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Player: Osvaldas

Character Full Name: Gutilan Sunseeker

Character In-Game Name: Gutilan

Nickname(s): Guti, Adept.

Association(s): Silvermoon City, Blood Knights, Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities:

Ability to create orbs of light, that can either harm or heal.

  • Swarm: Creates a large amount of small orbs that can heal multiple minor wounds, harm multiple enemies at once, or be used to remove spider nests.
  • Twin Orbs: Used to either heal two wounded people at once or to burn two enemies at the same time.

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Hair: Medium long, red hair

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 72 KG

Height: 1.82 M

Usual Garments/Armor: Black clothes or Blood knight armor.

Other: Has a Dragonhawk messenger.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Gutilan tends to be quiet but, if someone gets on his nerves he will unleash fury upon those unlucky souls. He never stays angry longer than for an hour or so. He attempts to keep his mind clear of emotions and and tries to follow the Paladin's codex. Even having his father and mother killed by scourge he tends to dislike all races equally. Gutilan tends to dislike all races equally as he always tries to find a neutral position and observe from it.


Gutilan was born in a family of loving parents that had enough money to let him study Holy Light and become a priest. Yet it was not enough for Gutilan so he also trained fighting with sword and shield, just in case his willpower won’t be enough.

At the age of 18 Gutilan officially began his training as a priest, yet also received his training as a Farstrider from his mom. Farstrider training was too much for your priest thus he just kept training with sword and shield.

At the age of 20 Gutilan and his father began studying holy light. At first those were minor studies, but later grew to a around ten people practicing different kinds of techniques. His sword training had to be delayed giving him more time to study.

At the age of 22 Gutilan started to study art of healing and fighting by conjuring orb of light. At first it was very ineffective but later it became very useful, allowing Gutilan to tend two wounded at the time, without much of effort and same results.

At the age of 26 Gutilan finally mastered using Orbs of Light to heal other people, also he found a nice use for it as pest control, mostly to fry small insects. He learned how to make clusters of smaller orbs and use holy light to burn something/someone.

At the age of 28 Gutilan decided he needed to resume his sword and shield training, yet his holy light research was not stopped. He continued to practice both, sword fighting and holy light use. At that age he was thinking of joining military but his father did not approve of such decision and so Gutilan stayed with his parents and continued studies as a priest.

At the age of 31 Gutilan and his father found a technique where they would enchant bandages with Holy light making them more effective when applied to wounded area. This was a hard one and it took many years to master.

At the age of 33 Gutilan decided to put bandage technique to the side and continue with his orb research instead. His father on the other hand did not abandon such study and continued.

At the age of 36 Gutilan was struck by many disasters. Yet two of them were worst, almost all of his kin was destroyed by Arthas and loosing his parents. When undead struck at Quel’Thalas Gutilan and his father were in a small library at Ghostlands, studying. At first local Farstriders left since they were called upon. Few hours later, they heard armies marching down, armies of undead. Gutilan and his father, as well as other priest that were there had no other choice but to stand and fight. First they barricaded themselves at the library, giving them time. Undead breached barricades and were burned to ashes by powerful priests. Horde after horde fight dragged on. One by one undead fell, yet for every fallen undead there would be three to replace him. Priests started to get injured, ordinary people took arms and charged in, yet they held not very long and soon were added to growing count of wounded. Gutilan and other trainee were told to make sure everyone would survive until help comes, lucky for Gutilan job was just right, with help of orbs he managed to spread his healing across all wounded and keep them alive, few minutes later other trainee was called upon to help fight. Few hours of exhausting siege passed.

Something happened, everything went calm. Undead stopped. Barricades were built once more. Little they knew, Arthas got what he came for. Few more minutes of agony and exhaustion passed. Undead started to rally once more, a necromancer was seen in a distance. Undead surrounded library and started to lay waste to its barricades. Gutilan felt helpless, he was a trainee, one that wasn’t able to fully unlock his own potential. Gutilan’s father yelled out, all who were fit for battle, young or old must come to barricaded side of Library and defend it. It was a bloody battle. Many fell dead, many more were injured. From 30 elves, only 4 remained: Gutilan’s father, Gutilan and two powerful priests. Gutilan heard fighting noise outside, four made a final push, believing that was help arriving. They were wrong. A few Farstriders, including Gutilan’s mother, were fighting for their lives and falling one by one. Rangers killed many undead, but for every fallen undead they would be injured, thus falling pretty quickly. It seemed hopeless. Gutilan’s mind began to cloud it self with rage, as he saw his mother fall. Gutilan’s father charged to help, but necromancer shot him with a shadow bolt, one so strong that elf’s body was torn to pieces.

