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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Roderick Amadore Giordano

Character In-Game Name: Roderick

Race: Forsaken

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Has retained his tumbling prowess from life and it's even augmented how he can move in other ways and not injure himself severely. In life, he was also taught how to use daggers to protect himself, which hasn't been diminished either. He's managed to combine his acrobatics and knife wielding to a rather successful union.

Age: 20 at death, 27 now.

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde, pulled into a ponytail. Unkempt and unwashed otherwise.

Eyes: Dark empty sockets.

Weight: 120 lbs.

Height: 5'6 ft


Roderick wears leather armor that covers his entire person and typically an elaborate mask on his face. He also wears a lot of perfume, to cover his rotting scent. If he isn't wearing body covering armor, he is wearing body covering outfits akin to jesters and acrobatic performers.

Equipment: Roderick has a few daggers hidden away on his person in case he has need to defend himself.


Has kept his rather jovial, flirtatious and show-offy attitude into undeath, even though he can't really feel them anymore. But the Scourge has also programmed in him to kill. He is often at odds with this little “glitch” in his otherwise cheerful demeanor. He, at many times, doesn't seem to believe he is dead, even going so far as to eat and drink.


Roderick was as normal as a boy growing up in a carnival could be. He liked to show off, he liked to flirt and he liked the challenge of performing night after night. His carnival was based out of the kingdom of Stromgarde, but travelled all over. From the lands of Lordaeron, to Dalaran and everywhere in between that they were allowed. However, that is the reason that most of the band fell to the Scourge.

As they were travelling through Lordaeron, they got a really good deal on grain and decided to take advantage of it. The grain was plagued, but they didn't know that. And they wouldn't have, they moved on shortly after. They didn't even dig into the grain for a while after getting it. But when they did, most of the carnival died and were turned into undead. The few that weren't turned, were torn apart by the ones who did. Roderick was one of the turned ones.

Roderick's undead body managed to survive through its use by the Scourge and through the Forsaken liberation. When he regained his conscience, he was appalled at first, and then apathetic. He was only apathetic because he didn't really feel anything about it, but if he did, he would have felt shame and sadness. At first he moped about, silently lamenting the loss of his old family and lifestyle. But he randomly decided to attempt a cartwheel. He could still easily do it. Then he attempted a flip. That was easy too. He could still perform! But who would watch? No one around here, that's for sure. So he decided to implement his skills into daily life.

Roderick didn't really care when the Forsaken joined the Horde. For a while, he didn't even know. And he just travelled around on his own. But after having several unfortunate run-ins with living humans, he decided to hide all evidence that he was Forsaken. He was a pretty aloof and oblivious to the Horde and even to the bulk of the Forsaken as he went about his unlife. He was even out of Tirisfal when the Undercity was taken by the traitors and then retaken by the Horde. He still wanders about the Horde lands and sometimes the Alliance ones too, still looking for someone to appreciate his talents.