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Player: Lunaxy

Character Full Name: Thanara Morency

Character In-Game Name: Thanara

Nickname(s): None currently.

Association(s): Stormwind, Alliance.

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Average paladin abilities, mostly focused on healing ones.

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Hair: A blonde medium sized hair, stopping by the base of her neck. Thanara keeps it clean, but other than that, it doesn't seems to be her priority.

Eyes: Hazel colored eyes.

Weight: 187lbs

Height: 1.70m


Usual Garments/Armor: Thanara's clad in full plated armor, it's a surprisingly light armor and is unlikely to prevent from powerful blows or whatever she may be attacked with. It's colored in a mixture of grey, black and brown.

Other: She'll be seen mostly in a simple casual attire when in towns/cities, it tends to consists of simple white or yellow coloured outfits.


Thanara keeps a severe, commanding posture. The woman will be often seen as an experienced woman, even though she's a young, emotional person.

She knows how to behave and knows her manners, her posture only enforcing more of the fact that she's like the average paladin. However, Thanara tends to speak with a calm, soft tone to the average ear, her voice often breaking her imposing posture when she speaks.

Gaining her trust will be hard, however, gaining her friendship is an easy task. Unless a blood elf attempts to, she deems them as traitors, but will of course, respect and tolerate them, as she learned the number one and three tenants of the Light, respect and compassion.


Thanara was born in Lordaeron, from the love of her father, Marcius Morency, and her mother, Lousianna Morency. Her father was a good man, who would soon join The Silver Hand, a warrior of the light who deemed justice over all else, except his family. She when still very young, learned in theory about the Light, her father always told her about it, its powers, and its purity.

Her mother was a simple woman, she used to own a bakery shop. Thanara would often spend her time in the shop until she hit fourteen.

It was time for Thanara to start a sort of training. Marcius took Thanara to priests and other paladins who teached her about the Light, it's tenants and how one should behave, Thanara built a strong Faith within the Light, and as she did, she became sure she was a strong user and follower, which made her a rather commanding person.

Surprisingly enough, she learned how to fight rather quickly, making both her father and mother proud. She got her first armor when was seventeen, it wasn't a heavy set, but she obviously had difficulties using it. One year passed, when the Third War stroked on, the chaos came with it as well. Thanara's mother, Lousianna, heard the rumors about it before she herself feed her family with the contaminated grain. Marcius and Lousianna took what they had time to gather before the plague spread through Lordaeron. They abandoned their house, business and life to run south with other survivors to Stormwind.

After they reached there, far from the chaos, Thanara, her father Marcius and her mother Lousianna settled in Stormwind, with the money they had held, Lousianna bought a farm by Elwynn forest, while Marcius still serves the Alliance as a soldier. Thanara completed her training when became twenty-one, being finally granted the title of paladin. Thanara lived with her mother at her farm, until the urge of discovering new things, common to her age, became present.

She started to explore by her own, with her armor and blade, she traveled to the very dark place, called Duskwood. She wanted to travel to Darkshire, but before reaching there, she was attacked by a creature she had never seen before.

It standed on its paws, a enormous, wolf-man like creature, sharp claws easily visible on it's paws. The creature stretched himself, a loud howl came from it as it started to run in Thanara's direction. She muttered a few words under her breath briefly, her palm glowed faintly in Light as a blast of Light was sent to the creature's direction. She eyed it briefly as it felt down, shaking her head slowly, she muttered quietly to herself, "Light...Protect me." Before resuming her travel to Duskwood.

Thanara continued to travel to Darkshire and when she reached there, a man clad in dark armor caught Thanara's attention, she analized him closely before approaching him. She questioned about his armor and tabard, and after a long talk, they changed names. Cassius was his name, Highlord Cassius as he called himself, he was the Highlord of an Inquisition whose ideals appealed to Thanara, she without hesitation joined it, and as she did so, new opportunities were open to the young girl.