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Player: Danalthar

Character Full Name: Grek Eyegouge

Character In-Game Name: Grek

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Orgrimmar, Horde

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Hair: None. At all. Ever.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 200

Height: 6'2


She wears a leather harness that makes an x across her chest, along with some shorts. She wears matching gloves, matching boots and a matching eyepatch. At her hips, she was two small axes, as well as a large battleaxe over her back.

Other: Her covered eye is perfectly fine (for fighting in Ashenvale, or at night). A large scar that goes down her right arm, from shoulder to wrist. She is also muscled, being stronger then most Trolls she has met. Also, she has a small worg pup that usually follows her around, named Karg.


To Grek, all Alliance are Kill on Sight, always. She believes the Alliance are weak and disgusting, and takes joy in torturing them before killing them. The only Horde races she respects are the Trolls, the Tauren and the Orcs, attitude the same to the other two, without the Kill on Sight.

In battle, she spares nothing. She uses cheap shots, dirt, anything she can to get the advantage in a fight, while giving the enemy the chance to fight. She believes in nothing more then her own brute strength and quickness to get her out of a situation. Her upbringing has taught her to never give up, and she goes basely on that.

Out of battle, she is stubborn and competitive, often acting more like a man then a woman. She also believes highly in Garrosh for his spirit, other then the peaceful Thrall. She knows very little Common.


Grek was born to the Warsong Clan while the rest of her people were imprisoned by the Humans. Her parents told her that the Humans were waiting until the Orcs became weak to kill them. This bred her hate for the Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. Her competitive spirit often got the best of her, and she would often wrestle with the young boys in their competitions, or do anything of the sort.

Eventually, the Orcs were freed and they ran to Kalimdor. Grek's first real battle was against the Humans there, following her Chieftain loyally. The Clan was then sent to Ashenvale to collect lumber, and she gladly took part in attacking the Night Elves there. Here, she found the usefulness of having one eye ready for the Light, and one for the Shadow. She discovered this by learning from a comrade that if one had an eye covered by an eyepatch in Orgrimmar, then when one returned to Ashenvale, their covered eye would be ready for the dark. She also gained the scar on her shoulder there. She stayed here over the Crusade on the Illidari, and only left when her new Chieftain, Garrosh, led her into Northrend.

She was immediately deployed to Dragonblight, fighting the mortal minions of the Blue Dragonflight. The Taunka amazed her, and she often would help them with what they needed. Then, she learned of the Lich Kings death, and returned home. Returning to Ashenvale, she continued to fight the Elves, although this time by her own wish.

Getting bored there, she left back to Orgrimmar, searching for somewhere new to kill the Alliance Pigs.


Story behind name: Everyone thought she gouged her own eye out, as she returned from a scouting mission with an eyepatch on. She told them otherwise, but the nickname Eyegouge stuck, and she eventually introduced herself as "Grek Eyegouge".