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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Khasry Oakenglove

Character In-Game Name: Khasry


Association(s): Night Elves, when inside their forests. Otherwise, he cares little, as long as they respect him. He has occasionally worked with the Alliance, under a Mercenary's guise.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Scout (OOC Hunter)

Skills and Abilities: He is incredibly agile and lithe. Also, he often uses his owl for scouting, and can tell if there are friends, enemies, or nothing (not the exact number, just if it's good or bad).

Age: 6,719

Sex: Male

Hair: He has a peppered mixture of grey and white that he keeps short.

Eyes: Alabaster mist

Weight: 242. Much of his weight is directed to lean muscle.

Height: 6'10

Usual Garments/Armor: He has a leather jerkin that he cuts off at the shoulders. The buttons that originally held the top in have burst off, and he has not cared to get it tended to. He has boots that got up just above his Achilles Tendon, and pants that, though torn and rough at the end, do not get above these. On his left hand he wears a thick leather glove.

Other: Everything that he wears is very worn. The glove has multiple puncture marks from sharp talons. He has a single axe hanging from his waist, as well as a bow that he hangs diagonally across his chest. A quiver, of course, accompanies the bow. His hands are very callused and scared, but every other part of him seems rather average. He has cared for a long line of Owls, always calling them 'Owl'.

Personality: He's very perceptive, whether it be of the Humanoid nature or nature... nature. He's a very rushed person, always speaking quickly and fidgeting with something. He often feels lost without his owl. He is, as alluded to earlier, very protective of every inch of Kaldorei land, and will protect these places with his life. He holds little care for other such places, and will attempt to treat everyone equally. Not to say he treats most people well, but he doesn't kill everyone he sees.

History: Khasry was born in a military family. His mother and elder sister were both members of the Sentinels, whilst his dad provided arrows and weapons to the Army. He, while he was growing up, aspired to be in the army. His mother entertained this notion by giving him the basics of how to correcting use a bow. In his free time, the boy was given tasks of retrieval from his father, to go get more wood or metal for the supplies.

He had a very active childhood. However, as all do, he had to age and, the day after his 18th birthday, he applied to be a Sentinel.

Of course, due to his lack of experience and, of course, his gender, he was denied. He was heartbroken. He'd trained to be a Sentinel his whole life, and that was just taken from him. After she got tired of his groveling, his sister had an idea. She was a Scout for the Army, but she was lazy and cut him a deal anyways. If he did all of her work, then she would give him lessons in scouting, as well as a bit in melee and the use of the bow and arrow. And so, the deal was struck.

It went on for a long time. So long, that he lost count. However, eventually, he noticed that his sister's lessons began to teach him less and less. He confronted her about this and, after a fight, he left. A week later, his mother tracked him down and handed him a simple handbook, telling him that they had known about the deal and that the book could finish his training. So, he took the book, and he lost himself in the forests. It was only when a meteor crashed less then a kilometer away from him that he was taken from his exodus.

He went to investigate, and saw a group of Sentinels fighting an Infernal. He waited until they dispatched it, as he thought that he would just interfered, and then approached them. They quickly took him to the nearest base and, when there was a moment, was given a run down on what happened. He told them of his past desire to join the Sentinels, and they said he could join now, if he wanted. However, after putting thought into it, he declined. That time was passed. He slept a night and set out once more.

After a week of thinking, he returned to the camp and offered his services to the commander as a free mercenary. Essentially, he was being given free ride with the next group to Hyjal, as long as he took care of himself along the way. The commander, not seeing a reason to say no, agreed. He was off.

They made it to Hyjal over a month after the big fight, but there was still plenty of cleaning up to do. He thanked the group of Sentinels and made his way off. He stayed there for only a few months before his curiosity got the better of him. He bought a ticket to the Human land of Stormwind. He landed and quickly set about learning their language, customs and etiquette. He went to Terokkar went he could to help the Alliance that he now found himself partially loyal to. However, he quickly got bored and left.

He foraged his way in the brave new world of Azeroth, keeping care of himself, and being ready to take care of his home. No such call, however, had come, and as such, he waited.