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Player: DuskWolf

Character Full Name: Skoll Cognoggin

Character In-Game Name: Skoll

Nickname(s): Cog, Gear Brains

Association(s): Horde, Steamwheedle Cartel, and Bilgewater Cartel.

Race: Goblin

Class: Tinker

Skills and Abilities: As a Tinker he is good a cobbling together inventions under pressure and under time, though they don’t always work. Sometimes he gets an automaton to work for him.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Weight: 3’5”

Height: 78 lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: Can be found in one of two things greasy overalls, leather gloves, and his goggles when he is working on his projects. Or in a nice linen shirt, vest and a not so clean duster, topped off with a top hat when he is conducting business. He can almost always be found with a double barreled shot gun on his back.


The best word to describe Skoll is tinker, he just can’t leave well enough alone. He always has to mess with whatever, so he can see how it works. Whether that is gadgets, systems, or other people. Like most goblins his primary drive is prophet and he will make just about anything if he thinks it will make him money. Though one thing he does not believe in is lying to make that profit, and he despises those who do. Its not that he is all golden hearted or anything. He just figures that the best way to keep customers is to tell them what you are going to do, then do it.


Skoll was born into a big family a right in the middle of 11 kids. That being the case he could practically get away with murder. Always seeming to be too young for his father to take interest and too old for his mother to take any interest. His father was a mercenary, specializing in firearms and explosives and his mother dabbled in alchemy. Between them they were able to take care of them all. Being mostly ignored he grew up getting into as much trouble as he could without getting caught. He was always the one that was with his friends coming up with the next big scheme. Making little go-carts and betting on races, throwing together pop guns so they could duel, they even put together a balloon once and charged the littler goblins for rides. It was great till the balloon popped and his little brother broke his arm, but like a good bro he didn’t rat him out to his dad. Once he was old enough his dad did try and teach him his mercenary trade. However, after finding that he had little talent in hitting anything he was aiming at he gave up and went back to ignoring him, though not before tossing him one of his scatterguns.

A few years later when there home was threatened by the cataclysm, his parents scraped together everything they had to get on the bilgewater ship only to end up shipwrecked and working in the mines. Jastor knew that Pop Cognoggin was a fighter, so was keeping an eye on him with having him do harder jobs, along with any others he thought could cause trouble. Skoll and his brothers and sisters resented this and were some of those that started to rebel and cause trouble for the trade prince. All were happy to get off that island and were happy to pledge their allegiance to the horde if that's what it took.

Getting out of Kezan and in into the wider world really opened Skoll’s eyes to all the possibilities out there. There was so much to learn and experience. He even started to date a goblin girl, Zixxy, who really stole his heart, well as much as a goblin has a heart that could be stolen. They both had so much in common, meaning they both loved making money. The relationship only lasted a few months. It was Skoll’s first love and it hurt when she eventually broke it off saying she had to get back to some out of town job. Though he always suspected it was because she found someone else with deeper pockets. From then on he vowed he wouldn’t be the one who was ignored, that he would be the one with the deep pockets, and that he would never be the sucker that got duped out of his life savings and turned into a slave.