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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Silgrym Featherfist

Character In-Game Name: Silgrym

Nickname(s): Sil

Association(s): Aerie Peak, Wildhammer Clan

Race: Wildhammer Dwarf

Class: Windwarrior

Age: 254

Sex: Female

Hair: Gray. She braids it along her temple, and has a final braid that goes down just past her waist. It is imbued with multiple feathers and has three metal circlets placed at differing lengths, similar to tail-bands for Draenei.

Eyes: Dark green

Weight: 130

Height: 4'7


Silgrym now almost always wears a chainmail undervest. On top of this, she has leather with feather padding and insulation. All of it is decorated with feathers and markings to symbolize her connection to the sky. When in battle, she wears a silver helmet with wings jutting out of the side of it. This is her warhelm. She has a leather sheathe, which carries in it her stormhammer.

Other: The dwarven battle hammer is beautifully crafted, with a lightning bolt patter carved into the polished wooden haft and clouds and lightning etched into the faceted metal head. Even the leather wrapped around the handle is mottled to suggest clouds and rain. However, it's heavily worn down with age. This is apparent to anyone who would usually notice such a thing.

Her gryphon is a huge thing, 9 feet from beak to tail, and with a 30 foot wingspan. It's a mottled bronze, with gray head and golden hindquarters. The gryphon's name is Maragnus, and he is scarred by age, just like his master.


Ask any Wildhammer, and they'll tell you that Silgrym is the old lady with the giant Gryphon who makes tea. Indeed, she does fit this description quite well. She makes great tea, she has a giant Gryphon, and she's pretty old. She gives advice to any who need it, only officially to many (although she will occasionally give it to the Horde who made it into her house). She's a great person to talk to, and to work your problems out.

On the topic of racism, there aren't many things with her. Many races she's simply indifferent to, such as Tauren, Night Elves, Draenei and Blood Elves. Some races, she doesn't like (but this doesn't inhibit her ability to speak to them), such as Trolls and Orcs. Others, she's more open and friendly to, such as Gnomes and Humans. She holds Bronzebeard Dwarves in a very peculiar view, seeing them as both annoying and useful at the same time. She, however, does hold a grudge against Dragons, particularly the black and red versions.


Silgrym was born in Ironforge just before the death of Modimus Anvilmar and, subsequently, the War of the Three Hammers. She was the eldest of two, her younger brother just a bit too young to serve when the War came. When the war did come, it was her right as one of the Wildhammers to fight for their claim to the Throne. The Wildhammers, however, eventually lost, and retreated to Grim Batol. Everything calmed down for a while. Silgrym disliked the cramped confines of the city, and often spent the majority of her time outside of the city. However, the Irons were not satisfied, and thus, they sent out a joint-attack. Silgrym and her brother, both now of age, fought valiantly to protect their homes.

But Modgud, Thaurissan's wife, put a curse on the city of the Wildhammers, before being killed. Both Silgrym and her brother survived the initial fight, and chased the Dark Iron's to the Bronzebeard army, full of righteous fury. Together, the two armies went south. That was when Ragnaros was summoned into Azeroth. Silgrym's brother, who was spearheading the offensive, was incinerated completely. She returned home with a heavy heart, only to find out that her home had been infested by the dark magics of Modgud. This had spread to her family's personal vault, and thus, Silgrym and her family moved north, too full of pride and sorrow to accept the Bronzebeard invitation.

Silgrym, aching for companionship since the loss of her brother, quickly took a Gryphon for a friend. She named the gryphon Maragnus, and the two quickly bonded. Over the years, they bonded further. Silgrym took a small house outside of Aerie Peak, and, with no wars to fight, slowly began to learn how to live by herself. She expanded on her abilities to cook and sow by further working on them, expanding her skills in mending clothes and cooking. She especially took a liking to making tea. She, however, never fully settled down, and would often go for long rides in the sky with her Gryphon. Often, however, the Gryphon would leave for months on end, always returning in the end. Despite all of this, Silgrym never found a mate.

Years passed, and Silgrym went from being a young adult, to being middle aged, and finally to being considered elderly. It was only then that the Horn of War was called again, this time for the Wildhammers to meet their true matches in the air, the dragons. Silgrym paired up with another elderly Wildhammer named Shurg, who also had a Gryphon. Together, they hunted, often complaining that, in their younger days, they could have done this solo. However, they couldn't. Their group eventually grew to encompass two Gnomes, a Human and another Dwarf, as well as doing stuff on the land. All of them were considered elderly by their peers, which was one of the things that kept them together. The air was usually left to Shurg, Silgrym and one of the Gnomes, who used an air machine, while the people below did their thing.

They were some of the unsung heroes of the Second War, accompanying the fighting force to Outlands. Afterwards, they returned north and battled the enslaved Red Dragons, never knowing that they were enslaved. The group of 5 became quite attached in this time, and commonly became known as the 'Old Musketeers', due to the fact that they were all considered Elders from their respective cultures. But then, as all things must, the Second War ended, and slowly, they all drifted home. Silgrym went to Aerie Peak, while the rest went to Ironforge, Gnomeregan, Lordaeron and Gilneas respectively. And slowly, as the years passed, they individually dwindled into non-communication.

Of course, then the Third War happened. Although the Bronzebeard Dwarf and Silgrym attempted to keep communication, eventually all of the other kingdoms fell to their own devices. After one final letter, then stopped communication permanently.

The Third War came and passed, leaving little impact upon the Wildhammers, and Silgrym began to spend more and more time in her role as an Elder of the Wildhammers. Everything passed, the only thing remotely important to her being the opening of the Dark Portal. She wanted to go to Shadowmoon Valley, but the other members of the Wildhammer deemed her too old and frail to go. So, instead, she reconnected via a series of letters delivered by the younger members of her clan. She disliked it, but it would have to do.

The Lich King died, and again, no impact was felt, despite a light weight lifted off her shoulder of having not to constantly watch the northern passes for Undead. However, she did begin to hate how much her age was restricting her. So, with aching bones and a heart yearning for adventure that the young ones got in such large quantities, she saddled up Maragnus once more and flew out.

Skills and Abilities

Silgrym is a very, very old Woman. Her Gryphon is nearly as old as herself. Due to this, the two have had a long time to bond, and learn how to work together. Their choreography in the air is nearly flawless, as is Silgrym's aim with her Stormhammer.

Off of her gryphon, she's not that good. Her joints ache and a menagerie of other elder things hold her ferocity back. Due to this, she prefers to stay in the air whilst in combat. If things get tough, she often has a bow on her Gryphon, which can be shot from the air if need be.