Kara Wolgast

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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Kara Wolgast

Character In-Game Name: Kara


Association(s): The Sable Dragon Inn

Race: Worgen

Class: Priest

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Hair: She has ginger hair that's cropped to only reach mid-way through her neck.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: In worgen form it's 240 lbs. In Human it's 156 lbs.

Height: In Worgen Form it's 7'1. In Human form it's 5'9.


Kara wears a white and beige dress. The most basic level of it is a shapeless white dress that may as well be a sheet. Over this, she wears a golden vest with frills on top, and over this she wears a long, multilayered jacket that covers her sides and back. She hides a small pistol, capable of only one shot, in a secret compartment near her thigh. She also has a violin case, but this's carried along with her only if she is moving or playing somewhere.

Kara's an average sort of woman. She's only a bit taller than the average Human female, although she ways a bit less than one would expect from the average Human of Azeroth. She's pretty, but it's nothing that sets her apart from a crowd. She has a spattering of freckles that stays on her cheeks for the most part, and she's rather pale. In Worgen form, she has russet brown fur and ears that move out and hang about an inch from the sides of her head, with shaggy fur almost everywhere on her body.


Kara isn't exactly proud to be a Worgen. She absolutely abhors the form and even goes as far as to meditate daily to avoid getting angry enough to use it. That doesn't mean that she's not proud to be a Gilnean, though. Although she's left it's church and almost completely assimilated into Elven culture, she still views herself as a Gilnean first and a Priestess second. To this end, she considers herself loyal to the Alliance, but not completely. Especially with her young age, many of the throes that the Alliance face do not pertain to her, leading to a view of general apathy when faced with any of the world's woes.

She's undoubtedly a follower. Her whole life has been her following another, and this will likely never change. She's very cautious about angering another, and will often bend her will if her goals conflict with anothers. She's not the readiest to fight, although the training that she's learnt from the Night Elves has done something to train her and lessen her cowardice. In short, I suppose you could say that she's a lover, not a fighter. She's a quick learner, nice, and she has a mean streak of being passive-aggressive when she's angered. She has a very optimistic view of the world and, although scared of death, is no stranger to it.


Kara was born as a child of the owner of a cemetary. Her father did everything involved with it, building the coffins and digging the graves. Such a business was not the best for a young girl to grow up in. Luckily for her, she was quite the tomboy at that age and helped her father digging holes. Although a lot of kids, especially those of the nobles, were spared having to deal with death until a later age, Kara got up front and personal with death. Her father was the closest thing that the area had to a doctor, and it was often Kara that helped her father. Most people that went into her father's door with a sickness never left, unless they were in a box her father made.

This all changed when she was 10. Her father began to have troubles feeding his growing family, and she was sent to a convent in Gilneas. Her father had considered marriage at such a young age horrendous, and had noticed the interest taken by the young girl into medicinal works. She was younger than most of the others, the most of whom were only girls who their fathers had not managed to find a suitor for. She moved into a convent near Light's Dawn Cathedral. Here, she learned about the Light. The convent did much more than teach her, though. It likely saved her life.

A few years after she moved to the convent, the Northgate Rebellion broke out. Up until then, she meticulously sent letters to her family, detailing everything about her new life and gulping in every detail about the life she had once known. This was interrupted by the Northgate rebellions, as her activities were much too filled with healing soldiers to write or read any letters. The rebellion ended, but the damage had been done, and Kara never received another letter from her family. She doesn't know why, but she's subconsciously accepted that they were all killed in the rebellion. For a good deal of years, Kara's life went better. She transformed to the exact opposite of what she had been in childhood, and spent a lot of her time doing charity work in the city.

Then the Worgen curse began in earnest. Kara's time was once more dominated by helping the victims. Of course, this was an utter failure, and she was bitten by a Worgen. Ashamed, she fled the Cathedral and the city, hoping to make it home one last time. Alas, the Worgen inside of her took over before she reached the graveyard, and she fled to the forest. What happened during this time is a blur but Kara was eventually captured by a group of Gilneans and administered the impromptu cure for her Worgen-ism. She was one of the refugees that fled from Gilneas and to the Elven lands, far away. This is when she picked up Bartholomew, or Blue, from one of the men who decided to stay in the Light's Dawn Chapel. The man thought that he would die in the chapel and wanted to give his dog to someone who would treat him good, and Kara took the opportunity.

Seeing as she had lost all contacts when she fled the convent, she took to learning about the Night Elves. She never technically said when she converted from following the Light, but as she learned more and more about Elune, she began to find the Moon Goddess more and more believable. Of course, the Sisterhood of Elune wouldn't accept her, seeing as she wasn't a Night Elf, but she began to pray to Elune regardless. Due to her previous experience with the Light of the Humans, drawing light from inside yourself came easy. Still, she had trouble going to this new source, so she took a bit of time and learned about the Night Elves history. She learned about Elune and about the Worgen's rage, which inspired her to avoid the form whenever possible. She took a few books on Elven lore and history and went off to explore the world and learn what had been sealed off from her.

Skills and Abilities:

Kara was a Human priest before the destruction of what she knew as Gilneas. Due to this, she had a headstart in learning how to use most of Elune's magic, and can heal with decent ability. However, having learned at a relatively peaceful time and taking a relatively peaceful job, she knows little on how to fight with such magic. Over time, as she becomes more accustomed and devout towards the Moon Goddess, she will become more powerful with her magics. She's also learning Darnassian, but this has been a very slow process, and she knows little outside of the greetings. Playing the violin is a hobby that she's been trying to pick up, and she's learning it quite well in her free time. Although she carries a pistol with her, she knows little about the mechanics and takes quite a bit in menial tasks, like reloading.