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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Kagh Earthbleed

Character In-Game Name: Kagh

Nickname(s): Nothing

Association(s): Orgrimmar and the Horde.

Race: Orc

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Kagh is a very good fighter with her Bo Staff. She doesn't possess much skill outside of appeasing the spirits of the Earth, and as such fights with them and only them. Other then that, she's strong. Not as strong as a male of her race, but maybe on par with the average Human male.

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Hair: Blood red. She keeps it cut short.

Eyes: Light Brown

Weight: 397

Height: 6'7

Usual Garments/Armor: She wears a brown tank top with matching armbands, pants and boots. She has filled all of the tears in her clothing with bandages underneath. Outside of that, she carries around a Bo staff that's a bit taller then she is, and interwoven it with stone as to make it tougher.

Other: She has a nose ring in Tauren fashion. The outfit is made of Kodo leather.

Personality: Kagh's loyalty to the Horde comes above all. She will avoid having elongated conversations with members of the Alliance at all costs, and harbors particular dislike for Humans. She prefers the company of Orcs or Tauren above any other race. Like many other Orcs, she puts honor as a very high priority in her life. If one is not worth anything in a fight, then one is worth very little to her.

History: Kagh was born out of a relationship between a Blackrock Orc and a Warsong Orc. Seeing as her mother was a Warsong, she was raised as a Warsong. Seeing as she was of an unknown father and a weak mother, she was never given much formal training with any weapon. She was given a staff of a deceased Elder and given a few lessons and how to handle it, but outside of that, it was mainly personal training that boosted her skill with the staff.

Her mother was killed when Kagh was 5 and the five year old, from that point on, subsisted on the scraps left by everyone else. This severely stunted her growth throughout her pubertal years and, at the age of 15, she got fed up. She stole a map of the clan's last best guess at where the other only free clan, the Frostwolves, were. She stole a cloak and enough food to live on for a while, and then she took to the Frostwolves. She carefully skirted any Human settlements, and was almost caught more then once by Human patrols. It was only by luck that a Frostwolf scout found her clumsily stumbling through the forest and took her to one of their outlying camps. She was accepted much more then she was in the Warsongs, became a temporary member of the Frostwolves.

Over the next 6 years, not much happened. She took a job as a Gatherer to help the Clan, but would gladly fight when the chance came. She turned down every offer to be somebody's mate, telling the male that she wasn't personally ready. And this was true, as well. She considered her hips too skinny and had only a rough clue on how to even make a child. The process seemed unnerving to her, and she was determined to postpone it.

That was when the clan got news of the first new Shaman, Thrall. It was a time of great celebration and exuberance. Soon after, the Frostwolves and Warsongs began to liberate their Orc kin from the camps. This wouldn't last, however, and soon the Orcs fled west across the sea.

She went with the Warsongs, and most seem to have forgotten about her, to her great joy. As such, she landed before the rest, and quickly met the Tauren. She was glad to help them and, in the process, became enthralled by their culture. She was with them throughout all of the Third War and, through a series of trials, managed to become a part of a Tauren tribe. They adopted her as own of their own and soon she was on the path to becoming a Shaman.

It took her years to learn and, when she did, she took a particular liking to the spirits of the Earth. The Tauren helped her strengthen her staff with stone and they helped strengthen her, filling in those holes in her strength and her emotions left by her time with the Warsongs. They were a good tribe and understood when Kagh told them that she had to leave. She was an Orc, after all, and it was her duty to assist the Horde. She made her way to the new capital of Orgrimmar, and started her life from there.