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Player: Anji

Character Full Name: Porcia Agricola

Character In-Game Name: Porcia

Association(s): Farstriders, the Horde, Deadeye Watchers

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Ranger (Hunter)

Age: 154

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Weight: 122 lbs.

Height: 5'9"


Porcia is a tall, pink-skinned blood elf with an athletic build. Porcia's primary armor set is a simple but stylish dark blue set of leather and mail, with a red cloak on her back.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Porcia is a kind, gentle soul hardened by years of military service. She is fair and tolerant, and usually strives for the greater good; however, she is willing to ignore her conscience in the service of her country. Though a proud and dignified blood elf, she prefers to live a more ascetic lifestyle.


Porcia was the fourth of five children born to Marcus and Alina Agricola, a couple who lived and worked contently on a small vineyard in central Quel'thalas. Porcia had a happy and playful childhood with her two brothers and two sisters, and her adventuresome nature later gave her an interest in becoming a ranger. Her grandfather, a former Farstrider, taught her how to use a bow and hunt. After enough practice, the young Porcia enlisted in the Farstriders herself, and honed her skills fighting the trolls of Quel'thalas. After a few years of service, she became the leader of a small band of rangers, a post which she kept for decades. Porcia and her band only fought within elven borders, and she seldom left Quel'thalas.

Quel'thalas was relatively peaceful during the Second War, but the Third War was devastating. The Scourge's march to Silvermoon went straight through the Agricola vineyard, killing Porcia's parents and youngest sister in the process. Though Porcia's post as a Thalassian defender continued, Scourge insurgence, elven depopulation, and post-Sunwell lethargy made her work even more challenging.

Life in the forests of Quel'thalas became more depressing each day, and Porcia became increasingly alienated by the cruel attitudes of her kin. She yearned for a new opportunity, and that opportunity came when the blood elves formed an alliance with the Horde. Porcia volunteered for a small Farstrider expedition to central Kalimdor, where they cooperated closely with the orcs. Though she retained her cultural identity, Porcia grew fond of the orcs and tauren, and learned to respect their customs. From the experience, Porcia learned how to communicate effectively with other races, grew familiar with the terrain and wildlife of Kalimdor, and was given a worg pup as a gift from a new orcish friend.

Now a "ranger of the Horde", Porcia's work began to take her to the far ends of Kalimdor. While hunting in Ashenvale one day, Porcia was ambushed by night elves, and promptly assisted by orcs and trolls. Impressed by her performance in the skirmish, the orcs invited her to join the Deadeye Watchers. Since then, Porcia has served as a defender of the Horde's interests in Ashenvale.

Skills and Abilities

Porcia is an agile combatant who naturally prefers archery, but she is also decent with a blade. Porcia is capable of taming animals, and has a slight affinity for magic, which she applies to her arrows.