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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Sasha Maria Webwither

Character In-Game Name: Sasha

Nickname(s): Webby, Web, Webber, Sash, Mary

Association(s): Undercity, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow

Race: Undead

Class: Warrior

Age: 24 (17 at death, willing to change if a GM/Forum Helper says it's not allowed)

Sex: Female

Hair: A mix between yellow and brown, sticking to her skin and reaching about her shoulders.

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: 80 pounds without armor, 101 with armor, 123 with everything.

Height: 5'0


Usual Garments/Armor: She wears the standard Deathguard armor. A purple hood, spiked pauldrons, scale armor and a blank tabard. She has her shield constantly attached to her right gauntlet, and a chain attached to her left, which can easily be attached to her sword.

Other: She has a short sword, a large shield with spikes and a cannon-gun that has a magical fuse.


Sasha is a sarcastic, supremacist, sneaky and sly woman. She lives by the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and will often foolishly try something that usually won't work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but that's enough for her to keep trying.


Sasha was born the sixth of 7 total children, and the only girl. However, the boys of her family didn't take her being a girl as an excuse, and she was often pulled into whatever pranks they would pull on the neighbors. While this was happening, her mother was trying to raise her as a darling child. The deadly combination, pranks and dresses, often left her too slow to keep up with her male compatriots, so she was the only one caught. Her mother, after thirteen years of her getting caught, eventually gave up. The change in clothing gave her the ability to put up a fight. And she did put up a fight, against one of her brothers. After that, they left her alone, and she went back to her mother for training in the womanly ways she'd been missing out on.

She never totally caught up to what she'd missed from the shenanigan she'd with her brothers, however she did get quite a bit of it done within the year. By the time she'd gotten to 15, she'd caught up and was already arranged for a marriage once she reached adulthood. Another two years passed, which she had balanced between her family and her soon to be husband, who himself was nearly done with his Squireship. The dates once he were done and the marriage itself were done to coincide, so that one would come directly after the other. She liked the man, but she could probably have better if she tried. However, she wasn't allowed to try. A bit of a pervert, but she would survive.

However, then the Plague struck. The man she was supposed to marry went off to Stratholme, and ended up being killed by Prince Arthas and his men. She was sad, of course, but was more occupied with the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse. Luckily, her farmhouse wasn't easily defendable at all, so she became a Zombie extra quick. She only remembers dieing, then waking up as a Forsaken.

She immediately swore loyalty to Lady Sylvanas, and accompanied her force on it's journey through Lordaeron. She stayed in the army as a Deathguard even as the Undercity was established, and practiced, for six years. Until she followed the Argent Dawn, begrudgingly, through Naxxramas' defeat, all the while keeping her loyalty to Sylvanas. She continued fighting in the Plaguelands throughout the Burning Crusade, and gladly went up north for the Crusade against the Lich King. She went from Howling Fjord, to Dragonblight, to Icecrown, on the floating fortress of Orgrim's Hammer. She took the Citadel's premises, but was forced to stay outside as the heroes of the Alliance and Horde charged in.

She returned home and practiced for a bit, but eventually got bored. She did a few more wayward assignments for the Horde, before taking her first ever vacation from the army of Sylvanas. However, she just couldn't leave her homeland completely, and has recently been thinking of starting a small squad under her own control to deal with some of the threats she sees as important.