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Player: MarsupialDeluxe

Character Full Name: Lexine Arianna Ordonis

Character In-Game Name: Lexine

Nickname(s): Lex, Lexy

Association(s): n/a

Race: Human

Class: Mage-in-training

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Hair: Raven black and pulled back into a bun so as to not get in her way during combat or other activities. She never spends much time with it and a few rogue hairs often stick out. She often places a flower in it, which betrays, perhaps, her self-concious side.

Eyes: Dark brown and fiercely proud.

Weight: 130 Lbs

Height: 5'6"


Lexine generally wears clothes which are neither too baggy or too tight fitting. Her general garments are a white shirt, brown trousers and a vest.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Lexine is opinionated to a fault, hot-headed and quick to experience emotions, whether it be anger or happiness. Though she puts on a façade of world-weary, jaded realism and argues it religiously she is idealistic to a fault when push comes to shove. Lexine is guarded, and will expose her vulnerabilities only to those she trusts most. Though at a first glance she may seem confident and arrogant she has her moments of self-conciousness and low self-esteem.


Born to dispossessed noblewoman Shaena Darmonte and bruiser extraordinaire Raphael Ordonis Lexine was born as a twin with her brother, Raphael Ordonis jr. She had a safe, easy childhood in a comfortably middle-class home in Goldshire, raised by a loving family with close friends.

Her father poured love and adoration upon her from the beginning, to the expense of her brother. Always empathetic, when she became older this slightly upset Lexine, but she never said anything, she was as devoted to her father as he was to her.

As she grew older the constrains of a nervous, slightly over-protective mother and the boredom of rural Elwynn began to grate on her, and, showing an aptitude and interest in magic, Lexine was sent to Dalaran to study.

Dalaran was a major wake-up call for Lexine. Without pampering parents constantly doting upon her she found being self-reliant difficult, extremely so. Her opinions, loud mouth and headstrong manner also made her many enemies and the gossiping and rumours damaged her self image. Though Lexine tried hard in her studies, she found most aspects of university life difficult. She began to struggle to focus on her work, and failed her final exam of third year. She left, planning to resit the exam at a later date after seeking a tutor and gaining practical experience in the field before returning.