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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Thomas "Tom" Vorimorte

Character In-Game Name: Vorimorte


Association(s): Blackwind Cartel

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, and set in a roguishly handsome way. He's clean shaven.

Eyes: Grey, which have a hint of cunning and power-lust.

Weight: 145

Height: 5'10


Tom usually wears a black shirt and loose tuxedo pants with polished shoes. When he's traveling, he wears a dark brown trench coat that reaches to his knees, and a matching hat.

Other: Tom is a handsome young man, and always carries a briefcase. However, he always refuses to show anybody what's inside it. In his trench coat, he has a pistol tucked in. His boots also have a knife hidden in the tip, which he can get out by clacking the heels together. His skin is pale.


Tom is a quiet man, who often looks as if he's as sullen as a young child. He holds no quarrel with any races, as do many of his race. He is a smart man that understands explosives, or other offensive machines, as he understands the back of his hand. He has a controlling personality, and hates when things reach out of his control, which often leads to fits of rage, including guns.


Tom was born in Gilneas to a minor Crime Lord and one of the many prostitutes that the father knew of. He was basically raised by his father's best Engineer, and grew without a mother, and just knowing his father as "Father". He was raised knowing how to reverse engineer a bomb, or stop any explosive in it's tracks.

When King Greymane began construction, his father, trainer, and some of the more loyal henchmen left the country and established themselves in the south, near Stormwind. However, another Gang had done the same, and the two conflicting forces soon found themselves in an underground war. Tom grew up in this war, and was defined by it.

He began aiding his father in the war at the age of 16, but knew that his own group was doomed by the other's better tactics. He cut his losses, and moved northwards to Lordaeron, opening his business as an underground technology expert. This only lasted two years, however, before he had to return to the south due to the Plague. Indeed, his father's crime organization had been killed or imprisoned. However, he only needed to stay here a bit, before he moved to Theramore and the other Kalimdor settlements.

He hasn't done much since them, circulating through Alliance and Neutral lands and offering his services to all who needed them. Only recently did he meet Volthorn Blackwind, and only recently did he agree to go to Asholme. He needs to support himself, after all, if only through the only way he knows.