the channel. (See the Chat Policy:Item-Linking)

Anything else should be shuffled elsewhere.


The following is allowable in Adult:

  1. Discussions of an adult, usually sexual, nature.
  2. Statements that feature strong language, but is NOT directed at a specific player.

HOWEVER, the following is NOT allowed in Adult:

  1. Language that may deeply offend those of different sexual orientations, genders, racial groups, etc.
  2. Language that may deeply offend those who may be victims of sexual assault.

It should go without saying, but the rules for respect still apply here.

You MUST be eighteen years or older to be in here.


The following is allowed in this pit of hell:

  1. Anything under #1 of what is NOT allowed in Chat.
  2. If you saw it on YouTube, eBaum's, 4chan, or YTMND, go here with it.
  3. Ramblings that may continue on for an extended length of time.

What is NOT allowed in Barrens:

  1. Adult/Sexually-themed chat (go to Adult.)

It should go without saying, but the rules for respect still apply here as well.