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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Kairg Thunderhorn

Character In-Game Name: Kairg

Nickname(s): Steak

Association(s): Thunder Bluff, Thunderhorn Tribe

Race: Tauren

Class: Hunter

Age: 72

Sex: Male

Hair: One braid on the end of his chin. His fur is a tawny brown with the fur on his hands being worn.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 403

Height: 7'2


Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a leather harness across his chest, which holds both shoulderpads close and tight to his shoulders. He wears a pair of light chain-mail pants with multiple pockets. He has a gun strapped across his back, hugged to his skin by the aforementioned leather harness. In his pockets are multiple bullets, as well as strapped to his belt. His gear is almost constantly down on repair.

Other: One of his horns is cut short, and his left hoof (from the curve downwards) is wooden.


Kairg is slightly different than the average Tauren, but not completely. He still worships the Earth Mother, yes, but takes advantage of her. He's a desperate Tauren, life inflicting more than his fair share of difficulties on him. Despite this, he's often joking with his friends. He's hospitable and slightly charitable, when he can afford to be.


Kairg was born into the Thunderhorn Tribe on the plains of the Barrens. He, like almost all Thunderhorn children, were raised around hunting and the Earthmother. He was more focused on the first, however. He saw hunting as a precious bond between the Hunter and the Hunted. This precious bond slowly turned into something of a voluntary protector relationship. The Tauren would help Nature, but when the Tauren needed something, they could take it.

He played with his tribe-kids for a healthy 46 years, before the Centaur found them. Of course, the Centaur had found them before, but this was the only time Kairg fought. Naturally, he was horrible at it. He lost a hoof and half of a horn. A Shaman in his tribe was able to supply him with a wooden foot, enchanted to not erode, but that could not heal his pride.

From then on, he was silently looked down upon, both literally and figuratively. He had never fully grown as tall as the other Tauren, being pathetically small to the rest of them. He supplied his tribe when needed, but automatically left to go with the Orcs when they came. Needless to say, fighting Humans and Demons was more danger than he'd ever had, and he was scared shitless from it.

The Third War ended, and he went traveling with an orc, Ronela. They traded what they got but, slowly, they began to run out of money. They began to get desperate and search for ways to get more money without harming another Humanoid being. They turned to poaching, which Kairg is not particularly proud of. But, you need to do what you need to do to feed yourself.