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Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Sur Suro'Vell

Character In-Game Name: Surovell

Nickname(s): Sir Sur Surovell (He will kick you though, and probably hard.)

Association(s): Horde, Silvermoon Guard (Retired)

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warrior (Spell Breaker ICly)

Age: 1,263

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue Spiked

Eyes: Fel Green

Scale/Height: 1.13


Usual Garments/Armor: He wears armor that strongly resembles a blood-knight's, likely a remnant from when he was briefly a paladin. That, or he just likes red and black. Also, he typically wears a pheonix face-mask like most Spell Breakers, despite not wearing their traditional armor.

Other: Has a tattoo on his left bicep of two crossed swords. Also, he's buff and very, -very- large and strong for an elf. He also comes from a line of large, burly elf-men who were also warriors and Spell Breakers, hence his abnormally large size. He's built like a truck under all the armor, and it's reflected in his scale.


Often considered cocky, however this is due to extreme amounts of confidence. He considers himself to be a very well trained warrior, not-so-ugly, and even charismatic. Because of this, he can come off as... well, an ass. His self confidence leads to him seemingly being pompous, or overly confident---however, he sees a need in consistently backing up his word.

He is a faithful sort of companion and while he can have a cold, calculating exterior he often shows compassion and love for his friends and other people close to him. He considers himself to be loyal to those he's working for, and will prove this by frequently putting himself in harm's way in order to help others.

His biggest fault is his secret self doubt, which he masks heavily with his machismo and feigned confidence. In reality, underneath it all he's experienced more than on failure that's put him in a place where he fears experiencing more of it.


Sur was born to two elves, Survan and Oilan. Survan was a merchant that made a decent living selling his goods, and wanted nothing but the best for his son. Considering Survan was from a line of Warriors and Spell Breakers, but wasn't one himself, he wanted his son to follow the families traditions that he never attained. When Sur was of age, Survan payed for him to go train in the ways of a Spell Breaker. He learned first basic swordsmanship, and once he became proficient in this, he moved on to training with a glaive and shield, and how to basically "eat" the abilities of others to help serve as a guard to Silvermoon. For hundreds of years he trained on how to do this, working his mind and body to become proficient as a Spell Breaker.

He helped protect the city when he was done in his training, and was even used to help in some of the wars that the Alliance faced... until the Scourge eventually came and destroyed the Sunwell. Sur lost both of his parents in this incursion, and at that time he decided to retire from the guard. He felt that his path led him to using the Naaru that was stolen by his people, and trying his hand at being a Bloodknight. He reveled in the free power for a long while... till his people decided to not steal their power, but actually follow the tenants of a paladin.

He quickly decided that following a strict set of rules wasn't for him, and went back to what he knew best---spell-stealing. Eventually, he'd join the Shattered Sun Offensive, fighting battles as a mercenary along side many of his people, and even members of the Alliance. This was a tentative relationship for him, as the man still despised the faction that he viewed aided in the murder of his parents.

Eventually, the Sunwell was restored, and Sur had decided to work for the Horde war machine as a mercenary. He'd take pay for whatever job was asked of him. He fought in battles in Northrend, and also briefly stationed himself in Hellfire for a while, until the Cataclysm happened. When the catastrophe hit, he knew that eventually he'd face war again.

He fought in battles with Worgen, aiding the Forsaken and their advances. He also helped the Orcs with fighting the Night Elves, which he also hated with a passion. Upon returning home after months of battle, he ran into Rie'Lah... a fragile priestess who he now is a "guardian" to. He's contracted under her father, and now faithfully serves her as an escort of sorts.

Skills and Abilities

-I drink your MILKSHAKE: Sur will drain the power from spells launched at him, usually used to counter spells in combat flung against him. In trust fights, this will be discussed with the other player, as it's not always something that works. In the case of roll fights? Only if roll for dodge is successful.

-My Milkshake makes me dominate the yard: Draining a spell allows Sur to cast said spell afterwards. The power of this spell is case by case---either weaker or stronger than the other characters depending on how the other player reacts to it. Obviously, if a roll is failed, it doesn't do any damage for whatever reason. Also something that will be communicated in trust fights.

-Glaive and Shield: Sur's time as a guard and Spell Breaker allows him to uses both a glaive and large shield proficiently. He can wield both effectively in combat, and does so often. However, some days are more sword days than anything.

-Debuff makes ME buff: If a character buffs their's ICly in a fight, Sur can steal those buffs for himself. This is something that will be communicated between myself and the player, and agreed upon before doing. Said player can say they don't wish for that to happen if they so feel.

-Do you even lift!?: Sur's size and strength means he's able to carry things that are heavy. Very heavy. He can't quite flip a caravan, but he could probably push it further than your common person could.