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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Vaye Silver

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): Stormwind, Church of the Holy Light, The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Priestess

Skills and Abilities: She knows a number of healing spells and a few offensive and defensive spells, but is far from being a powerful priest. However, she has disciplined herself to contain her magic within herself and her staff very well, structure not usually seen in a priestess as young as her. It is her past with the death caused by the Scourge along with the hardship from her mother that gives her such austerity.

Age: 20 years old

Sex: Female

Hair: Her hair is as ebon as her skin. She keeps it long but orderly, cutting her sides and bangs in straight lines in order to give her face a nice frame.

Eyes: Her eyelids are somewhat small, making her eyes appear unusually large and striking. Her irises are a dark brown and her eyelashes are long.

Weight: 158 pounds

Height: 5’9”


Usual Garments/Armor: Vaye can usually be seen wearing a white and pink robe that she was given as a gift when she is in Stormwind or the Abbey. When she is traveling or doing labor, she wears durable beige and white clothing along with leather gloves and boots.


She has poorly crafted wooden staff that she made herself, and carries in her bag a very large book titled ‘The Ways of the Priest’, which was gifted to her by an admirer as noted before the first page.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Vaye has been shaped by a multitude of emotional events in her life, and appears to be very strict with herself. She is mannerly even when it isn’t called for. She thinks before she acts, always worried about the consequences of her actions, and this sometimes closes off opportunities that happen for her. She is very outspoken about her piety and her goals as a priestess of the light, and constantly encourages those close to her to follow the light as well. When she converses with somebody she doesn’t know, she tightens her posture to an almost statuesque stiffness. Strangers often stare her in the eyes when talking to her so she has become accustomed to shifting her eyes around when conversing with a new person. However, when she becomes more comfortable with a person she loosens up a bit and gives more eye contact. She still holds within her a balance of the confidence and extroversion she expressed as a child and the shyness and withdrawal she has under the stranglehold of her mother.


Vaye was born in Stratholme in year 9; the city was proud to have birthed such a beautiful baby, many remarked that she had the biggest eyes they’d ever seen. It was true, the baby girl always kept her eyes wide open and her irises were large and brown. She inspired her parents because of this.

Her father, a paladin, said to himself, “I fight for the light I see in her eyes.”

Her mother, a jeweler, said to herself, “I’ll always use gemstones that shine bright, and Vaye will one day understand why.”

They were proud of their daughter, so they always kept a close watch over her and taught her to always closely follow the light they way they and the rest of the people of the kingdom of Lordaeron did. When she grew to be a young child of seven she began to hang out with a rowdy group of kids in the city (or at least their parents considered them rowdy), and it was because of her new friends that she and her mother were in constant battle. As her father was off fighting battles and her mother busy making jewelry and trying to keep shop, she was a difficult child to look after and was always getting herself into trouble with the people of the city. After a year or two Vaye eventually became the head of her little gang of friends. They would constantly bother the old alchemist woman, who they’d called ‘the hag’. In return, ‘the hag’ called them ‘the little stinkers’, and the name stuck. But it wasn’t long until Vaye reached the age of eleven and the scourge sent her life into chaos.

‘The Little Stinkers’ and all their tomfoolery saved theirs and their parents’ lives, as they learned every nook and cranny of the city through their years of mischief, and they wouldn’t have helped their parents escape the city if they hadn’t known of all these secret hiding places. But their little gang was no more, as death was in front of the children as never before. Vaye’s father died because of the Scourge and her mother only escaped with a bag full of her jewelry to call her belongings. Vaye clung to her friends as they all met with the other refugees, who eventually ended up in Theramore.

All of Vaye’s friends, devastated and young, wanted to become pirates, claiming they had nothing better to become. They had no parents to tell them no, but Vaye on the other hand had her mother, who had become so strict and harsh with Vaye that she was slapped to the floor when she found out that Vaye was even considering joining her friends in their plans. Vaye soon abandoned her friends, knowing they were too young to become pirates anyways, and began to help her mother out with her shop. Soon after, as her mother realized how dangerous Dustwallow Marsh had become, they gathered enough money to set off to the Eastern Kingdoms. As her mother planned, they journeyed and eventually made it to Stormwind, which they would call their new home.

Vaye’s mother was lucky enough to connect with the right people and gather enough money to purchase a permanent stay in a friend’s home and make her coin through assisting a tailor and making her jewelry, which she sold in the tailor’s shop. After two years in Stormwind, when she was the age of fifteen, Vaye began to help her mother around the shop as she was told to. Unlike when she was a child, she did everything her mother said. She never thought of going against her word until one day she met a man who told Vaye that she reminded him of his late wife, who was a priestess. It wasn’t long until Vaye investigated the priests and priestesses at the cathedral and wanted to become one herself. She and her mother butted heads endlessly over her new consideration, but she still had the confidence she had as the leader of ‘The Little Stinkers’ all those years ago and was able to talk her mother into it.

When she was eighteen, Vaye began to train under the tutelage of a priest in the Cathedral. There were already many like her there, and she didn’t receive much training as most of her time was spent keeping the place clean. A year later, she relocated to Northshire Abbey where she finally began to learn magic, both offensive and healing. Many of the inhabitants of the Abbey told tales of what the light meant to them as they traveled the lands as paladins or made the way through the kingdoms, helping those in need. As the year went by, Vaye longed more and more to travel the lands and do the same but her mother, though distant half of the time, became stricter and stricter with Vaye.

One day, Vaye summed up the courage to volunteer herself to help an old farmer located in Westfall when she heard about the task from a paladin. However, when she arrived to the location she found an abandoned home and a pair of Defias women ready to kill her for anything she might have. Vaye eventually escaped these women and ended up at another farm nearby, where she was guided back to Elwynn forest safely. She eventually met up with this farmer again in Goldshire, and after telling her story to him, he made her an offer to join his family. She thought of this as a good opportunity to up her confidence while being close enough to her mother, and accepted the man’s offer. She now helps around on this farm, learning what it was the followers of the light spoke to her about for the last year.