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Player: carlthecamel

Character Full Name: Malore Silverleaf

Character In-Game Name: Malore

Nickname(s): None currently.

Association(s): Moonglade, The Cenarion Circle, Night Elves.

Race: Kal'Dorei (Night Elf).

Class: Druid

Age: 9,872years

Sex: Male

Hair: A sort of grass green in colour long hair on his head. It goes a bit passed the shoulders on the back, and the front goes about halfway down his face and is usually brushed to the sides. For facial hair he has long pointed eyebrows, and a large goatee that goes all the way down his neck (both are the same green colour).

Eyes: Glowing amber.

Weight: 260lbs

Height: 7'1

Alignment: Neutral


Usually wears well made green/nature blending robes with leaves and branches sticking out of them and made of leather, but will sometimes wear them in cloth without the leaves or branches sticking out but usually set within stitching (usually when meeting with other druids). His clothes fit him snugly but are well used and look slightly worn out.

Other: He carries himself tall and full-bodied and walks softly. He seems to be in good physical condition and is almost graceful when he walks in a nature setting, but when inside of a city he seems awkward and clumsy.


Malore is a old and slow to react to almost anything, when talking to him you have the feeling that he isn't really there and is lost somewhere in his mind. When he speaks it is slowly and softly in a long drawn out monotone but his voice is quite clear with very little ascent. He always seems to be relaxed and almost sleepy except when in a very tense situation he seems to come alive, though only for a short period of time. The only time Malore seems to be at peace is when he is in nature away from anyone other than other druids or animals. Usually staying away from others he will sometimes greet and talk to others more to reassure his presence as a humanoid more then for actual enjoyment, though this is not to say he doesn't enjoy company at all times… just not a lot of it and not too frequently.


Being born into the world at the end of The Sundering it was a hard life growing up. Losing his parents at the age of 5 in the cataclysm the druid society took him up (mainly because of his glowing yellow eyes) and raised him as one of there own. Of course this wasn't the same as being raised by real parents; Malore's life was distant from others mainly due to his focus on his studies and his affection towards nature, he quickly grew to prefer the environment over human companionship.

Over the years after the Sundering Malore's druidic power grew greatly, and soon he was accepted into the druids circles. But as he was excepted he refused to belong to a single circle and merely wanted to be a druid. The circles didn't know how to react to this and decided that he may become a fully ranked druid but was not allowed to hold any roles of importance or titles. But this did not stop him from entering the Emerald Dream, or at least not at first. Knowing of the Emerald Dream from his studies he pushed the circles to allow him entrance to it. Not knowing if it was safe for someone so cut of from his brethren would be safe in the Emerald Dream, but after about 2 years of pleading the circles gave into him.

Once he began his slumber and entered the Emerald Dream, Malore was amazed by how close he felt to nature inside. He spent the majority of his time wandering the infinite expanses of the dream and would sometimes happily converse with other druids. Being in such a bliss inside of the dream when his time came to leave Malore refused. Warned from others inside that it was dangerous he ignored there advice and remained. Staying within the dream for aprox. 5,000yrs. Within his time in the dream Malore lost almost all touches of humanity and gained a huge reverence for nature, and even spent a few sparing moments with the dragons of the Dream which he cherished most off all (thinking them the true incarnation of nature itself). But soon he felt a strange taint in the dream that he never felt before. Not knowing what the Nightmare was but feeling the evil it possessed Malore tried his best to flee from it and sensing the great pain day in and out he could not bare it anymore. Leaving the dream much faster then he should of he awoke broken.

Waking up from the Dream he felt torn. Leaving the dream was something to be eased out of and not to be taken suddenly, the opposite of what Malore had done. Waking up was also a shock to; he awoke deep within the earth in a dark cavern left for those lost within the dream. Leaving the cave and moving out into the city he did not know what had happened and changed since his time within the dream. He immediately fled the city, crazed from shock of what had happened and what he was brought into. Living within the forest for thousands of years alone and for the most part insane he rarely entered the forms of animals he had learned and preferred to remain in his normal state, the state he was inside of the dream.

When the Kal'Dorei lost their immortality a part of him died, the corrupted part. Though still spending most of his days within the forest alone he can know stand the sight of others and will talk with druids sometimes. After learning the events that had transpired since regaining himself he decided to adventure out and heal the lands anyway he could. Before he went out the Centurion Circle accepted him in, and he reluctantly joined them and there efforts to heal the scarred lands of Azeroth. Malore now wanders the world slowly and for the most part at peace.