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Neutral Bah'tahu Shorthorn
Player Edgar
Gender Male
Race Shu'halo
Class Druid
Age 86
Height 8'2"
Weight 650 lbs
Eyes Forest Green
Hair Bah'tahu's fur is a grey color with patches of white around his biceps and under his chin
Affilliation(s) The Mistrunner Tribe; the Cenarion Circle
Relative(s) Ha'shu (mother, deceased), Wroe (father, deceased), four unnamed siblings
Mentor(s) Thrim (deceased)
Status Alive


A kilt is all he usually wears, aside from a plethora of relics and beads decorating his fur and braids. One of the more noticeable items is a medallion shaped into the likeness of moon and sun molded together.

Other: Bah'tahu has a long, fairly straight scar which runs down his right side, from the bottom of his arm-pit to the back of his knee.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kind, wise and free-spirited are just a few words that describe this strong Tauren male. Bah'tahu is a lover of Azeroth and all of its natural beauty, making him an excellent candidate for druidism! He'd much rather be out stalking a herd of kodo on the lush and rolling plains of his homeland than relaxing in a local inn and socializing with the locals. This passion he has with the natural world has led him into his druidic path of life from a very early age and has him craving for a plethora of ways for him to cleanse the world of technology as a whole, and rid it of industrialism. Though Bah'tahu is clearly not around society much, he is able to make friends rather quickly, if the two share common interests, of course. This Tauren gets along quite well with Orcs and Trolls, though, naturally, he despises the Forsaken and Blood Elves. He has taken a liking to the kaldorei, recently.


Bah'tahu Shorthorn was immersed into the world of druidism in the early stages of his life by his mother. Both parents were quite old when they gave birth to Bah'tahu, his mother's first mate having perished a few decades ago. His mother then found an older mate and had the calf a few months later. This made Bah'tahu the fourth of his mother's children and the youngest.

After years and years of continuous druidic training with his elderly mother, she eventually passed away when he was but 39 years of age. He was then sent to study with a family friend to continue his training a year later by his father. This aggravated him a bit, since he had a good relationship with two of his three brothers, the third being much too old. He did as he was told nonetheless, venturing out to find Thrim, a local druid, where he would be continuing his training. His teacher was a good one, and Bah'tahu enjoyed the time he had with him. His teacher taught him everything he could about the natural world, and how to use it to his advantage. After Bah'tahu was fairly good with his natural powers, his teacher began instructing him in the tedious skill of changing shape. This took Bah'tahu a while longer to learn than most Druids, though, he eventually got the hang of it. He would then go on many hunts with his teacher, learning to become one with the animal he now controlled. His training would continue for a few more years, his teacher furthering Bah'tahu's training in the ways of the moonkin form the most, before he would put a halt to it and venture away from Mulgore to explore the world. At 68 years of age, Bah'tahu had made his decision to protect Azeroth, and by doing so, aiding the Earth Mother to the best of his ability. After deciding such, he crossed paths with his eldest brother in the Stonetalon Mountains. He was informed that one of his other brothers had fallen in battle serving the Horde in the Outland. This caused Bah'tahu a great deal of pain, seeing as he was relatively close to his brother. He grieved for a year or two before accepting his brother's demise. This inspired him even more to preserve as much as he could of his kin's homelands, not to mention the rest of Azeroth. This career path brought him around the globe for many years, his battles mostly happening in the Plaguelands of the Eastern Kingdoms than anywhere else. He fought for days on end, stopping only for food and water. Though, it was to no prevail. The forces of the Scourge were too much for just a lone Druid to handle, so he retreated to the Hinterlands, where he remained for a few days to rest, tend to his wounds, and fill his stomach before he would venture else where. His travels would bring him to the jungles of Stranglethorn, the Barrens, Thousand Needles, Feralas, Desolace and Felwood. He then ventured back to his homelands to catch up with the family he had there.

More recently, Bah'tahu stumbled upon a small group of Alliance members in Ashenvale, led by a kaldorei Warden. Together they fought and defeated a handful of corrupt fire elementals. During the skirmish, Bah'tahu suffered a series of burns on his chest and face.

Skills and Abilities

Bah'tahu specializes in offensive casting of nature and arcane magics in his moonkin form. He is, however, able to fight well in all of his forms. He lacks any true skill in druidic healing, able to heal nothing bigger than cuts and abrasions. He can wield a polearm well if the need arises. He can play the flute as well!