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Player: LordSyren

Character Full Name: Rotthrost Herdrunner

Character In-Game Name: Rotthrost

Nickname(s): Roth

Association(s): Druids of Azeroth

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid of the Earthmother

Age: 80*

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Weight: 523 lbs

Height: 8' 7”


Usual Garments/Armor: Leather when he can, the feel of dead beasts and monsters on his skin is enchanting. Anything that enhances the connection with his spiritual powers is good, but often he enjoys feeling the air around him, wearing minimal clothing when possible.

Other: Roth is an average Tauren, not frail, but not a powerhouse of Tauren might either. He bears some scars on his back from carrion bird talons, but they aren't very noticeable to most, due to his dense fur.


He despises all forms of animal life but has nothing but veneration for anything that grows from the earth. Sentients are a neutral subject, unless they share his beliefs about protecting the Earthmother's children. He enjoys exploring the world around him, and searching for rare plants to sketch and examine. He is never quick to anger, instead bottling it deep inside his heart. Sometimes, if it gets to be too much, he will stalk out to the countryside and ritually slaughter beasts, preferably the more aggressive ones. It is a part of himself that he understands the least.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral**


Rotthrost grew up with his nomadic family, part of an illustrious clan of powerful druids that rivaled even the Runetotem! Or so he wished. No, Roth was a child of basic history. His family an ancient line of kodo herders and trainers. The big hero story for him was Turash, his great grandfather. Turash was a real live kodo master, he bred only the best beasts of burden and rode like a champion. That was the Herdrunner's only trophy of glory, and they held it tight.

Roth was proud of his grandfather, and respected his clan's calling. But it was always the Earthmother that came first for him. His parents held the proper reverence for their goddess, rituals when needed and prayers in hard times. They were far more concerned with making a life for themselves, always herding packs or training unruly kudos when their neighbors needed. Roth thought their actions were deplorable. He would spend much of his time in the garden outside of his tent, earning a few nicknames like Treerunner or Herdgrower. Not that he was often teased, but it was enough to sour his opinion of others to some degree. It lead him to spend more time in solitude, off searching for rare plants.

At a young age of 24, he wandered off and ended up high in a mountain range, imagining he was an explorer searching for a black lotus. He ended up running into a patrol of wolves on the prowl. Unaccustomed to dealing with wildlife alone, he unintentionally aggravated the pack. The alpha made easy work of wounding the young Tauren, and they were swiftly on their way. He managed to make it down the side of the mountain, fending off cruel carrion birds that wanted him as a meal. The only thing that saved him, beyond fear and desperation, was the pain-suppressing herbs he found and chewed on. As far as Roth was concerned, it was the Earthmother herself answering his prayers. A neighbor found the boy and he was treated, scolded, and left to his own designs. Such a cold response was normal for his clan, and it wasn't what bothered him. It was the heartless, terrible monsters that attacked and subsequently hounded him. His fear turned into a deep hatred of all beasts, save the gentle kudos he grew up with and knew. Roth vowed to always serve the Earthmother's rightful children, the plants and trees of Azeroth. And, in her service, she was more of a mother than he ever could have wanted.

In time, his affinity with nature advanced from mere knowledge to a spiritual relationship. After a hard run herding some kodo for the Mistrunner clan, he begged the druids to accept him. His parents consented, having born two more sons and a daughter to carry their name and traditions. Years of training offered him the title of Druid, guardian of Azeroth and her children. He, of course, never let on his hatred of beasts and is, so far, undiscovered. His learning and power over shape shifting is something he accepts, but merely as a tool. It is his greatest love and wish to become one with the Earthmother, a living tree that is forever bonded with her spirit. Beyond simple druidic duties, he spends much of his free time punishing those who would harm her and wiping out any beasts he can find. With the new scourge in the eastern kingdom, he has a desire for nothing but to punish them for decimating so many fields and so much life. The great war is unimportant to him, as a druid he remains a neutral party to such foolishness.