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Player: Ronin

Character Full Name: Tayledras Shadowfall

Character In-Game Name: Tayledras

Nickname(s): (Name pronounced Teh-ley-dras) Usually goes by Ledras.

Association(s): Kal'dorei people

Race: Kal'dorei (Night Elf)

Class: Woodsman and self titled "Monster Hunter" (Rogue In-Game)

Age: Born around the time of the Sundering (Roughly ten thousand [10,000] years old)

Sex: Male

Hair: Midnight Blue

Eyes: Shimering Silver

Weight: 227 lbs (About 103 kg)

Height: 7' 2" (about 219 cm)

Alignment: Neutral Good in his tendencies, but True Neutral at heart. When he's got a goal, he'll do whatever it takes to acomplish such, despite the ramifications his actions might have.


Likely dressed in dark leathers, most reinforced to withstand a good amount of punishment from bladed weapons while still offering flexibility, though vulnerable to blunt weapon damage. A hood and mask, also dark, generally covers his face, helping to reduce the amount of his, unfortunately, bright blue skin that shows. He likely won't be found wearing cloaks or tabards, seeing as either can be caught and snagged on various objects, should he need swift flight.

If heading into heavy battle, the kind that doesn't require much flexability, he may don chainmail armor, but likely never any plate.

Other: He's a smidge taller than the average Kaldorei, but fairly underweight for such. He doesn't look exceptionally strong, but his lithe form and sinewy muscles would show those that were observant that he was likely fast and agile. His hands, wrists, and forearms look the most fit on him, telling of possibly good dexterity, marking him as having at least some skill with both blade and bow. Less likely for one to find out, but still possible, he interacts with both hands equally, such as writing, telling of being ambidexterous.


Tayledras is cool, calm, and calculating, always watching his surroundings, studying the area he's in, whether it be forest or town. A bit of a recluse, he tends to stay away from larger crowds of people if possible, but can overcome his distaste of such circumstances when needed. He's got something of an aloof air around him, especially when it comes to matters that he finds trivial, which are far too many.

He feels a bit awkward around his own people, especially female Kal'dorei, due to a general lack of respect from his not being a Druid, or other form of "productive male". This animosity has transfered to females of other races, too, making him either avoid them or heed their whims without much argument, sometimes to a ridiculous extent. This could make him seem weak willed or pittiful to others, but he doesn't take such things personally, and is mild-mannered enough to agree with any accusations of such directed at him.

His only real hot-spot has to do with magic. Those who use it with wild abandon are disgusting in his eyes, power mad fools with no sense of self control, and he refrains from even interacting with them. Should he find one that bends the Fel magics, he'll either attempt to retreat from them with all haste (run like hell), or move to kill them, as he holds the highest level of hatred for such, more-so even than the demons whose magic their weild.

He fears technology, feeling it a bit of a perversion to nature in the same way that the Arcane is. He avoids technological contraptions and activities like the plague.

He has mercinary-like tendencies, sometimes willing to do almost any job for the right price, should he require whatever is being offered. He tries to keep his jobs in line with slaying beasts or other foul denizens of the world, and away from harming humanoids. As such, when he goes to a potential client (one of the few reasons he would go near a heavily populated city, like Stormwind), he introduces himself as a Monster Slayer, hoping his work will remain akin to such.


Tayledras was born before the time of the great sundering, being a young man around its happening. He wasn't one of the Highborne, left in the lower caste of Kal'dorei, but life wasn't hard. He spent much of his time in the ancient forests, living a carefree existence. When Azshara and her ilk summoned the demons into the world and his people took up revolt along with the Dragons and other great gods and demi-gods, Tayledras remined much out of the battle, untrained in the arts of combat. He had some minor training in First Aid, so he could assist with healing wounded troops, but instead of taking on a Doctor's role, which was "help make people better", he was reduced to a Medic's job of "make people feel better... While they die".

Once the war was over and the Kal'dorei gained their immortality, Tayledras considered becoming one of the great Druids. True, his eyes shown silver, not gold, but so did Shando Stormrage's, so surely he had a chance. However, it was not meant to be. As much as he learned to love nature, possibly as thoroughly as any Druid, the arts were just not meant for him. He felt great disappointment, and to this day regrets his inability to join the dwellers of the Emerald Dream.

