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A life may be fleeting, but a deed is eternal.


Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Troovo

Character In-Game Name: Troovo

Nickname(s): Spice Trader, Quiet One

Association(s): The Alliance, The Exodar, and The Argent Dawn (in his past).

Race: Draenei

Class: Spice Trader

Skills and Abilities: He knows how to use swords, knives, bows, crossbows, guns, and axes. He has the eyes, ears, and general skills of a hunter. He is also very good at shaping crystals and metals for weapons and jewelry and understands the fundamentals of blacksmithing. Most importantly, he has a large and growing knowledge base of foods and cooking and a very personalized taste for it. Though his bag slows him down, there is also an endless amount of surprises held within it; sometimes, even to his own surprise, the things that Troovo carries with him in his bag end up becoming useful.

Age: 16,844

Sex: Male

Hair: Deep blue and hip-length, usually tied back into a ponytail.

Eyes: Blue, warmly glowing.

Weight: 425 pounds

Height: 7’7”


He usually wears a thick and dull brown leather jacket, edges trimmed with a burgundy dye, and blackish-brown leather pants. When traveling, he wears a chest plate and bracers underneath this leather shirt. He also carries an iron dagger, a bag full of supplies on his back, and a large rifle held in this bag. When invited to an event that would call for formal attire, he would wear a pear of black dress shoes and dress pants, and a nicely tailored red shirt.

Other: He has a large white patch of skin on his back due to severe burns. He also has a very slight limp in his leg due to past injury. He has two tendrils extending off his jawline but is usually clean-shaven.

One of the most noticeable things about Troovo is that he carries a bag that's nearly tall as himself. There are more than twenty pockets covering the bag, and a large compartment on the side for holding his rifle. The bag is made out of a high quality leather, but nevertheless, it shows some ware and tear. It is used to store many things: essentials such as a bedroll, water, and food, or non-essentials such as books, perfumes, spices, and more.


While kind and upbeat in the presence of others, he is unhappy and melancholic. When not talking to anyone, he can be caught staring at a wall or into the distance with gloom in his eyes. He is normally graceful and quiet in his mostly kind communication with others, but when food or anything closely related to it is brought into conversation, his speech becomes eccentric. He will almost always refuse to talk about his past, even if it was something very recently that happened in his life.

However, as Troovo looks towards the past with despair, he looks back to the future with optimistic spirit. Though the man has many troubles, he doesn't take it out on anybody else; he considers the virtue of kindness to be cardinal to living a happier life. He is as affectionate towards those who know him well, and at least lukewarm to strangers. As faithful as he is to his Draenic traditions and daily rituals, Troovo is equally open to the endless surprises that Azeroth holds in store for him. He, in return, is full of surprises that reveal themselves in the moment. Because of his heavy bag, he carries a lot of weight on his back, but most of it he considers worth the burden.


25,000 years ago, Velan fled Argus with the Eredar he trusted. Four of these Eredar were Troovo’s grandparents. Each couple met each other shortly after they fled Argus and fell in love through their struggle, however, one couple decided to have children long before the other did. Because of this, Troovo’s mother is thousands of years older than his father. His mother and father met when discussing their hopes for the future. His father described the planet he hoped his race would find to be their new home and his mother immediately fell in love with him when he described it because the imagined planet was nearly identical to her own dream planet.

1,500 years after they fell in love, Oshu’gun found their dream planet. In celebration of this event, Troovo’s parents gave birth to three charismatic children. The first was Troovo’s older sister Alaala, who was nicknamed “the loudest child on Oshu’gun.” Then came Troovo, who ate so much he became known as “the hungriest child on Oshu’gun.” After Troovo they gave birth to his younger brother Vaiiro, who moved around so much that he was dubbed “the most uncontrollable child on Oshu’gun.” Of course, these were all titles that the family created and kept to themselves.

To the disappointment of Troovo’s parents, the Burning Legion found the newly discovered planet soon after the Draenei did, so they were unable to settle there. Troovo’s family was young but strong. Though Troovo and his siblings each demanded a lot physically, they also wanted to learn all they could as they grew up on Oshu’gun. After a long period of studying and learning, the sibling’s society began to expect contributions from them. They looked up to their parents when deciding what it was they wanted to do. Alaala became a priest like her mother, Vaiiro became an engineer after looking at some of the things that his father traded on the ship, and Troovo wanted to become a navigator for Oshu’gun like his grandfather. However, Oshu’gun had all the navigators that it needed, and Troovo resorted to cutting crystals as the next best way to contribute to his race’s goal of finding a safe planet.

While his family had strong ties and always talked to one another about what they were doing, Troovo was the nosiest. The family didn’t mind either, as they understood it as his way of passing the millennia. Each member of the family even let him work with them when he wasn’t cutting crystal. Around the age of 4000, Vaiiro fell in love with a younger engineer and they had five children together. Troovo would always invest himself in the lives of these children and became the best uncle that the children could ever ask for.

Another few millennia pass until the Draenei are forced to settle on Draenor due to K’ure’s illness. Troovo’s family was shaken by the event, but after adjusting to their new world with unintended grace, they were reminded of their strength and closeness. Troovo more than anyone else in his family was affected by this change of scenery because it meant that he no longer had a job of cutting crystals for the ship. But the Draenei soon after encountered the native Orc of Draenor and adopted many aspects of Orcish culture into their own as they learned to survive. Many members of his family had grown malnourished, and as the Draenei embraced hunting, Troovo soon found a new life in hunting for food. He made sure that his family ate well, and always cooked the food that he hunted for them. His schedule was simple: hunt, feed the family, worship with his mother and sister, and leave to hunt again.

