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I'm the main admin dude who regards orcs as the superior race on Azeroth. Lok'Tar Ogar!

Some quick notes since I now have my website link on the forums linking here:

  • I have little patience for those who don't even bother reading very obvious stickies in the very forums they are guides for.
  • If you PM me asking a question that's very obviously answered (such as "What is the introduction template?"), it is very likely I will not respond, hoping that you will find it yourself.
  • Orcs are the best race, period. There can be no legitimate counter to this statement. Sorry!
  • I am quite open to constructive feedback if you feel you cannot speak to another GM.
  • I will not get angry if you wish to criticize the server. However, you'd better have a constructive solution in mind for whatever aspect you may be criticizing.
  • If you feel I am being unfair with something, feel free to send me a rational PM. However, first try and see things from my perspective (or what's good for the server as a whole).

I'll likely add more things later.

A Few Notes

I do have a life outside of the server, mostly involving work and classes. Therefore, my activity around the server will be affected accordingly. If you send me a PM, I apologize if I do not respond right away. If it's something that a GM can take care of, please contact them if possible, as a response from me will probably take longer. Also note that I often tend to browse the forums on my phone, so even if you see me around in the middle of the day, there's a good chance I'm not actually at home.

Please also take heed of the fact that feedback PMs may not be responded to, but they are all read. In case you do send me any sort of feedback, thank you!


Feel free to visit my blog at!