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Aruen Aruen (contribs)

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Things-to-Do Things-to-Do

  • Help with updating profiles
  • Flesh out my page a bit more
  • Set up Theramore Marine guild
  • RP!

WoW History
Well, this is me. No clue if I'm doing this right or whether it's really informative but.. Hello! I'm Aruen on the forums, new to the whole Wiki editing stuff but heh, it's the least I can do to help out no?

I have no clue what else to write, so here's some random information:

- I'm 18
- Favorite race is Humans
- I like pizza's
- I think I've been here for.. roughly a year now. Or almost. (On CotH, just two days on the Wiki!)

And well.. That's it! I guess.


All credit for this awesome layout goes to Piroska --Aruen 11:00, 9 June 2010 (EDT)