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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Xelti Steamfledge

Character In-Game Name: Xelti

Nickname(s): Miss Xelti Steamfledge

Association(s): Booty Bay

Race: Gnome

Class: IC- Tailor, Tinker, and Sapper OOC- Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Xelti has a knack for fashion; she has the ability to think up accessories that double as weapons. Some of these accessories are made for self defense. Other accessories that she makes are mechanisms in disguise, mechanisms that are frowned upon by society such as lock picks or poison injectors. The majority of these devices contain bombs, as demanded by her customers. She also knows how to use a knife if she has to.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: A solid white, cut short but fluffed upwardly for a whipped look.

Eyes: Teal in color.

Weight: 38 pounds

Height: 2’11”


She changes her clothing often. When in a city or a place where there are a lot of people, she will wear a minimalist yet fashionable dress along with jewelry (necklaces or bangles) that double as some sort of mechanism. When traveling she likes to wear pants and a top (and a thick jacket if traveling through a colder place; the jacket sleeves will likely contain some kind of blade that can be triggered)

Other: She almost always wears a necklace with a large pendant, which she has named “the sapper’s pendant” for what it hides: one very small, compact, but dangerous bomb. When the button on the side of the pendant is pressed four times the front springs open and ignites the bomb. When she is working on something new, she wears a pair of yellow and red goggles that magnify what’s in front of her.


Alignment: Chaotic good.

Though physically Xelti is only 2’11”, personality-wise she is tall as a titan. Though she isn’t religious, she thinks that there is a universal energy that empowers everyone to do what they do, and that she can tap into it as much as she can for herself. She looks at every object in the world differently because of this thought; she thinks that nearly anything can be modified to do something with the right amount of imagination and tinkering. Because the only picture she still has of her mother is her wearing an elegant dress (the drawing her father doodled on the corner of one of his old blueprints), she believes that so long as she herself is well dressed, then her mother will live within her. When she moves, communicates with others, or does any other type of physical activity, she does so with prior thought, as if her motion fits into some larger aesthetic of the world. Of course, when she is drunk, this aspect of Xelti flies out the window. Yet, drunk or not, she is always outgoing and open when communicating with people.


Xelti was the result of a celebration of the completion her parents’ first post-wedding invention that they made together, which was a safe to hold all of their most precious (past and present) blueprints and keepsakes that could only be opened using their cog-like wedding rings. They thought of it as the perfect time to have a child, and thus in the near future Xelti was born. She had a normal childhood, learning a fundamental base of knowledge from her mother and learning the life of a tinker by watching her father work on things in the workshop. Six years later, her mother gave birth and Xelti had a little brother. They began to give less attention to Xelti with all of the attention necessary to keep a baby quiet, but Xelti soon after made a lot of new friends and lost any envy she might have had for her little brother.

Three years later, the days of tension surrounding the plans to get rid of the Trogg and closing off Gnomeregan came. On that unfortunate day when the plans to get rid of the Trogg were executed, Xelti’s mother had become irritated with staying in one place for too long. At that time, she had been struggling to get her son to stand on his own feet and do more than just a waddle, so she decided to take him on a walk through Gnomeregan. In order not to run into any Troggs she made sure only to go where there were many people, and the Hall of Gears was one of those places. Meanwhile, her father had been working on coming up with another invention that day, eventually exhausting himself with trying to come up with the right blueprint. Xelti had been bugging and distracting him, and he couldn’t focus on his work with all of his worries about Gnomeregan being closed off. So he folded up his blueprint, stuck it in-between his belt and pants, and collapsed on his bed for a nap. Xelti was playing with her friends right outside when the bombs went off and the fumes poured into Gnomeregan. She quickly alarmed her father and they (along with a few others that were nearby) barely escaped the city without inhaling the poison.

