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Player: Etmosril

Character Full Name: Sabreka Telrúnya

Character In-Game Name: Sabreka

Nickname(s): Oriel. She prefers to use this name almost exclusively.

Association(s): Blood Elves/Silvermoon, Farstriders, Shattrath, Scryers.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rogue

Age: 112

Sex: Female

Hair: Very dark brown, almost black. She wears it in a headband.

Eyes: Fel green of an unusually dark shade.

Weight: 109 lbs

Height: 5'6


Sabreka favors leather armor. The color and make depends on her current location; she will switch out the armor she possesses depending on where she is.

She presents a neat appearance for a scout, as as she stores all of her possessions in the cloth-and-leather bag at her back rather than in some more scattered fashion. Small items such as bowstrings, beeswax, feathers, flint/tinder, pretty rocks, etc. go into the pouch at her waist. Her major weapon is the bow she carries on her back, although she always keeps a couple of daggers at her waist.

She almost always wears an Arakkoa hat which hides her face.

Sabreka is short and thin for her age. Combined with her youthful, quite small face and shy demeanor, it's easy to get the impression that she's only in her nineties or thereabout.

She has an impressive number of scars all over her body, particularly her arms and hands. She usually hides those with gloves and sleeves.


Alignment: Chaotic something. She tends more to the benevolent side, doing things because it will make her and others happy.

Sabreka appears to be a shy person around others, especially those of her own race. If at all possible she will avoid other people. Those who are noisy, wear too much armor/too bright clothes, and drink too much are subjected to this treatment. However, a lot of this is just for show. She likes her time out in the wilds far too much to appreciate excess conversation and people, and turns to this 'shyness' to help her escape. In truth, she is a quick person - quick to anger, quick to love, and quick to act. She is incredibly stubborn about her hastily-made choices, refusing to consider other possibilities. Trying to appeal her decision has the sole effect of making her angry.

She puts a high value on her skills as a scout. Her life of travel has required great expertise, and so she has been honing herself in them ever since she was old enough to walk. She will rarely confront anyone in a direct match. Knowing she is too light to wear chain mail, and too sly to confront people directly, she specializes in the more subtle approach of a strung bow, a few arrows, and the occasional vial of poison. Her innate stealth also makes her a good scout.

The novel, the grotesque, and the disturbing are all fascinating to her. She loves strange things for no other reason than they are strange. Much of her motivation in life stems from her desire to discover such things, and enjoy them as they are. To her credit, she is careful about discovering them. If they're fauna, she avoids disrupting their natural behavior. If they're flora or artifacts, she will either leave them be, or (if she decides they are common enough to justify it) take them. The exception to this rule is when others are after the same uncommon thing - she will always consider herself the better steward, and will take control before the other person can.

She is a traveler at heart. Both of her parents were travelers and Farstriders, and so she grew up always on the go. To this day, she is very uncomfortable when lingering around any place for too long. Perhaps because of this, she loves birds the most of any creature: seeing in them the manifestation of her own traveler's spirit.

Her attitude towards most races is lenient. She can overlook many physical differences in favor of getting work done. She finds Draenei and Undead to be very interesting, Night Elves as a threat, however distant, and Dwarves (especially Wildhammer) to be neutral. Her views on humans are mixed; she has been accustomed to humans almost all of her life, although she is newly hostile towards them (she saw firsthand many of the Quel'dorei sent south for the Second War, but she saw no reciprocation on the part of humans during the Siege of Silvermoon.) Trolls are another contradiction - while the Amani Trolls are historical foes of the Blood Elves, the wildness of the Darkspears is appealing to her. The other races are generally beneath notice.

Whilst the education of travel has made her excel in some areas of study (Common, the sciences, wilderness survival, and diplomacy), she is heavily lacking in knowledge of a few subjects. She knows little to nothing of Quel'thalas' history and customs, and her grasp of Thalassian is poor. She also barely understands the concept of etiquette.

She has a lot of free time to herself, which she spends mostly on her hobbies. For example, acrobatics are easily her favorite, and she will spend nearly two hours a day practicing them if she is staying in one location. She has a peculiar habit of always trying to explore cities/settlements 'from the top down'. In other words, she likes climbing around on roofs before she sets foot in any settlement.