Gutilan had enough. His hands filled with holy light, endless stream of orbs began to surround enraged priest. Gutilan lost control of himself, two priests returned to library and told Gutilan to follow, yet he was no longer himself, he was someone that wanted revenge more than anything. Necromancer wasted most of his energy and thus could not charge powerful bolt to strike down angry priest. Gutilan marched at Necromancer, deflecting every shadow bolt that was sent his way, burning every undead that tried to stop him. Once necromancer saw, there was nothing else but to run, a Holy flame rained on him, killing all undead around him and leaving necromancer barely alive. Gutilan created a shield around himself and necromancer, looked him in the eyes and filled his body with Holy light, not one that would heal, but one that would burn, he burned necromancer inside out. Gutilan looked around himself, seeing that he lost everything he once loved, his eyes turned to sky and smile appeared on his face as he charged what was left of his energy and sent it away in powerful storm of light that would create large beacon of light and let help arrive just when undead were retreating.

Gutilan was lying there, without a sign of life. He was cold, surrounded by undead that began to charge at dead elf with a wish of having a feast. Suddenly, an arrow hit one ghoul; another was struck by holy light, other one fell from a fireball. Gutilan’s body was saved; he was brought to camp of priests where he would be revived. Gutilan remember nothing of what happened, only that his mother and father died. He started to think that he hid cowardly and thus survived. Gutilan felt demoralized, yet with a purpose – heal warriors that needed to be healed. And so his life as a healer continued.

At the age of 37 Gutilan fully recovered from nightmares he was having, from all effects for being resurrected. He could not remember what happened; only that someone saved him, after his mother and father died. Blood Knights became a thing, as soon as Gutilan was allowed, he joined. With his priest training in the past, he became a healer, auxiliary. He kept helping Blood Knights; he started to train to become one as well.

At the age of 40 Gutilan finally earn a rank of Adept, yet holding it only for half a year and being demoted to Initiate. He disobeyed order to stand ground and probably was a reason of Blood Knight’s death. He was also punished, for a year he was in a cell, alone only with Paladin’s codex and Blood Knight’s oath.

At the age of 41 Gutilan was released and started training once more as Initiate of the order.

At the age of 42 Gutilan was once more promoted to Adept rank and this time he plagued to become a healer paladin. Unfortunately his superior did not like Gutilan one bit and still ordered him to stand at the front line, sometimes in front of it.

At the age of 43 Gutilan was demoted once more, no punishment just demotion that was unnecessary, his superior just hated Gutilan and demoting was only way to get rid of him.

At the age of 44 Gutilan was promoted to Adept once more. Some started to nick name him adept, since once he was about to even feel warm of Knight’s rank, he was dropped to Initiate’s rank.

At the age of 45 Gutilan was placed under another superior, this one seemed nice. He left Order due to loosing his arm and becoming a cripple, but he made sure Gutilan was to at least candidate for Knight’s rank. With new superior declining a promotion yet allowing Gutilan keep his adept rank, Gutilan started to relearn his orb techniques.

At the age of 46 Gutilan meets with an assassin that saved his life from being taken by two others. He was told of order know as Shadow Envoy, yet everyone believe they were behind killing inside Silvermoon. Before Gutilan could help Envoy’s cause, he was sent to the Western Plaguelands to assist Forsaken.

Serving there some time, getting distracted by same Shadow Envoy thrice he was sent back to Silvermoon to deal with the problem, in hopes to loose distraction. Once returned to Silvermoon Gutilan rallies few Farstriders and Blood Knights to assist in battle that was bound to happen soon. Shadow Envoy finally recollects all of its members, roots out all enemy assassins from Silvermoon City, Eversong forest and most of Ghostlands, moves to abandoned library, same one Gutilan held Forsaken back. There at the library, enemy assassins, known as Hidden blade have built up a camp, with three obelisks that spread unholy energies around, binding undead to small group of selected necromancers.

