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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Luscia Teodora Cimitero

Character In-Game Name: Luscia

Nickname(s): None as of yet

Association(s): Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Mage (in training)

Skills and Abilities: As you would expect from a mage apprentice. Low level spells, incantations, enchantments, etc. Very low mana and bad mana manipulation skills.

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Hair: Black. Flows a foot or so past her shoulderblades.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 108lbs

Height: 5ft 2in


She typically wears long flowing dresses, equally flowing robes or shirts and long skirts.

Other: She has criss-crossing scars on the backs of her hands. She enjoys reading books over a wide variety of subjects and watching plays and listening to music as a form of escapism.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Her family has ingrained in her that power is everything. Since they cannot have any scandals, they kept Luscia cooped up most of her life and keeping her restrained, locked off from the rest of the world. Her seclusion severely hampered her personal skills outside of her lessons on manners. From not being able to bond with anyone (really) outside of her family, she fears being hurt by others and cannot let them get close to her, yet has a gnawing fear that she will be truly alone. She shuns substance abuse outside of social events (such as drinking to someone's health or so).


Luscia was born in Dalaran. Her family kept her and her siblings inside most of the time so that they would not ruin their image as they were attempting to climb the hierarchy of Dalaran. As she was brought up, she was taught many lessons. Most of them being about manners. It was during this time she turned to books to escape from her reality, as well as having the need for power pounded into her head by her parents. She was taught that power comes in many forms and to not seek it out to be the worst mistake one could make. She was enrolled in apprentice classes at age 10, mostly theology. Sometime after her enrollment she grew bored of her classes and tried to spice it up a bit, resulting in a disaster. In response, her mother had the back of her hands lashed at, creating the scars that are present today.

Before the Scourge came to destroy everything, the Cimiteros fled to the now rebuilt Stormwind, not wanting to "go down with the ship". In the years to come, they sought out mentors for their children. Luscia's other siblings, her brothers, had priority and gotten theirs. She, on the otherhand, was unlucky. So for many a years, she was left to flounder on her own, left with discarded spelltomes and hand-me-down lessons. That is, until she witnessed a certain forsaken's demonstration while taken to the Catacombs for a dinner. Seeing her chance, she sent the forsaken in question a letter, applying for apprenticeship.