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Player: Psycho

Character Full Name: Thain'ka Dragonrend.

Character In-Game Name: Thainka.

Nickname(s): The Whiteclaw.

Association(s): The Horde.

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Age: 42

Sex: Female.

Hair: A black long braid that reaches to the curve of her lower back, with silvery strands peeking their way around it.

Eyes: A simple light brown.

Weight: 150 Kilograms.

Height: 1.80 Meters.


Usual Garments/Armor: Thain'ka wears a composite mixture of mail armor and plate, alongside a touch of leather in the necessary joints.

Other: A simple woven pendant of red and black beads, with a long curled white ivory claw at its middle. Alongside that, she wears an odd tribal kilt alongside her belt, that reaches to the middle of her hips.


Thain'ka is a strong minded individual, and her trust is hard to achieve, even for her own kind. A distinct aspect of her personality is just how much survival based her thought-process is. While most would enjoy a warm meal and a hearty drink after a succesful battle or spar, Thain'ka would much rather to eat food only she herself obtained and far away from anyone else. That's not to say she's anti-social, but she is rather paranoid, due to the history of her clan. She hides her paranoia beneath a guise of stern military discipline with creaks of a friendly smirk or teasing joke, all a guise for her tense state of being.

Despite all this, Thain'ka is a supporter of the Horde under the leadership of Thrall, as she'd seen its change throughout the years under the leadership of the Warchief. Despite all of this, she keeps her distance from most people, as she's come to rely on her own and only her own for the need of survival. A hater of the Alliance, Thain'ka's hatred towards the opposite faction is not blind nor is it baseless. She loathes the Dwarves for their torture of the Earth, the Gnomes for their lack of strength and reliance of Machines. The Humans for the imprisonment of the Orcs, and the Elves for their general snide wiser-than-thou approach. The only faction she may tolerate of the Alliance would be the Draenei, and such a thing would be done in a great embaressment from her, as it was her kind which slaughtered the peaceful people years ago.

A Shamanistic personality, Thain'ka also holds great reverence to the Ancestors of her people and nature as a whole, being a superstitious personality herself. She has great respect for the Earth and land in its own.

A survivor at heart, Thain'ka is quite ready to drop all contacts and cut connections to improve her own bout of survival, but not out of cowardice, but from mere primal instinct. Despite this, a fierce protectiveness of those that actually get close to her does exist amid the Orc's heart, and should anyone she truly cares for be harmed, she would stop at almost nothing to obtain retribution for it.


Born in the windy plains of Nagrand, Thain'ka was named after her great grandfather with a female tense to his name, to preserve his memory through him. Daughter to Ma'grosh Plainstalker and Ag'thrin Clearwater, Thain'ka was born unto a spiritual lifestyle with a mixture of a warrior's path. From a young age, she was a happy child with loving parents and an extended family within her clan, a strong sense of pride bonding her to her family and tribe from her birth. She was marked with the crescent moon, as she was born at that lunar cycle, and was destined by Clan tradition to take the path of the warrior. And indeed, from a young age, she began training with her father in the ways of warfare, and learned from her mother on the world of the spirits. And thus, the life of the young Thain'ka began.

It was only at the tender age of 6 years that Thain'ka suffered her first fit of breathing shortness and passed out during a training session with her father. Worried and panicking, he brought her to the Clan's healers and they tended to her. They claimed that the shortness of breath implies a lack of connection with the element of air with the young child, and she should be tended to as such. The medical treatment was not much a hindering to the young child as one would believe, her mother having been one to administrate the therapy daily with her during her lessons. From her childhood, Thain'ka spent most of her time with her clan. Despite this, however, she had come with many encounters with the Draenei, having come to view the Draenei with a child-like affection for their softness and funny noises they made when they walked. But to the happy child's great misfortune, a dark tide was rising...

Whispers of assassinations and murders slowly crept alongside the outskirts of her Clan, that something afoul was occurring with the other Clans whom they rarely met with. And at the age of eight years old, the trap sprang. The massacare of the Draenei had begun under the influence of the Demonic corruption that spread through the rest of her kind. And soon, when that influence came in offering to her clan, their chief valiantly declined. Knowing the full results of his action, a small exodus of their people began, while the rest remained behind in their sacrifice to ensure the survival of the small fragments of the clan. One of the participants in the exodus was the young Thain'ka and her mother, whom fled to the Mountain of Spirits to ask the allies of the clan, the Frostwolf clan, for their aid. The trek was not without casualties, and it was Thain'ka's mother to be included in those casualties.

Starved and beaten, it was naught but her own will for the survival of her offspring that led Ag'thrin to the Frostwolf clan, where she gave them her daughter, and died shortly after of weakness. Orphaned and alone, Thain'ka was adopted by the Frostwolf clan, but the soft once tender child would never quite be the same. Distant and alone, she continued her practices in solitude, frightful of the others as she spent most of her time in isolation. The last thing she bore from her mother was an old necklace, a pendant of woven beads and a Wolf's claw, to signify and honor the loss of their clan. And so the child grew, an orphan.

It was during their fleeing to the Dark Portal, during the exiled march of the Frostwolf clan, that Thain'ka truly saw the devastation wrought by the demonic influenced ones. Entire villages lay in ruin, slaughtered to the last souls. Fires burnt bright in the night's sky and screams echoed throughout the whole of Draenor... The place that once was a sanctuary for her people and the Draenei refugees has become a true hell. And so, the Frostwolf clan fled, with them the Orphan. The first exposure to the world of Azeroth was an astounding experience for Thain'ka, another world inhabited by strange plants and wildlife... As the Frostwolf fled to Alterac, Thain'ka could not veer her thoughts from the hurtful memories.