Depressed, Tayledras began spending his days tending many of the simplistic chores at their recently relocated house in Ashenvale. They had originally lived in some of the forests closer to the Well of Eternity, before it and most of the continent was sunk. He had trouble recalling the place he used to call home, for the horrors of the demon's invasion seemed too prominant in his mind to think of any happy times before them.

His days were spent primarily with hearing how great his father, who had succeeded in becoming a Druid, was. His mother and two sisters were sympathetic to Tayledras at first, telling him that he still had a purpose. He knew it was only pitty, and anger seethed in him each time they spoke to him of it, which was far too often. Over time, it turned into more of a game, a way to tease him for his sisters, or to try and rouse him to do something more with himself from his mother. Years passed, both sisters joined the recently formed Sentinals, and his mother learned a bit of Druidism from his father when he was around. Once the others had made at least a little something of themselves while he had remained the same, a game turned into them berating and making fun of him, fostering his current feelings about females in general.

Decades turned to centuries, his father coming and going from the dream, proving to be the only caring person towards Tayledras whenever they met. For a time, it was all that kept the young Elf around, but eventually, even that started to lessen. The last time he spoke with, or even ever saw his father, was the same day he left his home and the village now known as Astranaar behind. His father gave into the harsh teachings the women of the household had been inflicting upon Tayledras, spiting him for his failures. It was the last stray required, and the Kal'dorei generally shunned himself and gave up his last name, going into the woods for as far as he dared to go. He has met with members of his former family once or twice, but neither he nor they gave word to the recognition they felt for the other. He was no longer one of them.

At first, his years in the jungles of Feralas, where he spent most of his time, were hard. He couldn't count the number of times he neared death. Food was scarce for one that knew little of hunting. Yet he first found out more of the plants. His father had taught him some about them, so he soon found which ones were safe. After some time of attuning his body to such foods, he grew in strength, and began to teach himself of hunting. Further decades passed by, and he became a strong, adept Kal'dorei that most would be proud of. He began to again venture to settlements of various sizes, looking for passed luxuries that he missed. New clothes, new weapons, a place to rest for the night, and so on. Much of the time he was met with only mild generosity, people weary of the strange traveler. He was clearly no Druid, and obviously couldn't be a Sentinal. But, he learned quickly that equal exchanges made everyone happy, and started putting his skills to use. If someone needed help building something, he did what he could to assist them. If they needed to find somewhere, he'd help lead them. If something needed to be dead, he did what he could to make it so. He finally had a purpose.

A few more centuries of this vagabond lifestyle went by, and then the Legion returned. Tayledras had been in a part of the Ashenvale Forest now known as Felwood, and witnessed its corruption first hand. It harbored a new hatred in his heart for Demons, and all Fel users. While he, again, remined largely out of the combat, he was more active this time around. He found himself most often cutting down the Undead, amazingly.

When the war had finished, the Kal'dorei's immortality lost, and the intorduction of these other races occured, Tayledras found himself drawn across the Great Sea, passed the terrible vortex that was the Well, to the lands beyond. To these "Eastern Kingdoms". In time, he would come to journeying across them more thoroughly, seeing what was almost a "new world". He never bothered to go to Outland once the portal re-opened. Any place that was virtually a spawning ground for Demons is no sensable place to spend one's time, he felt, especially of the Betrayer was there.

His current days are spent going from one Alliance friendly settlement to the next, performing many of the same services he offered before the second invasion. A few jobs required him slay a sentient being, which he found to be highly distasteful. If not for the fact that he, personally, felt mostly against killing someone for the sake of simply ending their life on another's whim, then there was the tricky buisness of not being caught, and keeping from anyone finding out what he had done. Once or twice, he was unsure if the contractor himself would not sell Tayledras identity out for the offer of a few coins, so he had to eliminate them, too, after being paied. As such, he leanred to specifically title himself as "Monster Hunter", to try and keep other offers off the table.