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Horde Joz'luz'fon
Player Kira13
Gender Male
Race Drakkari
Class Death Knight
Age 47
Height 2.75 metres
Weight 250 kilograms
Eyes Glowing blue
Hair Long braids that go down his back, as well as two that hang along his face. Also, an impressive mohawk.
Affilliation(s) The Horde (somewhat), The Ebon Blade, the Atal'ai NPC
Mentor(s) Dead father NPC, Death Knight trainer NPC
Status Undead

Joz'luz prefers leather and mail, with little addings of plate; only his ankle and wrist armor is plate, his pants and gloves leather and shoulderpads mail. His armor's design is very troll in nature, skulls and bones ornamenting it. As in life, he is a brute of a Drakkari, his height perhaps overpassing many of his brethrens'. Even in undeath, his muscles are present, making his image more imposing and threatening than ever before.

Other: All kinds of tattoos, covering his body, among many trinkets that protrude through his skin.


Joz'luz respects strength. He is pig-headed and one that takes insults easily, replying in harsh words that soon turn to violence. He loves a good fight, if the opponent is up to it, but is quick to offer death to those who bore him. In his eyes, power is everything; the world. He is not without goal, however: that is becoming a rival to the Loa and the old Drakkari gods themselves, with the hope that he will one day join them in their world and legendary reputation.


His father was a berserker, sure, but what struck his family as strange from the start is the fact that his mother was a warrior at heart too, rather than just the racial caretaker and baby-feeder; she has gained this reputation herself. This couple would often be sent on scouting missions against the nerubians or other denizens of the Northrend wastes. It was in one such raid, that his mother gave birth to Joz'luz. They were far from the tribe and their lands, so one could say Joz'luz's existence has been one of a loner's from the very beginning of his life. His father insisted for his mother to stay behind, in their little cave, in order to tend for the baby while he finishes the mission. She didn't approve at first, but in the end, she understood her new job's importance. One might think the cave would offer them safety, but Joz'luz was unfortunate enough to attract unwanted attention. A party of nerubians heard the baby's cries one night, and they went to investigate. A fight insued, his mother bravely standing her ground. The father managed to get back in time to save the baby Joz'luz.. but not his mother; her bleeding could not have been stopped. Joz'luz's father was furious, but he understood that he could not hunt the remaining nerubians that escaped and let his son prey to other dangers. More, he couldn't let the baby unattended, so he headed back to their lands.

Back home, Joz'luz managed to grow with the milk of nannies, and his life was able to continue. His warrior father started training his son from the very first time Joz'luz was able to run and hold a weapon. The motivation for the harsh years that followed was for his son to be able to always defend his tribe, family and himself, so you could say Joz'luz was taught that strength meant everything from the beginning. In this time, he would make his father proud on numerous ocassions, his strength surpassing many others'. In this time, however, his father grew continously older and weaker, his honorary death on the battlefield avoiding him.

Joz'luz has already long started to join his people's raids against their ancestral enemy, the nerubians, along with his father and other tribesmen. All went well for the raiding party, until one night; their group was ambushed. The trolls were able to retaliate rather quickly, but not before the ambush has taken a few lives. Joz'luz's father was spared the outcome again, but not for long; three nerubians rushed at him. The death he so wanted was impossible to avoid now. At the sight, however, Joz'luz went on a rampage; the three assailants had no chance to protect themselves against the maddened hulk that Joz'luz was; nor did the rest of their ambushing party. It seemed that, for every blow that Joz'luz received and for every wound he inflicted, his attacks grew more and more ferocious. As their enemy began to falter, Joz'luz calmed and approached his fallen father. Falling on his knees at the barely living body, he urged for him to raise and not die. At that, his father smiled, telling Joz'luz that he has wanted such a death for a long time and that now he is going to live among the Loa of their people. This was the last lesson Joz'luz has received from his father.

With the years passing, Joz'luz has never once let a day pass without training, to become stronger. He gained experience in strategy as well. In the latest years, a new enemy appeared; undead, coming from beyond the sea. With the great threat that they posed, the drakkari people revived their belief in their old gods, besides the Loa. This act further motivated the young troll to gain more strength and impress these gods. So much, even, that he started disappearing in the dead of night to seek more and more powerful foes, seeking an honorary death. This death, however, was denied; the drakkari's body was taken atop a necropolis and transformed into a death knight into the service of the leader of the undead. He was now driven by the will of the Lich King.

One day, as Zul'Drak's conquest went further, Joz'luz has recuperated his will and the control over his own body, along with the Lich King's downfall. Seeing the destruction he has caused against his own people, Joz'luz knew he became an outcast, one that had no place left in his own world. With this knowledge, he fled. Not after long, however, he was approached by one like him; a death knight. Frustration pushed him to a fight, but he was immobilized and made to listen. She explained to Joz'luz about what has happened to him and his lands, as he was controlled, and of the Ebon Blade. Reluctantly, he joined and he was brought to the Ebon Blade's necropolis, Acherus. There, he was further instructed in the ways of his new people, as well as in the powers and weaknesses of his new being. For a time, he was always sent out on missions with a supervisor, for he was still learning Common and the culture of other nations, but after a time he was considered able to continue on his own.

Old habits die hard, however. One time, in a mission against the remaining members of the Scourge in northern Eastern Plaguelands, he was approached by a lone troll in robes, wearing a strange wooden mask. They approached and, after talking, the lonely troll gained Joz'luz's respect and attention. They traveled togheter for a time as comrades, in which time the Atal'ai kept talking about the other Loas that Joz' had no idea of. The troll with the mask explained about Hakkar and fooled Joz'luz to believe that it was the Blood God that has actually given the death knight his second chance at impressing the gods. He promised strength, if only he would allow "Hakkar's voice" into his head. After time and consideration, the death knight agreed, as well as to keep it as secret from everybody else, for he was told he was special, a chosen.

The trolls departed after the promise was done and, in all the time until today, Joz'luz has continued to serve two factions: the Ebon Blade and the "Hakkar's voice" that, from time to time, whispers in his head.

Skills and Abilities

Blood!: In life, the sight of bloodshed strengthened his morale and will to fight. Now, in undeath, this belief has been further empowered by the abilities he now possesses. His will to stand and attack is increased, the more his enemy or himself has suffered. However, this comes at a high price, for his defense and ability to strategize his attacks are decreased at the same time.

Bah, Frost: As a Drakkari, he was used to the chills of the plains and mountains of Northrend. Now, in undeath, this resistance is strengthened. Conversely, his weakness to fire seems to have increased.\