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Player: GeneralDefyre

Character Full Name: Hurnog Windstrike

Character In-Game Name: Hurnog

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): N/A

Race: Taunka

Class: Shaman

Age: 88

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark grey mane

Eyes: Light Blue

Scale/Height: 1.1 (8'3")

Weight: 550 lbs


Usual Garments/Armor: Hurnog typically wears leather and fur robes, and always carries his blue totem staff.

Other: Hurnog speaks fluent Orcish and Taur'ahe. He can be found wandering around villages or on the Kalimdor or Northrend plains. If in his Spirit Wolf form, he is most likely travelling farther distances, or simply adventuring.


Hurnog is a fairly jovial Taunka, always seeking to learn more about the world, as well as the differences between various cultures and practices. He enjoys meeting new people, and doesn't like confrontation thoguh will fight if need be.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Hurnog was born in the Borean Tundra into a tribe of Taunka. His tribe was a peaceful one, and traded much with the Tuskarr. The tribe was made up of Warrior's, but Hurnog wanted to train to become a Shaman. He always saw other Shaman, running around the plains of the Borean Tundra as a ghostly, wolven apparition. Hurnog really wanted to train as a shaman, but had to venture away, because his tribe had no Elder Shaman.

On his journey, he passed many Tuskarr villages, all of which traded with the Taunka, and provided food and shelter for Hurnog. Hurnog started exchanging furs for food and drink, and ended up staying with the Tuskarr. After many years of journeying, at the age of 62, he found an old campsite, wherein lived a single Taunka male, with a long, white mane of hair. He was a lone, wandering Shaman, and Hurnog asked if he could join him, and be taught the ways of the Spirits. This Shaman accepted Hurnog, and began to teach Hurnog the harsh life that is of a Taunka Shaman.

They began the training immediately, and progress was imminent. Throughout the training process, Hurnog continued trade with the Tuskarr, and his mentor provided totems and various other materials for practice. After several years of training, Hurnog said farewell to his mentor, and ventured to the West, where the Elder Shaman had mentioned Hurnog might find allies. He did not know what kind of allies might lie in wait, but Hurnog wanted to find anyone to befriend or venture forth with on his journeys in the future.

When Hurnog was on his journey Westward, he found Horde flags flapping in the wind, and he thought he could trade with someone for food and water. What he found was Warsong Hold, and he was greeted warmly, but at the same time, awkwardly. He met many other Shaman, and they shared their wisdom with one another, although Hurnog was looked down upon, due to his treatment of the spirits, which he began to amend over time. He did not realize that abusing the spirits was so disgraceful, and so Hurnog decided to try learning the ways of the Tauren, many of whom he met while at the Hold. He befriended one particular Tauren female who told Hurnog of Thunder Bluff, and the plains nearby where she roamed so long during her younger years. Hurnog learned that she would be returning home to Thunder Bluff soon, after her next scouting mission, and she seemed open to meeting in the bluffs. She handed him a small locket, telling him to keep it for her until she returned to Thunder Bluff. Hurnog was determined to visit Thunder Bluff, and see his friend once more.

After a few weeks at the Hold, Hurnog decided to venture to the land known to him as Mulgore, so he boarded a Zeppelin, and went on his voyage to the Tauren homeland. Once there, he wandered the plains of Mulgore as well as the Barrens, before making his way back towards Thunder Bluff. He walked around the city and met the Tauren there, doing some trading before noticing a group of citizens surrounding a lone soldier with a notice. Curious, Hurnog walked forward, recognizing the soldiers armor as that of the Warsong Hold Scouts. What he heard brought him to tears. His new Tauren friend from the Hold, who befriended him so easily and of her own accord, would not be coming home. Hurnog decided to never forget her, and kept her small locket around his neck for the rest of his life.

He now adventures in Kalimdor and Northrend, learning new things about the Shaman, and the Horde. However, Hurnog considers himself Neutral, and in his mind, his only true allies are the Tuskarr and the friends he meets on his journeys.