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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Kimiel Evernight

Character In-Game Name: Kimiel

Nickname(s): Kim, Kimmy(But she doesn’t particularly appreciate her name being butchered.)

Association(s): Independent, with vague ties to the Farstriders.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Runemaster

Skills and Abilities: The Paladin Skills & Abilities, interpreted as Runemaster ones. Also, Inscription as Runemastery too. For the purpose of using abilities, her body is considered both weapon and platemail.

Age: 377

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, straight and down to the middle of her back.

Eyes: Fel-green.

Weight: 67 Kg.

Height: 1,82 m.


Usual Garments/Armor: Little. Enough to cover her modesty when she feels such is needed. Otherwise, her runes are her best friends. On formal occasions - if any such arrive - she may end up putting on something for show or decoration, but otherwise it’s unlikely.

Other: She is covered; head to toe in red runic patterns.


Alignment: Neutral.

A warrior-poet at heart, stuck in the body and mind of an elf with the vivaciousness of a young woman, her approach to life is deeply philosophical. She respects the natural, the law of cause and effect, and believes that things simply ‘should be’, if they are not forced into being. She despises Fel and the use of dark powers, as well as the over-use of Arcane, but her meditative, contemplative nature often prevents her from acting too recklessly. She has rushed headlong into danger without thought before, and is liable to do so again however, but only if there is something to be gained, suffering to be mitigated, or some sort of defense to be mounted. She enjoys using her powers as a Runemaster, but does not like forcing others to do as she says, oftentimes being overtly hostile to those who push others to do their bidding.

An advocate of free will and free choice, Kimiel may come off as a little zealous or even spiteful in her love of freedom. Of the races, she believes that aside from the Forsaken, none are truly irredeemable, and finds particular pleasure in spending time with both her own people and the Tauren most of all, though she remains curious towards the Night Elves enough that she’d sooner debate philosophy with one than shove a runic fist in their gut. She also tolerates Dwarves better than some other races.


Born deep in the forests of Southern Eversong, Kimiel’s childhood was a distinctly happy one. Between running around the surrounding wilderness and spending time with her loving parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents and the like in the Farstriders, Kimiel didn’t have many elven friends to play with, but lynx cubs and dragonhawks sufficed.

As she grew, Kimiel’s kinship with nature only strengthened. She became a Farstrider like her parents, a Ranger, a wielder of the natural arts, and a fighter on the behalf of her homelands and her people, just in case the Troll threat would rise once more – a fact which she didn’t really think possible, so she focused on nature itself. The more she delved into it, the more peaceful she became, and the more she felt removed from the rest of society save the Farstriders – they always understood her, long having been in-tune with the natural arts, more so than the other Quel’dorei, to the point at which they tended to be healthier, stronger and more fit physically and mentally.

Kimiel enjoyed doing things by hand, and delighted in using her tactile sense. She carefully carved sculptures out of wood and practiced hand to hand combat, becoming more and more proficient in defending herself. Eventually, the Farstrider bumped heads with a strange elf, covered in eldritch symbols. The first thing she thought of were the runestones that defended Quel’thalas’ borders. Curious by nature, she inquired as to the elf’s appearance. He explained that he was a Runemaster, and that he’d learned his art from a Dwarf of the Wildhammers. The Wildhammers had long been allies of the Farstrders, and close to nature themselves. Surely something coming from such staunch allies could be nothing but good, in Kimiel’s mind. She wanted to know more, and before she was knowing it, she was learning runemastery from the elf.

The Runic arts preached peace and tranquility, harmony with one’s surroundings and the patterns that nature forms freely for us to observe, and Kimiel adored the last part. She was quick to learn the patterns of the natural world, and equally eager in the pursuit of the martial and combat-oriented skills that they allowed her to use. She was a little more intent on healing and enhancing the potential of others, but Runemastery proved to be quite the good way to hone her martial skill as well. She developed a love of philosophy through it, and tempered her body, mind and spirit through meditation and the practice of the runic arts. The careful movements of her body, muscle, sinew and bone shifting like the rest of the world shifted around her gave her a sense of oneness with all that is, and practice and rest alike became joy.

The Runemaster came to forgo weapons and armor, for they had no practical purpose for her any longer. At the end of it all, she remained covered in numerous runic symbols, patterns inked in red sprawling all across her form, to each nook and cranny, their careful, measured forms following the lines of her body, mirroring the temperance and balance that she held within.

But nothing lasts forever, and the Scourge came upon Quel’thalas. When this happened, both Kimiel and her master fought to the best of their ability, but though their skill and valiance were great, sheer numbers overwhelmed them, and Kimiel’s teacher gave his life in defense of his student's family, as the girl led her kin to safety further north.

In the aftermath of the Siege of Silvermoon Kimiel suffered greatly. Her home was no more, and life was hard until her family managed to find a place to live in one of the Enclaves of the Farstriders. Kimiel herself did not suffer from the ravages of the Thirst as much as some of the other elves might have, perhaps because she was covered in protective runes, but as the elves turned to Fel as the anointment of a new nation, one of Blood Elves, of Sin’dorei, she quickly took in some of the energy, becoming one with the change in her people.

As the Blood Elves were introduced to the Horde, curiosity sparked in Kimiel’s mind once more and she quickly set out to experience the other nations firsthand, eventually coming into contact with the Tauren. She ended up admiring the Shu’halo, and from one of their number she learned the finer points of runemastery, for the gentle giants had long practiced the art. After a stay with the Tauren, her path took her wandering the world, where she stayed away from most major conflicts, instead being a seeker of potent sites in which to meditate and gain new insight into the way the world works and the patterns it unfolds for her.

It was not until home was threatened by the Deceiver and his minions that Kimiel rose to meet the challenge, and she quickly joined the Shattered Sun’s forces as they carved a path to the Sunwell in their campaign, remaining with the redeemers until the Sunwell bloomed with the Light that only the heart of a Naaru could give. As the Blood Elves were granted a chance at redemption for having resorted to Fel to sate their magical thirst, she embraced the concept, seeing in it a way to harmonize a chaotic and unstable soceity with the greater workings of the world. She remained on Quel’danas and later in Silvermoon as a teacher and preacher of her philosophy, before eventually travelling beyond, outside Quel’thalas once more to help bring balance and peace with words, healing and harm alike.