Over the centuries, the hunting became more difficult and one of Troovo’s nieces joined him on the job. The curiosity in Dailuu’s personality proved helpful to Troovo on the hunt and they soon became close partners, which would prove helpful in their future. A few more centuries passed and that future hit the two hard when they returned to their settlement one day and found their entire family slaughtered by the corrupted Orc. The two were devastated, but on that day when they clung to each other shedding tears, they promised that they would stay close and survive. Together they traveled the Outlands until they found a few other Draenei in hiding. With them, they escaped to Zangarmarsh where they met many other surviving Draenei in Telredor. There they did what they could to help. When Troovo learned of the plans to capture the Exodar and escape, he was eager to fight for his people. Dailuu, however, was not. Troovo had to persuade her to come with him because she was afraid of the dangers involved after escaping so many. Troovo told her, “I promise that if we find ourselves in battle, harm will have to come to my body before it does to yours.”

During the Blood Elves’ sabotage on the Exodar’ engine, when Dailuu was shooting an arrow into a cornered Elf, another had come up behind her and shot fire towards her back. Troovo, barely in time to do so, saw what was happening and dove behind Dailuu, taking a very large blast of fire to his upper back. Dailuu had killed the Elf in front of her just before her uncle saved her from any pain. With his back on fire and his niece at his side, Troovo was able to kill the Elf mage and tend to his burn wound. Another Draenei had barely enough body wrap to cover Troovo’s sizable torso, but as the attacks had ended, he felt it wasn’t too much of a loss to let Troovo have them. Thinking they had succeeded over the Blood Elves, the Draenei activated the Exodar, sending them through the Twisting Nether and crashing onto Azeroth.

Dailuu managed to endure the crash without any injury. Troovo was knocked unconscious and buried under rubble. Since she couldn’t find Troovo, Dailuu thought that the next best thing to do was to help the other Draenei in the Exodar. After two days of struggling out of the rubble with a broken leg, another Draenei near the crash site catches a site of the crawling figure in the distance and rescues Troovo. After a week, Troovo and Dailuu are reunited. While his leg heals, she tells him all she knows about the Azeroth and the Alliance. Learning about what the Scourge did to the humans in places such as Lordaeron, both Troovo and Dailuu agreed that they should try to join the fight against the Scourge. They did not want what happened to their family to happen to others. This desire soon led the two to meet a recruiter for the Argent Dawn three months later. After telling the man that they desperately wanted to join, and after careful screening to see if they had adapted to Azeroth’s air and bacteria well, they were admitted.

Both climbed in ranking after proving their promise on the battlefield. To mark their one year anniversary of the crash of the Exodar, Troovo and Dailuu try to persuade their templar to be sent to harsher battles in Northrend. Both of them were deemed fit, but when they went into battle they were outnumbered by the Scourge. Dailuu was killed in battle. Troovo retreated, and when he returned to his encampment, he discovered that his niece was no longer with him. She was revived by the Scourge to serve the Lich King as one of his knights and from then on, she killed a large number of innocent people. In the emotions and fears that came with learning of her death, Troovo resigned from the Argent Dawn, not knowing what to do next. When his ship left Northrend its next stop was Stormwind.

It was there where he was dropped off to wallow in his depression. A few days later, after turning back in most of his belongings for the Argent Dawn to use with a new recruit, he realized that the only hopes he had left in his daily schedule were the meals he had. He found the food of the humans to be delicious because of the spices they used. He spent most of the money he had left on books full of recipies and their required ingredients. For months, he worked as an assistant for a blacksmith. He cooked the best meals he could afford for the blacksmith’s family and himself. A month passed and the blacksmith was finally able to persuade a family of nobles that they should hire on Troovo as their cook. Initially they were skeptical about a Draenei being able to cook well enough to please their tastes, but after giving him an interview and testing him, he was hired. A month passes and his cooking skills improve as he works for the family, but he soon began to become fed up with the family’s demands. The reason for this was that there was a lack of spices being provided to him because the shipments of the spices were being stolen at ports. He explained this to the family but they still complained. Another month passes and he quits his job.

After that, he traveled the Eastern Kingdom to look for new and known spices so that he could sell some and use some of it to come up with his own recipes. While he travels and passes the time, feeling fluent enough in common, he writes his own book of recipes titled, “Tastes for the Exotic Tongue.” While he wonders what to do with himself next, at the same time, Dailuu is freed from the Lich King’s control after the battle for Light’s Hope Chapel. Instead of mourning over the horrible things she has done under the will of the Lich King, she remembers Troovo and begins to search for him while struggling with a kind of hunger that he cannot satisfy.

As time went by, he found work in spice trading and wholly dedicated himself to this trade. His large bag would soon carry any spice a person could think of, from common to rare. As he learned more about the value of spices and herbs, he grew to learn about the cultures behind their harvesting and incorporate them into his recipes. His curiosity led him to both friendship and danger, but no matter what he went through he was never scared out of the job. In the months before the Shattering happened, Troovo joined a Draenic pilgrimage. During this pilgrimage, Troovo made new friends, got back in tough with his past and began to accept and leave behind some of the events that have scarred him. He also added a number of interesting objects into that large bag of his, such as a compass that only works on Draenor, or an spherically shaped weight. The weight is one that is used as a standard weight for currency, much like a metical, and was used for trade between the Draenei and Orcs during the peaceful centuries of Draenor. During the end of the pilgrimage, Troovo was impaled by three swords thrown by a shivarra, protecting one of the shards of the ata'mal crystal from being destroyed. As a result, he was pulled and trapped into a rift with her for eternity.

  *Additional note: More history surrounding Troovo's family can be read in Dailuu's profile.