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Horde Arntae Southlight
Player Landashua
Gender Female
Race Sin'dorei
Class Mage
Age 634
Height 5'3"
Weight 100~ lbs
Eyes Green/Green
Hair Changes
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon, Kirin Tor
Alignment Neutral


Casually wears "workman's" clothing, more formally she busts out the nice, ornate dresses.

Other: Left handed. Her body is entirely covered in tattoos, spare her face, though her lips are tattooed by a bar up the center. The content of the tattoos on her body are various star charts, arcane signs, phrases and general images, quills, eyes, flowers, lace.


Alignment: Neutral

Arntae has a complex personality. She's searching for something, but doesn't know what it is she's looking for. Despite her age she's constantly suffering a crisis of identity, searching for her place in the world. She is extremely trusting of some people, while exceptionally apprehensive of others - There is no common trend to her trust. She rewards those close to her with a very loving nature but is as cold as the frost she weaves to those who are without her trust.


Arntae grew up in a culture of wealth. From an early age she was showered in gifts, not truly understanding the concept of "need," the idea was abstract, foreign, she couldn't comprehend a life outside of this wealth. Her parents had no expectation for the young girl, content to simply keep her away from the pain of the outside world.

She, as many Quel'dorei, was gifted in the arcane. In her early teens, having practiced the basics on her own, Arntae was awarded the greatest gift of her life - Her first teacher. The older woman taught Arntae to manipulate the winds of the arcane, the values of proper study and the cool tinge of the frost, among many other lessons. Where many would have to give up the arcane to help provide for their families Arn was allowed to study, free of care or even true knowledge of the outside world.

On her 28th birthday, Arntae took her first steps away from her parent's watchful eyes. Her teacher walked with Arn through the streets, answering all the questions she had. Arn was fascinated by the city in motion, never having seen the streets of Silvermoon in their working glory. The two traveled through the country where they saw an old man, and Arn was taught an important lesson; all grow old and eventually die. Her teacher offered no more insight than that, but it was enough for Arntae to posit that there was more to life than material possessions.

Unhappy with the sheltered life she was living, Arntae spoke of these feelings with her teacher, who helped convince her parents to allow the young woman to explore the world on her own. Arn wandered for several years, living ascetically in the countryside, spurning all possessions except the clothing on her back. Unhappy with this lifestyle, Arntae returned to her apprenticeship with her first teacher, working with the woman in Silvermoon city. She slowly fell out of contact with her parents as the years progressed.

The student slowly came to surpass the teacher over the next centuries, and Arntae was off to Dalaran after the Kirin Tor were founded. She was fascinated by the tales of the library in Dalaran and worked briefly with the Kirin Tor at the bottom level, categorizing the tomes as they flowed into the library. The young woman bathed in the wealth of knowledge at her fingertips.

At the onset of the second war Arntae traveled back to her homelands, staying with her old teacher in Silvermoon. She contacted her parents to ensure their safety, but little else. She reluctantly agreed to stay within the confines of Silvermoon away from the libraries of Dalaran. This proved to be both good and bad, having avoided the near complete destruction of Dalaran while suffering through the fall of Silvermoon.

In the wake of the destruction the woman was lost without the arcane and turned to tattooing her body in the hopes that the symbols on her skin would somehow allow her better access to the arcane. She had read of tattooed runes loaning such power to some warriors. When the pilgrims returned with news of fel, she abused heavily.

Her addiction to fel was strong, but not quite as strong as her taste for the pure arcane. Upon the restoration of the Sunwell she began weening from the fel and returning to arcane. Her teachers and parents all fell in the destruction, so she feels without purpose. But Arntae is now addiction free and ready to go.