The battle started, and it was a slaughter for both sides; Farstriders were wounded and dragged out of mid battle by thre Blood Knights. Gutilan was left alone, with assassins blinking around him. Undead, necromancers and warlocks were his targets. He charges at a small group of undead that protect the obelisk found just outside main entrance to the Library. The obelisk was shattered and undead start to slaughter same necromancers they were controlled by. Gutilan and two Blood Knights, that returned, make their way inside.

Inside, Gutilan has a flashback of when he was defending against undead. Outside he can hear battle happening, he remembers how he held line against hordes of undead. He looks behind himself, where his father stood when barricade was being rebuilt for second time. One of Blood Knights says he found a way down, Gutilan snaps out of memories and returns to reality. Three paladins make their way down. Poorly dug tunnels, dripping water, roots and corridor of dirt that was tunnel they were following. Suddenly light was seen. They enter a small round room. It has no doors, or at least that was the first impression, yet in the middle there was the same obelisk that was outside old Library. Gutilan feels something was wrong. He strikes top of the obelisk, shattering crystal and two walls start to sink. From one side, group of undead, from other spiders. Gutilan orders two Blood Knights deal with spiders while he will deal with undead. First orb of light that he sends at undead, even to Gutilan’s surprise split in six equal pieces and hit six undead at the front stunning them, giving Gutilan time to kill half of their numbers. Two other knights seem to do just fine.

Gutilan charges into the opened corridor, wall behind him raises once more and undead retreat. Gutilan, having no other choice, follows. He enters a large hall, old library was moved here. He sees the third obelisk, just as Shadow Envoy told him, he knows what has to be done, but to his surprise the obelisk changes magic, from unholy that was controlling undead, to fel that summons three demons: two powerful imps and a felguard. The demons and undead start to fight, clearly undead having no chance at wining, but it gives enough time for Gutilan to make his way to upper balcony of hall and spot few warlocks. With two of the demons constantly sending fel bolts one after another, Gutilan has nothing else to do, but to eliminate them first. One of three demons remains guarding the obelisk while other two charge at Gutilan. Fight was hard, but demons were having hard time fighting without support of their warlock masters, who seem to think that Paladin has no chance in wining. One of imp falls to holy orbs as they burn him from outside, other imp is killed by Gutilan’s blade, infused with holy light, impaling it. Last demon, seeing that Paladin was left with only shield, charges at Gutilan. To felguard’s surprise Gutilan drops his shield and starts to conjure swarms of small orbs of light, sending them to Obelisk instead of the demon.

Warlocks, seeing that the obelisk was in danger to be purified, summon bunch of weak demons to use as a meat shield, yet they fell quickly. Warlocks see as the obelisk stops gathering fel magic and turns to glow white, as Holy Light start to purify it. Gutilan expected it to be destroyed, but the demon still remains a threat. Gutilan goes to grab his shield, yet it was too late. Felguard kicks him to the side and into the wall of the hall. Gutilan tries to stand up, but hit was so hard, he was still dazed after it. He hears one of warlocks yell in pain, as his eyes rise to see where it came from warlock’s dead body with a knife in his back falls down. Shadow Envoy made it inside as well. Two assassins quickly kill three out of five warlocks. The demon that was going to finish Gutilan was ordered by remaining warlocks to protect them, as they try to corrupt the obelisk once more. One of two Shadow Envoy assassins fall as the demon rips him apart. Gutilan, on his arms and legs, makes his way to his blade and prepares to fight demon once more.

Remaining assassin of Shadow Envoy was told to find a way for two Blood Knights that were left behind. Gutilan stands alone against powerful felguard and two warlocks who command it, yet the warlocks were busy trying to reactivate the obelisk so more demonic minions could be summoned. Demon laughs at Gutilan’s wavering stance and charges at him. Gutilan manages to stab demon with his blade, but there was no holy light on the blade to kill the demon. As Gutilan stands up once more, after being kicked into another wall, his breastplate was damaged and now was cutting Gutilan’s stomach, he removes his breastplate and drops it near his feet.