Xelti was only nine years old and didn’t fully understand what she just went through until the friend that she had escaped with, who was three years older than Xelti, cried with her and explained everything she had overheard about the event. She asked her father about it and relentlessly queried about her mother and her little brother, but he was too shocked to say anything. It was only until months later, after they found refuge and home in Ironforge, when her father began to speak more than a few words to anyone. By then Xelti had figured out that most of her friends and family were probably dead. The Dwarves were quick to help the gnomes and an older Dwarven woman told Xelti that her lost ones were in a better place now, which gave her solace. However, it wasn’t until a few years later when her father escaped his depression. He did so by building a smaller version of the wedding-ring activated safe he built after his marriage. He began to talk to Xelti more and after a heartfelt conversation about her mother and little brother he gave her the blueprint he escaped Gnomeregan with because the doodle he made of his family on the corner of it was the last remaining picture of them together.

While Xelti lived her later childhood and teenage years in Ironforge, making new friends and discoveries, she decided that she wanted to become a tinker of some sort. Her father disagreed, and told her that what the gnomes needed more than ever were mages because there weren’t many of them left. While Xelti did what her father wanted her to and began to study the basic magic that could be taught in Ironforge, she silently rebelled against her father by making rings for her friends that could do different things such as doubling as a flashlight or perfume capsule. Through the years, she would return to the doodle her father made of the family and thought about how, despite her mother’s body being nothing but simple outlines, she looked as if she were wearing a beautiful dress. Xelti herself wanted to make sure that she herself would always be happy and well dressed because of that detail. She began to dream of becoming a tailor along with a tinker.

When Xelti was sixteen, her father noticed that she had learned all the magic she could in Ironforge but decided that if she were to make a future out of being a mage that he should send her to the Academy of Arcane Sciences in Stormwind. They fussed at one another about it for hours, but Xelti finally agreed to go. She traveled to Stormwind with a Dwarven trader who was on his way because he offered free travel, because her father could barely afford to send her to the school. On the way to Stormwind, a large wendigo attacked their caravan. When Xelti tried to defend herself using magic, it did barely a thing to the beast. Thankfully, they narrowly escaped him and made it safely to Stormwind. However, for a long time after the attack Xelti thought about how she would ever defend herself if something like that happened again.

She was supposed to go straight to the school, but along the way, she saw a dress in a shop that was made for humans, and she desperately wanted to have it for herself. At that moment, she decided to spend her money on finding somebody to teach her how to tailor, and she did. In only three months, she had spent all the money she had on making clothes and traveling to Booty Bay in order to learn from a more experienced tailor there. After she fell into alcoholism and spent most of her days in the tavern, she met a man who listened to all of her worries about running back to her father for money, and he offered to take her back to Ironforge. In fear, she accepted facing her father, but on the way the idea sprung into her head that it would be easier for her to sneak in at night and use her father’s ring to take just enough money from his safe than facing the man himself. She never thought she would go through with it until she arrived home to the sounds of her father snoring and his ring sitting on his nightstand.

She ran away with just enough gold to survive for a little while longer, and returned to Stormwind to be hired on by the tailor that resided there. After a few months, she earned herself enough to start her own business and decided to start it in Booty Bay where she would get the most customers. While she made enough sales through the dresses she made for women, she thought about all of the times she felt like she needed to defend herself but didn’t know how. One day she saw a Goblin sapper threatening to blow himself up and something in her mind clicked when it happened; she would disguise bombs into jewelry. It would have had to have been an underground business, but word got around quickly in Booty Bay and her jewelry sold fast.

A year later, her sales of jewelry earned her enough gold and security to close her clothing shop for a few years and live with enough time to make things for herself. Then one day, when she was delivering an explosive bracer in person, she was told that her accessories were being used to kill people. It upset her, and she managed to get herself drunk in a matter of hours. That evening she stumbled out onto the boardwalks of Booty Bay to check her mail when she overheard a troll and forsaken challenging each other to a fight. In her drunken state, nothing excited her more than watching “the savages” attack one another. She pulled an envelope out of her pocket and stuffed it into her satchel quickly so that she could follow them to the arena. However, when she arrived there she became bored of watching them fight, and decided to open her mail. Out came her father’s ring, and nothing else. In a confused and inebriated rage, she hurled the ring away from herself and it landed in the arena. What she had just done didn’t dawn on her until she watched as the forsaken picked the ring up off the ground and walked away with it before she could chase after him. She now lives her days wondering whether she should hunt down that forsaken or face her father and find out why he would even send her the ring.