And so, the years passed. Thain'ka practiced and grew each day, turning more and more into the path she was destined to by her Clan's sages, and the pain of the past became the driving motivation of the present. Her skills with bladed weaponry were outstanding, and the loss of her home and her people drove the young woman to practice more and more each day, pushing herself to new limits time after time again until the day she was finally ready to earn her own name. Despite her option and the offering of the clans Shamans, Thain'ka refused to partake in an Om'riggor, denouncing any name for herself and adapting the surname of Whiteclaw in honor of her lost clan. The sages accepted and honored her decision, allowing her to undergo such a thing, perhaps out of pity or perhaps out of respect.

It was not until the age of womanhood that a strange Orc wandered to the Frostwolfs, a man by the name of Thrall... Whom was soon to lead the Orcish crusade to liberate their people from the grasp of the demons. And it was then, for the first time in many years, that Thain'ka was willing not only to follow one of her kind by free will, but to fight side alongside them as a sister in arms. Thrall told the Clan of the camps and the places where their people were held captive, and of the journey they must make across the seas. and so, the fight for their freedom began. In a long skirmish against the humans, was the first act of Thain'ka's name that would later come to grant her status.

While fighting under her commander in a losing battle to release a camp of their held people, Thain'ka and those she fought alongside with had lost their leader in a battle, leaving them outnumbered and unorganized as they fled back. When all hope seemed to be lost, Thain'ka, driven by a bout of anger, refused to retreat and go back empty handed. With the scarce amount of warriors alongside her, she planned a single subtle attack at the heart of the camp, where they stirred a rebellion and managed to beat the odds and release those enslaved there. It was in that battle where Thain'ka has earned her surname of Dragonrend. Locked in a single one on one battle against one of the Human Knights, Thain'ka was disarmed and wounded. And in a desperate bout, she managed to rip a Dragon-head shaped pin from the Knight's tabard, and with its sharp edge, pierce the man's throat and kill him. Taking his armor and weapon as a trophy, Thain'ka took a fondness for the finer craftsmanship, and had gained the surname of Dragonrend.

When the battle was over, Thain'ka's actions were acknowledged by a higher ranking leader, Kil'shi, granting her the honors of a higher title, and the following respect of her fellow peers. During the Orcs' travel at sea, Thain'ka had plenty of time to be in her own thoughts between practices and medical treatment. This led her to a deep brooding depression, only to worsen when they first arrived to the Darkspear isles to discover the strange tusked creatures known as Trolls in their battles against the Murlocs. While the battle offered her a break of her depression, it wasn't until they began aiding the Trolls off the isles where Thain'ka suffered a near death experience. Having awoken to the sounds of battle, she grabbed at her armor and went out to discover a nearby evacuating Trollish village outnumbered and under attack by the foul fish-like creatures. Having been greatly outnumbered, Thain'ka soon fell to one of her fits of breathing issues, suffering a grave injury to her body. It was by sheer luck that help arrived at those moments, and the injured Warrior was evacuated to help tend to her.

On short break from fighting to recover, Thain'ka had much time to meditate and ponder of her past and future. Alongside this, she had taken a fascination with the stories of Blademasters, seeing them as a source of inspiration, but not her destined path. Instead, she continued to hone her skills with the blade, practicing rigorously.

And so, the land of Durotar was settled, and many allies were gained. Having participated in most skirmishes and battles both against the Alliance, and to the aid of her people, Thain'ka had slowly built a reputation for herself, having climbed her way upwards slowly. But, it was not until the time of the Dark Portal's reopening that she had a chance to truly show her mettle. Eagerly enlisting as one of the first convoys to the Dark Portal, Thain'ka was eager to take back her home from the foul demons that took it. Taking place in the Vanguard of conquering the Stairs of destiny, Thain'ka fought with great ferocity and valor, and has helped take a firm holding of the first step into Outlands. Once more, her actions were given the attention of the commanding forces, and she was gifted with the title of Champion for her extraordinary performance in the battle. With her title and respect, Thain'ka continued to battle alongside her brothers, now in the position of leading, as they took back parts of Draenor, one step at a time.

And as the months went by, and the war in Draenor was quelled, Thain'ka was given due to her small time of relaxation, where she came to live with the Tauren of Mulgore in their newly founded capital of Thunderbluff. It was when the conflict of Northrend arose that she once more went to the freezing North to help the Argent Crusade in their fight against the foul Scourge. And despite her distaste of it, fought side by side with members of the opposing faction.

With the war over, she returned to her new home of Durotar to face the new challenges of life, and continue to work for her name...

Skills and Abilities

Forged unto the blade - After many years of training, Thain'ka has trained and perfected her skills with bladed weaponry to a great extent, proving an extended mastery of axes and swords. Able to use both weapons with terrifying results.

Strategic mind - Thain'ka makes up for her lack of sheer physical strength with a mind fit for war, having come to terms with adaptation of many strategies.

Swift - While Thain'ka may be physically adapt, her true strength lies in her sheer speed, rather than brute force.


Purity of the blade - Thain'ka, while heavily proficient with both axe and sword, is completely worthless in the usage of blunt weaponry, spears, her bare hands, and any form of ranged weapons, leaving her limited to the usage of those two weapons.

Medical condition - Thain'ka's lungs are weak and suffer from a condition which prevents her to go a day alone without proper medical care. Should she miss a day of treatment via herbal smoke and steam, she would begin suffering of her condition, leaving her short-breathed and unable to perform straining activities. Should she do these without her treatment, it could lead her to black out, or at even more severe cases, suffer a fatal ending.

Backwards - Thain'ka has no grasp of any technological advancement, mostly due to the isolation of her clan and her own superstitious nature. She is unable to operate any form of weaponry more advanced than a simple axe or sword.