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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Shivala Shadowedge

Character In-Game Name: Shivala

Nickname(s): Shiv

Association(s): Shadowedge family, Darnassus, Temple of the Moon. Oh, and Sagi

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priestess of the Moon

Skills and Abilities: Shivala, being a very new Priestess, would typically be weak. However, she makes up for this deficiency by using her skill with a bow and a fervent belief in Elune. Despite the fact that she's a Priestess and that she has lost a bit of weight, she's still a strong woman. However, the only way that she has trained is in that of the offensive arts, leading to her not being able to heal.

Age: 409

Sex: Female

Hair: White, and it usually rotates between different braid styles.

Eyes: Misty white

Weight: 239 pounds

Height: 6'10


Shivala wears a simple white dress and hood. Black leather shoes and black leather gloves accompany this. She has a drawn bow that she wears over her shoulder, and a quiver that's hanging over her back.

Other: She has the imprints of an owl's eyes tattooed around her own.


Shivala is a staunch Kaldorei supremacist, and slightly sexist. She'll be kind of nice to you if you're a member of the Alliance, rude to you if you're a member of the Horde, constantly try to berate you if you use a False Light, and most likely have you be KoS if you use the Shadow (the exception to this being Sagi). Despite this, she's a usually loyal friend, and a ferocious fighter. She has a rude sense of humor. Recently she's been trying to remedy this and be nicer to everyone, but occasionally she'll let a comment slip by.


Shivala was raised in a cabin south of Ameth'aran. As a child, it was always her who the parents paid attention to. From a young age, Shivala was given a bow and was taught how to learn it. Sheltered from the rest of the world, she spent her free time either playing with her elder brother, Safksha, or listening to her father's racist rants about Tauren, or whatever-else-have-you that was on Kalimdor at the time. In the meantime, multiple things happened between her and her brother. During one of the few times they were friendly, she was attacked by a bear and nearly drowned. She likes to keep this under wraps.

On the eve of her 18th birthday, her brother left without a word to any of the others. Despite the sorrow she felt at the losing of a member of her already-small world, her rigorous training continued. Her mother and father were determined to have her be a Sentinel, and a great one. Her father mumbled about Shivala being the only one with potential, but she ignored this. Less then a week after she hit 18, her mother and father proudly presented their daughter to the Sentinels. She was assigned to an Archery Unit and sent to help protect the land of Feralas.

She spent almost 400 years there, needlessly patrolling the already secured woods. She took a particular liking to hanging around the ruins of Eldre'thalas, hoping to get a glance at the Highborne that were rumored to dwell within. However, nothing happened, either out in the forest or in the ruins. That was until the Orcs attacked Ashenvale. Her group was immediately called back to the mother forest. However, on there way through the Barrens, the group was attacked and utterly destroyed. Shivala, as well as 2 others, managed to survive by feigning death. All the others, however, were killed.

Shivala and the others made their way to a nearby oasis. Occasionally, a group of Centaurs or a Horde caravan would pass, and the Night Elves would hide. Eventually, they decided it was best to attack one of caravans. Shivala was the only one that lived, primarily because she was not the one who ran in screaming war cries. She took the money that the caravan had and vaguely followed the road. That's how she stumbled onto the town of Ratchet. She was quickly recruited into a group called the Heretic Circus under the promise of Night Elf rule over the world.

Things did not go according to plan. She switched sides a few times, killed a few people and, in the end, the Heretic Circus, as well as most of the Catacombs, lay defeated. This is where her grandfather, Urelle, came in. He approached Safksha and Shivala, who had since rekindled their relationship, and basically ordered them to do separate things. Shivala was forced to become a Priestess of the Moon.

Originally, she thought it was going to suck. Sure, she was a religious Elf and was sure to pray to Elune at least once a day, but she didn't want that to be her life. What she found there, instead of the dull life she was expecting, was a life full of companionship, no matter what you once did. She, along with many other young Night Elves, were trained in the capital of Darnassus. She was allowed to keep her bow and, after a few weeks, decided to actually have fun doing it.

A year later, and she's a fully fledged Priestess of Elune. Having lost contact with basically everyone she knew, she decided to set out once more, and try to find some old friends.