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Player: Raltharon

Character Full Name: Raltharon Damara

Character In-Game Name: Raltharon

Nickname(s): Ralth

Association(s): None

Race: Kal'dorei

Class: Rogue

Age: 360

Sex: Male

Hair: Raltharons hair is blue, tied back into a Ponytail that reaches down to his lower back.

Eyes: Raltharons eyes are the typical amber glow that is common to most Night Elves.

Weight: 112kg (Approximately)

Height: 7'5" (Approximately)

Other: Raltharon carries with him at all times a small journal and a quill. From time to time, he'll sit down somewhere and write in the book, usually documenting his travels.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Handmade Leather, typically Brown and made by himself.


Raltharon is usually very reserved. If he is around strangers, he is not known to strike up conversation with someone, prefering sometimes to sit to one side and write. Yet, when people take the time to get to know him, he begins to open up to them. He also has a great affection for animals. He carries with him at all times a small silver tabby cat, not unlike his Striped Frostsaber in appearance.

He works mostly for his own gain but at times does work for others, regardless of legality issues. As far as he is concerned, if it pays, and doesn't hurt any animals, he'll consider it an option.


Raltharon first stepped into the World 360 years ago in Winterspring. His father had dissappeared before he was born but his mother was determined to raise Raltharon alone. She started him down the path of the rogue, feeling it important that he should know how to fend for himself, just as she had to.

He was given some basic tools. Dark Leather armour and a small Kris. His mother believed in "Learning by Doing" so often, he was given jobs in his youth to go out and do all sorts. Be it, to track another Kal'dorei in secret, to cull the local animal population and sometimes even to locate and retrieve hidden objects that had been scattered about for him. One of his proudest moments in the later years of his time in the Kal'Dorei lands was when Ilthalaine, one of the Conservators enlisted his help personally.

At 240 he started to learn Leatherworking. Originally it was with the intention of simply repairing a hole in one of his sleeves but it swiftly grew into a hobby as he started to create his own gear from the skins of animals he had slain in attempts to keep the eco-system under control.

As he approached 318, he found a rusted one handed sword whilst tracking a nightsaber. Intruiged, he took it and held it alongside his dagger. At first it felt odd but then he switched hands and almost instantly felt comfortable with it. He continued to track the animal, cleaning up the sword on way. When got close enough to initiate the kill, he found himself using the sword for defense and the dagger to retaliate when his attempt to sneak up on the creature failed and it attacked him. Once the creature was dead, he sheathed his dagger and laid the sword on the ground. He began to skin the nightsaber with the intention of using it's skin as sheath and grip for the blade.

When he began to reach 352, he was allowed passage to and from Darnassus to explore the world around him. He jumped at the chance, packing some of his handmade Leather clothes and his weapons, he set out. After nearly two years of drifting from place to place, he ended up in Stormwind. It was here that he started to find friends in the humans. He was able to sell some of his leather clothing here and the wolf population outside the gates provided a source of skins to work with.

Soon though, he began to feel like he was losing his stealthy ways. He began pickpocketing. At first to prove he could still do it, but soon, because he could. Very soon people started noticing that they were losing belongings and money and reporting it to the guards. Raltharon, laid low and stopped for a while and soon enough, the guards stopped looking into it.

As he reached 360, he started to keep a journal. Something he took to much more than he had originally expected to. It blossomed into more than a hobby. He is now commonly found in the Tavern in Stormwind's Market District just writing away.