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Player: Kaishia

Character Full Name: Kaishia White-Talon

Character In-Game Name: Kaishia

Nickname: Kai

Association: Wandering warrior

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warrior

Age: 3,930

Sex: Female

Hair: Short and white

Eyes: Pale silver

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 7'1"

Alignment: Neutral Good


Crazed. Blood thirsty. Relentless. Stubborn. These words sum this elf up fairly well, but no word in the Common tongue could ever make you feel the true extent of her brutality. This female Kal'dorei lives and breathes battle, seeking to skewer anyone and anything that would pose a challenge to her mettle in combat.


Her movements are animalistic, powerful, and reckless, showing that even though she is a seasoned fighter, she isn't without her weaknesses. Kaishia is built like a fighter. Toned, firm muscles. A tight abdomen. And a perky, slightly smaller bust.

Though she is a warrior, she doesn't mind flaunting her body to the world, often adorning herself in next to no clothing, flexing in subtle ways, mostly around females. This masculine appearance only adds to her prowess as a warrior. Many will wonder why she wears such an odd asortment of armor of various colors and shapes. The reason behind this is simple. She takes a piece of armor from each of her greatest challengers and adorns herself in it, as a sense of honor. Her flesh is littered with an uncountable amount of scars, bruises, and fresh wounds alike. Atop those are a layer of tribal and ritualistic runes, tattoos, and glyphs. This woman appears to be a walking illustration, each and every mark telling a unique chapter in her life. Many will also note the various loops of silver that line her ears, naval, and right nostril.

Regarding Kaishia's face, her jaw is firmly set and narrow, giving way to a pair of large. full, chapped lips that are often pulled into a wide, wicked grin. Her eyes are narrow and hold dark rings around them, either from lack of sleep... or the lack of blinking. Kaishia's hair is a tangled mess of teal that seems to have been cut just above her shoulders by a rather blunt blade. When the woman speaks, her words are chopped and hold a thick accent, close to that of an orc or even a troll. Her words show her egotistical way of thinking and drips with sarcasm. The elf smells strongly of sweat, blood, and dirt.


Kaishia was once a Sentinel for her people in the days of old, keeping her beloved home of Ashenvale safe from any threat that made itself known. When the Orcish invaders arrived, however, everything changed. The woman was sure of herself, thinking she could easily dispatch the leader of the Warsong clan herself. She went against direct orders from the High Priestess and attempted to assassinate Grom Hellscream on her own accord, only to be captured by the Orc's warriors and scouts. However, instead of simply killing the elf off, the Orcs interrogated her.

Weeks passed and Kaishia was beaten, lashed, and treated much worse than any peon among the clan. But no matter how much punishment the elf endured, she refused to speak of her people, to reveal the locations or any other information the Orcs wanted. An Orcish captain was impressed by the elf's personal sense of honor and strength, seeing her as a worthy warrior. The Orc commanded his warriors to release the elf and it was so, allowing Kaishia to flee into the forest of Ashenvale with what little strength she held.

Years have passed since that day... since the day the Orcs made one of their largest mistakes. They should have killed that elf, they should have lopped off her head as soon as they had the chance. Kaishia, after regaining her strength and playing her part in the destruction of Archimonde and the Legion invaders, began to hunt down each and every Orc she could, showing them no mercy as she slammed her boot down on their skull and listend to the satisfying crunch of victory...