Demon charges once again, even with Gutilan’s blade still at his shoulder. Gutilan, now with some weight off his shoulders, manages to dodge to the side, jump on a random table, almost fall of it, yet manage to get hold of his blades handle, channeling holy light through it and into the demon, while that was happening demon does not stand and watch, he grabs metallic throne and slams it into Gutilan, making paladin fly to other side of the room and pull his blade with him. With blade no longer in his shoulder, demon begins his charge, but two trapped Blood Knights and one assassin of Shadow Envoy make their way into the hall, Paladins striking demon down, while assassin blinks his way to the obelisk and kills two warlocks. Unfortunately fight was not over, still one room to clear.

Gutilan, almost dead, grabs his shield and follows two paladins who already made their way inside last room. Gutilan stops mid hall, as he hears his fellow Blood Knights scream in agony, assassin that was about to shatter the last obelisk, stops and looks at the side of where screams came from. Both of them see skeletal warrior walk out of large doorway, holding heads of both paladins. Gutilan was shocked, yet receives another flash back, of his father and mother dying, rage once more fuels him, not as much as last time his hands become clouded with holy light and small swarm of orbs of light were created, size of a fist, they fly at the skeletal warrior and burn it until only pile of ash and armor remains.

The last orb was shattered by the assassin. Gutilan falls on his knees, as he regains his senses. Assassin, runs to paladin and helps him to stand up, both the paladin and the assassin were surprised as they see large bolt of shadow fly at them, Gutilan sill trying to stand up, was let go and pushed to the side by assassin as Shadow bolt hits him, tearing him to pieces. Powerful necromancer enters hall. Gutilan looks at the sight of his doom; he knows he cannot kill this necromancer alone. Shadow magic lifts Gutilan up, removing his armor and weapons, throwing them to the side. The last necromancer comes closer to Gutilan and shows himself fully, that necromancer was one of many that were led by Arthas.

Gutilan struggles to free himself, yet was unable to do so. The paladin, knocked out by shadow magic and carried inside last room, placed on torture chair and strapped in. Once Gutilan regains his senses he sees another obelisk in front of himself. Necromancer was at the other side of the room, reading something loudly as pile of bones was crackling and being constructed into three undead skeletons. Gutilan, was unable to do anything as the obelisk channels unholy magic into his body and weakening him even further.

Suddenly necromancer was struck and even his shadow shields do not help against unexpected amount of holy light. All four, necromancer and three skeletons were burned by holy light, yet burned enough to be dead, not become ashes. Gutilan, looks at the obelisk, it stops to slowly kill him. From the hall, he sees few Shadow Envoys and a Blood Knight Champion, who rush to Gutilan as soon as necromancer and undead were no longer a threat. With a great need of rest, Gutilan passes out, but before that he tells to not shatter the last obelisk and instead of bringing Gutilan outside wait for him to regain his senses.

Gutilan, once more wakes up in very strange place, large hall that looks like a library. As he looks around he finds his blade and remaining pieces of armor lying next to him, a Farstrider reading old book, few assassins cleaning whole place and a Champion of Blood Knights coming towards Gutilan. With few more minutes of rest and a drink of water, Gutilan stands up and with assistance of Champion was led towards the obelisk, there in that small room he tells that the obelisk can be purified and maybe used against undead. At first Champion thinks adept was corrupted, but Gutilan releases some holy light at the obelisk and as it gets slowly purified, tries to gather some Holy Light from the obelisk’s gem that was glowing bright yellow. After having his proof, Champion and Gutilan make their way to Silvermoon city where paladin was allowed to rest more.

Next morning Gutilan starts with a hot bath, relaxing a bit before noticing one of Envoys in his room. After bath and message that was delivered he ventures to Farstrider Square where the Champion was already waiting for him, with a scroll in his hands. That scroll was nothing else but a message to Champion at Western Plaguelands. At first Gutilan declines stating “I am just a mere Adept who was lucky to survive high ranking Scourge Necromancer. I think delivering important documents was not a privilege I should get, plus I kind of was sent from there back to Silvermoon until I would be fit for front line duty again.” To that Champion replied “Firstly you aren’t an ordinary Adept, secondly those documents were to be delivered immediately and lastly we made new armor for you. Oh and you will have to protect a warhorse fitted with supplies.”

Gutilan was surprised by words that he was not an ordinary Adept. He was unsure if he just got promoted or in the very least was not going to be demoted. With good news he took documents to Undercity, where his charger and warhorse with supplies were waiting. He wis looking forward to meeting those at the camp again, especially one Initiate named Sana.