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Player: Wonderlandx

Character Full Name: Huntress Noranah Moonwind

Character In-Game Name: Noranah

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Darnassus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 400

Sex: Female

Hair: Her hair is very thick,dark green, and the roots of her hair so aphotic they appear black. The length of her hair reaches to a little past her waistline and is braided to the right.

Eyes: Noranahs eyes glisten a most beautiful silver shade everywhere she travels.

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 6'8"


She wears what suits her mood, you can find her in a nice robe or maybe the gear she was out exploring in. When she leaves the city to explore she will be carrying either a gun or bow along with mail armor for a bit more protection.

Other: You will never see Noranah with a pet at her side, she does not belive in taming a beast for a pet. She belives a hunter can be just as good as everyone else without one. She herself specializes in marksmanship.


Noranah is very playful and friendly with everyone around her. She trys to get along with ones around her to avoid conflict or fights, Noranah loves nature and loves to spend time in it. She is very mature for her age and respects all races after she takes time to get to know someone from that particular race.If Noranah is silent she is probably being observant of everything around her. She does not trust most people in general although you can gain her trust quite easily unless you prove yourself rude and/or destroy nature.


Noranah was born in Astranaar, pretty much raised by just her mother, her father was a druid who had been sent off into the Emerald Dream. He had been sent there shortly after she was born. Her mother was a priestess, she spent all of her time in the day reading and teaching others in the Temple of Elune. At night she would return home to Noranah and feed her some of the best home cooked meals and read her a book before she fell asleep at night.

Her mother never let Noranah set out on her own in the forests of Astranaar, afraid she would hurt herself or get herself killed. Because of that Noranah spent many years in Astranaar never leaving but instead she made use of her time and spent her time reading books about hunters and techniques. Her mother had always taught Noranah to never let anything ruin your day or get you down, she taught her that no animal or race should be enslaved as someones pet or slave, and that races should be treated equal. They spent much time together at night and would talk out by a lake or up on a grassy hill, mostly about nature the cute little animals which surrounded them or passed by.

As the many years passed, Noranah grew older she instead of sitting inside Astranaar all day doing much of nothing and not seeing much of the lands and simply going on what she read in the books decided to leave the city during the day while her mother was teaching. She left her mother a note saying goodbye to her and made sure to write on the note that she loves and would miss her dearly, then continued on her way. She had nothing on her but the clothes on her back, her bow, dagger and a small knapsack she carried over her shoulder that held food and a skinning knife. Noranah thought about the fact that she is 400 and shouldnt be sitting around Astranaar all day, she had decided that she can finally do what she wanted most, explore and train hard to be a good marksman along the way. Nornah fed the animals she met along the way even helped them if she could, it gave her a sence of satisfaction that she could only gain through helping animals in one way or another.

She met another Kal'dorei hunter far more experienced than she, but instead of being friendly to the new face she was very upset. She couldn't help but keep her eyes on his pet who seemed in pain. The Kal'dorei that she met had a beautiful pet whos eyes had nothing but sadness in them. It was well fed and taken care of but she could just tell that it was in pain from being no longer free and living by its own will it was just a strong feeling she felt like it was a connection between her and the hunters pet. The hunter had told her that all good hunters have pets, he also was quite rude and insulted her for not having one. Noranah having never seen his face before in her life became angry that a stranger would speak to her like that. She simply sighed and told him in the nicest way she could that she disagreed strongly with him before storming off swearing to herself that she would prove him and all other hunters with pets wrong. To prove not all hunters need a pet to survive or be their best, she has seen many other hunters before in her past but to her, at least their pets looked okay with being tamed, maybe he was still training his pet? She didn't know all she knew it that she didn't like the sadness in the pets eyes. All she knew is that she wanted to be good without a pet, she didn't belive in taming pets to do good for you. Alot of hunters she knew would also take credit for the work their pet did most of, she didn't like that either..she belives hunters with pets to be quite lazy.

Noranah wants to be the best she can be without having to tame a pet to help her she herself also does not want to suffer the pain of loss when her pet passes on its final day of living. Noranah spent everyday of her life after that dedicated to the marksmanship of hunting, practicing first on trees then spent long hard hours of her time shooting actual animals learning how to pin point and shoot specific spots of their body perfectly.

She became so good she could shoot a Moonstalker from a mile a way if she wanted to, or so she thinks mainly just as far as her gun or bow range lets her hit. Noranah is nowadays continuing her journey out into the world she wishes to spend her time exploring every aspect and creature of both Azeroth and the Outlands but still will come back to citys to keep friendships going with other races she will meet so they know she hasn't forgotten all about them. Her journey will be long, but worth it.