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Player: haZei

Character Full Name: Leah

Character In-Game Name: Leah

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Horde and Forsaken by race alone. She doesn't affiliate herself with any organization.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Learning from the famed Lightslayers of the Forgotten Shadow, Leah has learned to mimic their abilities with her own conviction. Her faith lies in the burning desire to be freed from undeath, and she unwillingly associates herself with the Forgotten Shadow only because she doesn't know anything else. She has no bonus resistance against the Light, though. Good with poisons!

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Splayed backward in an unruly fashion. Dark grey.

Eyes: Only gaunt, hollow sockets remain. She lacks the characteristic ghost-lights of her kind, but can still see perfectly well.

Weight: 142 lbs

Height: 5'4"


Dark blues and blacks. Usually reinforced leather without need for cloth backing. Never seen without a hooded mask hiding all but her eye sockets.


Very withdrawn, defensive and guarded, Leah is a tough nut to crack. Due to her disdain for social contact, she is very cut off from the world and simply stays to one side in the conversation to avoid hassle.

Leah finds it very difficult to trust others. She is a solitary being and prefers the company of herself over almost all others. She is also filled with self-hatred - the curse of undeath and the atrocities she was forced to commit under the lull of the Lich King all factors toward her self-loathing.

Without the need to concentrate on sociability, Leah finds it easy to be incredibly observant, as well as focus on other things in thought; which leads to her being an excellent multi-tasker.

Above all, Leah is a coward. She's too weak to free herself and instead places all of her faith in finding a cure. She shrinks away from combat, even though she knows she is skilled with blades; she shies away from social interaction for fear of scaring people or driving them away; she denies her duty as a servant of Sylvanas, and, worst of all, she ignores her own thoughts and steels her contentedness in self-hatred.


Born to a slum living family of four in the crowded inner section of Capital City, Leah was immediately thrown into poverty and a difficult life. Her father was a failing entrepreneur and her mother a housewife already considering leaving at Leah's birth.

In childhood, Leah had already begun learning how to live off of the city. Associating herself with the wrong crowd very early, she fell in with a petty criminal gang. As a young child, she would beg, con and pickpocket around the more affluent and wealthy areas of Lordaeron's capital.

As a teenager, Leah began getting into the more dangerous and despicable acts common of criminal lifestyle. Extortion, robbery and banditry were just a small handful. One night, things went wrong. Back in the run-down area in which she was born, she went to cut a purse in a back alley. A rich looking type. For the first and only time, he noticed. He span around and grabbed her by the collar in a fit of rage. Dragging her back to his home nearby, he sat her down and demanded her to apologize. As she was taught, she said nothing. This infuriated the man, and he took his belt to her.

Leah was, of course, depressed for a long time. She shied away from crime out of fear as she began to mature. On her way to adolescence, Leah's family began to hit a spot of luck and they earned themselves some coin. Choosing to pounce on the opportunity, her father purchased a small plot of farmland on the borders of Capital City. Unfortunately, the minor problem known as the Undead plague put a halt to this business opportunity. The tainted grain took another family of victims, and as Falric and Marwyn tore through the city, Leah was forced to join them and lay waste to her home.

After a year of murder and destruction against her own wishes, Leah finally had a stroke of luck. The Betrayer had been tasked to destroy Ner'zhul, and as he beckoned the huge magical energies of the Eye of Sargeras, dealt a huge blow to Icecrown Citadel and the Frozen Throne. Even though he was apprehended, Illidan had still managed to crack the ice. A small portion of the Scourge broke free, Leah being one of them. Caught up in the sudden rush of free will, she fled away from Lordaeron in panic and shock, her state of undeath allowing her to never tire or need sleep.

Upon reaching the edge of Tirisfal Glades, she gave into her emotional turmoil and lay dormant for weeks, attempting to block out the dark thoughts and come to terms with her new existence. Eventually managing to crawl out of her hole, she sought out some kind of order in this chaos, and came across the Forsaken. She was welcomed with open arms, but could not accept. They were horrifying to her, reminders of the year of mindlessness she was forced to endure. Again, she fled, but this time did not stop.

Trapped in-between her own people and the Alliance, who would happily slaughter her, Leah hid for many more months, almost a year. She thought about herself, what she had become. Whether she could end herself or if she would look for a cure. Too weak to end her existence, she crawled from her cave and made her way back to the Undercity.

Life in the remnants of her birthplace was difficult. She was never truly comfortable with her kind, though she learned much from them. How to fight; religion; culture. But she never truly believed any of it.

The Lich King's death was the first glimmer of hope for Leah, though it was quickly lost amongst the raging tides of constant doubt and fear that plagued her mind. She hated the Horde, for they were her enemies in life, and she never truly came to terms of being dead.

Slowly, she comes closer to a normal being and to terms with her existence. Very slowly.