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Character Full Name: Naiti Moonpetal

Character In-Game Name: Naiti (Sometimes pronounced nay-ee-tee. Sometimes pronounced Nay-tee. She introduces herself as the first, but never corrects people if they say it otherwise.)

Nickname(s): None (Though often referred to by her last name, this isn't really a nickname.)

Association(s): Followers of Elune (This broadly covers anyone who believes/worships the White Lady, and does not limit her to them either. She will, generally speaking, 'ally' herself with anyone who could benifit from the teachings/healings/inspiration of Elune.)

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest(ess)

Age: 578

Sex: Female

Hair: Vibrant Teal

Eyes: White

Weight: Unknown (no one's ever put her on a scale, though she wouldn't object to it...simply hasn't been an important factor, and she tends to float even so)

Height: 6'10 (approximately...most just note she's very tall)

Alignment: Lawful Good (Naiti trod upon an insect once, and spent the next hour quietly requesting Elune bless the spirit of the bug. True story. Maybe that's really why she floats all of the time...)


Naiti can most often be found in soft robes, typically very simple in design. They are also usually very 'natural' shades...since most shades occur in nature, this is more to suggest she avoids mixing colors that do not usually belong together on her person. She is, for one reason or another, never seen wearing the colors red or bright shades of yellow. Her body may be mutedly decorated, as she's accented gowns with shoulder pieces or capes in the past...but most often, they are of pale color and simple design.

Other: Physically Naiti portrays a feeling of being 'soft'. Despite her height (which is actually ignored by and large for the silliest reasons---when she is floating, one doesn't realize how tall she would still be if she were on the ground) there is little to no sense of being physically imposing. By appearance it looks as though she would be swift, were she given the need, but that may simply be because of a lithe build which the flows of her gowns cannot help but suggest.

Her 'mental' presence, though, requires note likely more than her physical appearance. It is quiet and subtle the way the sky is, or a vast body of water. Easy to ignore, because it's always there and rarely does anything to remind anyone its there. Somehow holding great depth in its unimportant stature...and, to pay clear attention to, naturally imposing. The degree of serene feeling---though she has never used the word 'serene' to describe herself even once---she radiates is difficult to ignore.

She has no markings on her face, and presumably anywhere else on her body. It is unknown when or why she decided not to have the markings of a huntress, which many night elf females do even if an active worshiper of Elune, but for many things concerning her body her response seems to be "Elune will love me, as us all, as I was made. She is pleased."


Peaceful. She encourages those around her, in subtle ways, to seek the guidance of Elune to quiet their warring minds... however, if that fails she will give her own quiet oppinion on how to subtle matters. If that fails, she will provide her blessing---and if it is warranted, Elune's blessing which she is silently certain there is a difference in.

She is completely accepting of all natural things, as they are...sometimes seeming to drift toward Druidic or Shamanistic points of view, though she points out that both of these practices would "be understood with ease by the mothering females of the world." It is a stretch to call her unresponsive to fact, she possesses at times an excitement for those around her which for some reason embarasses them. The simplest things will make her smile enthusiatically, and launch into a quiet but probing line of questioning.

Things at high risk are: Pregnant females, any infant creature just learning to walk, anyone who has just learned anything new. Anything. Someone who is recovering from an illness, someone returning from a trip, someone leaving on a trip, someone considering going on a trip, someone wondering something about something, someone who no longer wonders about something, someone who thought they wondered about something then realized they knew the answer---very high risk there, as she's enthralled and disproportionately pleased with things that come off as a natural gift.

The list goes on.

She does not, it is worth note, speak entirely perfect Common. She does, it is worth note, speak a bit of most languages. Enough to carry a conversation in the majority of languages, and its left to speculation whether her simplified speech is due to language barrier to these other forms or if it is simply how she talks. Other Kaldorei have noted that her Darnassian is not much different "though it retains more of the subtleties she speaks."


Naiti Moonpetal has, so far as any recollection goes, always been a quietly devout child of the Goddess Elune. Over her many years she has of course become wisened, her words quieted when not of necessity, but that which she valued has always been inclined toward Elune's pale light and guidance. She does, it is worth note, have siblings. Three of them, two are hinted to be Druids of one form or another and one younger sister who she speaks of more often who "Requires in earnest the guidance of the White Lady. Perhaps a visit there may quiet her mind better."...she suggests, in her subtle Naiti-humor, that her younger sister should be sent to the moon to calm down. Otherwise from that, her siblings are not seen.

This of course suggests that her parents are still alive, or have been alive in recent times. They are, despite Naiti's mid-to-advanced age. She was their first. Naiti has spent the vast majority of her life, as one can imagine, in temples of Elune. When the decision was made by her to dedicate her life to the teachings, and to spreading the peace and knowledge of the White Lady, she sought nothing more than to be in the presence of this knowledge and serenity (though never used to describe herself).

It was her mother, the story would tell, that suggested to her that while the temple was a wonderful place... she needn't remind herself of the love of Elune. She already knew. So perhaps lingering in these places was a tad selfish. If she truly wished to spread the knowledge of the guidance and favor of Elune, she might want to make herself available to those who would want to hear it.

So Naiti did this. She had a great deal of time, far more than standard mortals, so her travels were slow. But she did travel. And of course there were setbacks---she always returns to the Temple of Elune when heavy conflict breaks out in Azeroth. She does not, anymore, stay there during the entire's become sort of a tradition for her to come, spend a day or two there, wait to see if Elune has any guidance for her. Most often she does not, and Naiti ventures back out.

Somewhere along the line she decided learning was also important. To know of Elune was great, of course but there was, she had to admit, other sums of knowledge which were worth investigation. So as she picked her way around the constant warring of Azeroth, a common place to find her was any library that was not burning. For some time she could be found in Stormwind, and visits often---perhaps even a friendly sight there. However, their views on the 'Light' seem to subtley bother her... oppinions she will likely never express directly. She respects the Cathedral and its establishments, but it is the least likely place in that city to find her and will always be.

In recent times, a favored location for the calm Elune priestess has actually been the Exodar. She finds much to learn from these people, the Draenei, and finds that though their minds be loyal to their view on the Light, and the Naaru, they are joyfully receptive of the love and guidance of Elune as well. She was surprised by the simple reasoning that the blessing and love of another deity was a plus, a thought so novel that she now wonders why many others do not think this way.

An important point along her line of history is when she began floating. Most joke that she took 'enlightenment' a bit too litterally... but it is, in fact, something the vast majority of Holy/Light/etc inclined could be capable of. Lightening the spirit, elating the soul, so that the body may hover and move as if nearly weightless. She cannot, obviously, fly. But perhaps it is her constant peace which allows her to do this at will, at any time. Few ask her why she remains above the ground so often, because it's simply become a natural part of regarding Naiti. She is Naiti Moonpetal and, very often, she will float.

The reason is probably less eloquent then it might be in the mind's eye of many---usually it is because she does not want to step on anything. She does not, on most occasions, wear this keeps her from injuring her feet, as well as reduces the chances she may trod upon something living. Her emphasis on the love of Elune being directed to creatures as they were made, and universally valuing anything that lives, hints again toward Druidic influence. Not a terrible stretch, considering two of her siblings are Druids and she's accepting of reasonable viewpoints outside of her own.