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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Majyk (Galenos Sarris before death)

Character In-Game Name: Majyk

Nickname(s): Fabius Lipidus, his human disguise.

Association(s): Horde, Undercity.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Leywalker ( Mage )

Skills and Abilities: Being a Leywalker, he can feel the presence of Leylines all over the world and is able to tap into their power to stave off the physical strain of spells for short bouts of time. He also focuses primarily on Illusion and Evocation, gaining new tricks and abilities of those schools of magic. He pretty much gave up the Enchantment school, so he can't perform enchantments at all and only dabbles in the other schools, leading to a mediocre skill and only a few tricks.

Age: 61, Died at 52.

Sex: Male

Hair: Purple now.

Eyes: Look like black pits, but his eyes are just receded.

Weight: 113lbs.

Height: 5ft. 6in.


Majyk wears flowing robes loosely belted to his waist, cloth gloves that go under the sleeves of his robes, simple boots and a floppy wizards hat. He also carries around a staff topped with an orb, a simple affair more out of ornamentation than anything.


Alignment: Neutral

Majyk holds himself aloof so that he doesn't form too many bonds that would hold him down as he travels around, seeking Arcane Knowledge. His friendliness and joviality were tempered by becoming Forsaken, while his serious side and determination were increased. He's rather protective about the things he owns, including his research.


Galenos was born to two magi of Dalaran, within Dalaran's lands. His upbringing groomed him for his upcoming life learning from and serving the Kirin Tor. His curiosity served him well, but not his wandering mind. He payed as much attention to his lessons as he did watching the clouds or how a river behaves. While he still did well enough in his lessons, he was a bit of a slacker and this trait followed him for his entire life.

He took well to Evocation and Illusion but didn't have the patience for Enchanting, prompting him to do just enough to get by in that school, while excelling in the ones he chose and beings mediocre in the others. He wasn't popular in his school days, but he wasn't an outcast either. He enjoyed a healthy mix of alone time and companionship.

He was in full service to the Kirin Tor by the time the orcs arrived in Azeroth. He was called to battle and survived the first round, unlike many unfortunates. Around this time, he found his wife and married, striving to protect her and his budding family.

During the Second War, he served again, using his Evocation talents to protect human lands and to destroy orcish invaders. His children toddlers at this time and one of the reasons he continued the defense, instead of going into relic reclamation.

Galenos objected to the internment of the orcs, seeing them as savage and not worth keeping around, but had no say in it whatsoever. He had his family move away from Dalaran to Stormwind as it was being remade, keeping them away from the orcs and more potential conflict.

With his age getting higher and higher, he moved from more active duties to research and relic reclamation. He had to keep money on the table, after all. He rather enjoyed the work.

Galenos was called to study what was plaguing Lordaeron and by the time he got up there, was conscripted into the defense of Dalaran as the Scourge made their way upon it. He fought valiantly, but ultimately fell, being raised in the service of the Lich King. He was used against his old friends and colleagues and remained wholly intact from the battle, unliving to fight another day.

He wasn't too keen on serving the Lich King, the person responsible for his City's destruction and wrestled his will away from him as the rest of the Forsaken, led by Sylvanas, did the same. He fought like he never had before in the first years in the establishment of the Forsaken as a people in Lordaeron territory. Once all the dust settled, he decided to choose a new name, like many Forsaken. He decided to make it a tribute to what he loved: Magic. He played with the vowels and consonants until he liked what he saw. He also changed his name so he doesn't have to face his old family, feeling as if they would never accept him back.

Now called Majyk, he made his way around the world, using his talent in Illusion to cross through Alliance territory ultimately unmolested and letting it fall in Horde territory, in pursuit of greater power, to feel more alive through the Echo of Life.

Amassing more power, he began to pay attention to his surroundings more and with certain tidbits of research, learned to feel the leylines of the world. He would then travel even more, using his Undeath to his advantage, learning more about manipulating the leylines.

He was away when the Forsaken re-took Undercity, being occupied by his increasing quest for knowledge.