Her cooking is one of those rare hobbies she can share with other people. She has been known to cook and eat some -very- strange things, but she is polite enough to others to only share decent-tasting food.

Music is one of her interests. She's sampled many varieties of music from many races, and they've all left lasting impressions on her. If called on to perform something, she'll usually play the flute.


Sabreka was born in the Hinterlands, to the Farstrider couple of Aelinora and Huorn Telrúnya. They remained at one of the lodges for several years, getting help with babysitting from off-duty Farstriders whenever they went out. Soon after, they traveled out into the Hinterland's forests to continue the wide-ranging exploration they had before Sabreka was born.

In the varied places that followed (Lordaeron, the Hillsbrad Foothills, Stromgarde, the Arathi Highlands, Alterac Mountains, and Dalaran), Sabreka learned quickly how to fend for herself. Her parents were too distracted to keep a child safe all of the time, and Sabreka was too distrustful to stay in any human settlements alone. Later, as she grew, she learned to take advantage of city surroundings: to pick out people sympathetic enough or curious enough about High Elves to be kind towards her. In this way she learned spoken Common, as well as a few important life lessons.

Sabreka rarely met other elves. The ones she met were almost always mages or citizens of Dalaran, who disdained traveling hunters like herself. She grew to prefer humans born out in the wilds or borders of civilization, as she had been. Those friendships were always short-lived, but she valued them for as long as they lasted.

Aelinora and Huorn were amongst the first High Elves who were recruited into the Alliance preceding the Second War. Although Sabreka wasn't permitted to fight with her parents, she traveled with them, making herself as useful as possible to the forces stationed wherever they ended up. When she met some of the few Quel'dorei sent down for the war, she was fascinated by them. She resolved almost immediately to see Quel'thalas and Silvermoon herself one day.

The war ended with no tragedy that Sabreka could see. Both of her parents survived, they heard nothing of the destruction of the Quel'thelas forests, and most of her friends lived. As always, she followed her parents - this time to the destroyed Stormwind. They remained there together, living on the borders, and occasionally volunteering their services to the humans as they rebuilt.

They didn't retreat immediately after they heard of the Alliance's crumble and withdrawal of the High Elves. They bode their time and left at night to continue their long-standing tradition of travel. Sabreka, whose longing to see Silvermoon had only grown with time, persuaded her parents to return to the elves homeland at last.

Sabreka's resolution ended up being impossible. Her first glimpse of Silvermoon was in the wake of the Siege, after a full half of the city had been devastated. She was disturbed - not because any of her own friends or family had been killed, but because it was a violation of her race's right to live and prosper. She and her family resolved themselves. They would do whatever they had to in order for survival.

It was only Sabreka who followed the troops of Kael'thas and Vashj to Outland. Although there were many other Blood Elves, none of them were ones she knew, and she had no inclination to spend much time with them. It was the land of Draenor itself that she turned to. The exploration of the place became her greatest interest. When her troop was sent to destroy Shattrath, she was bitter for what she saw as being more needless destruction.

She defected to the Scryers along with the others of Voren'thal's troop. Finding her niche as a hunter and scout quickly, she spent most of her time in Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar Forest. It was here that she began to learn and put to use information about the many new animals and plants.

It was a few years later that she made plans to return home. She never made it. She caught wind of the Horde Expedition for Northrend, and there was no doubt as to what she would do next. The urge to travel was too strong for that.

This was the expedition that would prove to be too much for her. Halfway across Dragonblight, she was caught on the flatlands in a deadly snowstorm. Blinded by the storm, she wandered in search of shelter. She was found huddled against a small outcropping by another small band of travelers (with a firemage amongst them). They took her in for some time: long enough for her to decide she'd had enough of Northrend.

She paid and thanked her rescuers before returning to Vengeance Landing and Tirisfal Glades. After her long absence from the elves homeland, she returned to find it near-rebuilt to its former glory. And it is here she lives, amongst her own race for the first time in her life.