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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Moirzil

Character In-Game Name: Moirzil

Association(s): The Burning Legion

Race: Nathrezim

Class: Researcher (OOC: Warlock)

Age: 40,000~

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 725 lbs.

Height: 10'7"


Usual Garments/Armor: Moirzil wears a set of plated armor that is green and gold in color, along with a matching loincloth.


Moirzil, as a demon, is driven by aesthetic rather than emotion or will. While he is passionately driven by his goal to create chaos, the way in which he causes it is what he takes joy in. One would think that chaos, the very opposite of order, has no need for aesthetic. However, Moirzil believes that just as creation comes from nothingness, order creates nothingness, and so just as style is necessary for creation, it is just as necessary for undoing.

The above philosophy is the groundwork for the demon that Moirzil has become. As a researcher, he carries out experiments. Experimentation, in order to be successful, requires control. In order set them up, Moirzil makes sure to trap his subjects and keep them from escaping by recruiting the help of other demons, cultists, and the constructs that he has learned to create. It is not his life being in danger that Moirzil worries about, but rather, the notion of nothing being gained from his experimentation. Due to these concerns, he becomes quite the control freak when carrying them out; everything has to be restrained and controlled so that the variables can be given freedom.

Because he has become so flexible in what he's willing to research, his psychology reflects this. Though he is a demon, he can be quite considerate, polite, and well-spoken, especially when he's not carrying out an experiment. When he is done with his test subjects, he shows them mercy by not having them killed and letting them go on about their lives; killing and fighting isn't his purpose in the Legion. When he is leading his experiments, however, he can be as tyrannical, sadistic, and neurotic as a child with no morality.


Long ago, somewhere within the Twisting Nether, Moirzil came into existence. Just as the other demons that came from the nether, his purpose was to undo the workings of the titans and all that they had worked to create. His career as a researcher began early in his life. His service to his fellow demons was to find new worlds and study them in order to collect information that might assist the other nathrezim who would eventually take them over. During these long years of searching, finding, and destroying, Moirzil would learn how to balance desire and cunning, using the thousands of years of his early life to master the art of disguising one's self. In being able to hide his true form, he was able to communicate and closely observe the people that the demons would eventually eradicate. However, after carrying out his wicked deeds and revealing himself one too many times, one of the titans would imprison him within the Twisting Nether.

After a long time of carrying his job out, a titan who the demons once considered their enemy and antithesis, the very titan who was responsible for imprisoning Moirzil, would soon join into the cause of undoing order and creating chaos in the universe. Sargeras, having abandoned his old duties as a titan, now sought an army to carry out his ambitions of undoing all that he and his brothers had done. Even though he was freed by the one who had restrained him, Moirzil was skeptical of the titan's ambitions and wasn't ready to join his army just yet. For a while, he waited and watched to see if Sargeras true to his words. Eventually, he would join the army after witnessing planet after planet being destroyed at a faster rate thanks to the new army.

Moirzil joined the Burning Legion just as Argus had been found and targeted. The eredar of Argus, practitioners and masters of magic in all of its forms, seemed to be the perfect targets for corruption. Moirzil didn't think so at first, but after a time of watching them go on about their lives in such a utopian world, even he was convinced. However, these people were especially intelligent, and might prove difficult to manipulate. Sargeras, as it turned out, already had this covered by making an offering to their leaders. Two out of three of the leaders were convinced, but the other, as it turns out, was skeptical. Taking the ata'mall crystal for himself, and gathering his followers on top of a mountain, a few of the eredar were able to avoid becoming the twisted and mutated man'ari. Moirzil watched as the newly turned monstrosities scrambled against an impenetrable wall of magic, unable to chase after the eredar that escaped into the skyward vessel.

Little did Moirzil know that the mistake of letting those few eredar escape would determine the next 25,000 years of his life. The Draenei, the exiled ones, journeyed through the universe on their Oshu'gun and hopped one planet after another. The demons, familiar with finding and destroying worlds, didn't find it difficult to give chase to the Draenei and their interplanetary journey. However, their cunning and quickness rivaled that of the demons', and for thousands of years Moirzil would spend his time researching the actions of the Draenei when they were found, even if the time he had available to research them was brief. It wasn't until they reached Draenor when Moirzil, along with a few other demons, realized that it would be easier if they tried to corrupt the short-lived Orcs and turn them against the people they would share the planet with. This, as it turns out, was a successful move. Most of the Draenei's population was wiped out.

Yet, the Draenei, to the frustration of Moirzil and others, were able to survive this predicament and escape to Azeroth. The next four or so years would prove to be exciting for Moirzil, at the least. Azeroth was a diverse planet full of races that the demons could turn against each other. Not only that, many of them were steadily at war with each other. At the same time, Moirzil came to worry, is that the Draenei's Army of Light could very well come into realization with the aid of the many races of Azeroth. Now, as a researcher, Moirzil has made it his goal to understand all of these races in order to figure out how the Burning Legion can combat them.