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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Oraeon

Character In-Game Name: Oraeon

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Kurenai (loosely)

Race: Broken Draenei

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Oraeon's life in the wilds of Nagrand has made him a skilled and dangerous hunter and tracker. He's adept at use of camoflauge and hiding himself when pursuing a target.

Age: 1, 097

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Faded Blue

Weight: 320 lbs

Height: 6'6"


Usual Garments/Armor: Animal skins, simple cloths, and hides. His face has a variety of piercings and decorative rings around his tendrils, mementos from his old life.

Other: He kinda sounds like Clint Eastwood, only Draenei-ish.


Surviving the fall of Shattrath only to mutate into a Krokul has made Oraeon a very bitter, isolated individual. No longer a kind hearted father figure his village once knew, Oraeon has come to rely only on himself to survive. Hatred and distrust defines him, and he is quite condescending as well.

Alignment: True Neutral


When the Oshu'gun crashed onto Draenor so many years ago, the Draenei had to learn hunting and tracking to survive their new, sedentary lifestyle. Oraeon was among the first and most skilled of these hunters, studying and learning the natural flora and fauna of the land. He knew every leaf from every plant, what was edible, what was poisonous, what beasts were worth hunting and what were better off ignoring, and how to tame and train particular animals for perform certain tasks with exceptional efficiency. Over the centuries he spent on Draenor, he became very attached to the world, and even now his affection and loyalty to it stays strong.

Oraeon was never much for socialization, however, not even being very personable with his beast companions (possibly due to their short life spans). However, he did, over time, make a handful of friends, in orphanage patron Polore and matron Patisha. He also took a wife and sired a single daughter, Mahaala. Unfortunately, Mahaala's mother died in childbirth, which further jaded the already avoidant hunter and made him particularly protective over his daughter. When the trading post of Liwa'nag was authorized for construction, Mahaala's participation meant that Oraeon too, would be invovled.

Oraeon primarily worked as an aloof authority figure among the draenei of the trading post, alongside with another matron, Melodi, the daughter of Polore and Patisha. His main role was ensuring the otherwise rather rather youthful workers had someone experienced amongst them to keep them safe from whatever dangers the frontier may have, as well as gathering food for the settlers alongside Mahaala. Being an integral part of the outpost's survival and community, Oraeon began to come out of his shell some, showing a more caring, if stern fatherly side to his fellow villagers.

Alas, the good times would end before they even truly began. The blood lust of the orcs came swiftly and terribly, and the poor village, with barely fewer than twenty people living there, was an easily anihilated target for the marauding Horde. A few of the draenei managed to escape, such as Mahaala, her mate, Kapre, and their son Saya, but most of the settlers were mercilessly slain. The survivors hurriedly made their way across Nagrand to the city of Shattrath as many of the draenei did, holding themselves up to endure the storm. However, it became apparent that Shattrath would not withstand the coming orc invasion, and so an organized evacuation was planned into the marshes, with a handful of brave souls staying behind as a diversion. Oraeon sent away his daughter and grandson, himself choosing to stay behind despite the wishes otherwise. He had felt his life was long enough, and did not want Kapre to stay instead, and therefore took his place among the volunteers.

During his stay in Shattrath, Oraeon encountered the vindicator captain, Gantrithor, and his cadre of protectors. Wanting to contribute more actively to the city's defense against the inevitable orc attack, he joined up with this group of protectors and in the short calm before the storm, came to be good friends with them all. Together they prepared for the battle that would change Oraeon's life forever, the Sacking of Shattrath. The orcs came in force, violent and insane. Under Gantrithor's leadership, many were felled, but their numbers ultimately proved to be a completely hopeless foe to face. One by one, the cadre's numbers dwindled. Gantrithor sounded the retreat, but it was useless. Oraeon found himself surrounded by savages, his friends all dead or abandoned him. Soon, he too fell into darkness, only to awaken much later, ears ringing.

Oraeon crawled out of the rubble and corpses of Shattrath, dazed and weak. His body was wracked with pain, a pain that refused to recover even after he dragged himself out of the city ruins and rested by a nearby lake to rest and wash himself. The defeated hunter used all his strength to shuffle his way into the marsh, with hopes of finding the rest of his people. However, something was wrong. The marshes were unfamiliar to him, and his poor health from narrowly avoiding death made the excursion drag out much longer than it should have. Furthermore, he apparently had contracted some sort of sickness. His hair started to fall out, his skin tough and calloused, and face wrinkling up. Many a night he spent laying uselessly, wracked with pain as his body continued to unexplainably change. Eventually, one such night caught the ears of his fellow draenei, a small hunting party searching for food. They came across him, deformed and wretched, hiding in a small cave. He tried to approach them, joyous to be found, but they were repulsed by his hideous appearance. Calling him "Broken", they swiftly fled, abandoning him.

At that point, it became too much for Oraeon to bear any further. The pain of mutation, the isolation and sickness, and now to be turned down in his moment of weakness by his own people, it was too much for him to bear. Bitterness and resentment took hold of him, and he turned his back on all he knew. If the draenei did not want him, then so be it! He did not need them, nor anyone else. He forgot about his daughter, his grandson, the ones he sacrificed everything for, and made way back to the fields of Nagrand, hatred festering in his heart. Damn the orcs for what they did to him! Damn the draenei for turning their backs on him! Damn everything, none of it mattered now! Survival is what matters, and survive is what Oraeon will do. If orcs and sickness could not kill him, then some petty wilderness surely won't. He vanished into the savanah, segregating himself from the social world. Only recently, with the reclamation of Telaar by the so-called Kurenai, has Oraeon shown his face to anyone, and he is not looking to make a habit of that any time soon.