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Player: flavafat

Character Full Name: Ghroxxagar Blackheart

Character In-Game Name: Ghroxxagar

Nickname(s): Xagar; Blackheart

Association(s): The Shattered Hand Clan

Race: Orc

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Ghroxxagar is rather large for a rogue, however, he seems to be just as agile and quick. In addition to this of course he has a rather fair amount of brute strength which he does not mind in battle. Being a former member of the Shattered Hand Clan, Ghroxxagar also has his left hand chopped off which he replaces with a variety of fist weapons depending on his circumstances.

Age: 52

Sex: Male

Hair: Ghroxxagar's hair is drawn back in a long braid that runs down the majority of his back. It is extremely thick, and it is unsure how long it has truly been growing. While he does not have a large beard, Ghroxxagar can almost always be seen with a rough five-o-clock shadow on his face.

Eyes: Blood Red

Weight: 423 lbs.

Height: 6,7"


Usual Garments/Armor: Depending on what he is doing, who he is seeing and sometimes what feels right, Ghroxxagar can be seen in a couple of different sets of armor. In battle however he can usually be seen wearing a set of green leather armor, with large, poison tipped spikes on its' spaulders. One of his other popular sets of attire consists of layers of thick tanned leather and fur surrounding its' openings, with large tusks on his shoulders.

Other: Something important to note is the various scars that run all over Ghroxxagar's skin, most plentiful on his arms and his back. While it is almost always covered by coarse facial hair, his most notable scar is a single X on his right cheek. That of course isn't counting his mutilated left arm/hand. Like his face, his voice is extremely rough and wretched. He speaks in almost a hiss, nearly every word seeming to come out of anger. Something that is also important to note are his piercings. Several bars pierce through his skin on his arms, along with one on his right eyebrow.


Alignment: Neutral Evil

The most important quality that Ghroxxagar may possess is his intelligence. While he may be extremely quick tempered, his intelligence checks this more often than not and he knows when and when not to take action based on his anger. In addition to this he has a truly brilliant military mind, despite the fact that he is not a warrior. Unlike most stereotypical Orcs, strategies and tactics are crucial to Ghroxxagar and he possesses a brilliant military mind, despite the fact that he is not a warrior. However, they do call him Blackheart for a reason. Ghroxxagar may be one of the most merciless killers that Azeroth has ever seen, and has a passion to cause bloodshed. While he does have a strong sense of honor, it is mostly for himself, and survival will almost always overtake this. This sense of survival has developed more and more over the years, and has left him with a very cautious and untrusting personality. Something else important to note is his extreme hatred towards Humans, and his strong feeling of regret. He does seem to have one redeeming quality though, and that is his surprising loyalty. In battle the best words to describe Ghroxxagar are determined, fierce, quick and brutal. If you wonder why, go ahead and take your chances and try to find out.


Ghroxxagar was born during a time of relative peace. His family was born in what is known today as "The Zangarmarsh", and was destined to be a member of The Shattered Hand Clan from birth. His father, Kruk, was a skilled Hunter, and his mother, Agtha, was almost equally matched. He had one older brother, Kurgash, who was aspiring to become as great of a Hunter as his father was. While the village that they lived in was rather small, it was part of a chain of villages that The Shattered Hand Clan dominated. Despite the fact that they were not "living in luxury", they were rather content with their lives and the only thing that Ghroxxagar's parents wished was that their two young boys would grow up to be strong and healthy. Life seemed to be simple enough.

For years both brothers trained under the combined skills of both their father and their mother, becoming the epitome of Hunters. However, dark days were ahead. Slowly The Shattered Hand Clan made a larger influence on their small village and seemed to be preparing for something. At the time, it was unbeknownst to anyone what was to come. Then one day Ghroxxagar woke up to a ruckus. Yelling, more so roaring, was heard from outside of the sorry excuse for a hut that the family owned, so he stepped outside to see what the commotion was. As he slid the drape to the side his father fell to his knees in front of an assailant, a large fist-blade being put to his throat. His father spit blood into up into the face of the warrior before the man slit his father's throat. His father's head hung dejectedly as a pool of blood formed under him before the assailant pushed the slumped body over to the side. Next to the man stood his brother, Kurgash, who stared Ghroxxagar down. "We're leaving, it's time to grow up little brother." That was that.

Where was his mother? Gone hunting. Would she come looking for them? What would she do? How would she survive? Unanswered questions that probably will never be answered. That is a sad reality. Now, Kurgash and Ghroxxagar were soon-to-be assassins for The Shattered Hand Clan. There was no turning back now, the choice had been made. Later, after conversating with his brother, it became clear that his father was not willing to let his only two sons go fight for The Horde, but Kurgash thought otherwise. Sadly, both Kurgash and Ghroxxagar were rather good at their new profession. Whether they were hunting animals or Humans, it really didn't seem to matter. What they were training for exactly they were unsure, but it was clear they were preparing for something. Then, Blackhand was made Warchief.

The first battle, if you could even call it that, that the two took part in was the takeover of The Temple of Karabor. It was truly more so a slaughter than an actual battle. Ghroxxagar, Kurgash and several other members of The Shattered Hand disabled the enemy through use of flanking while the warriors of The Horde took the temple head on. At this point it became clear that Ghroxxagar and Kurgash were most definitely trained to kill, and trained well at that. This would certainly not be their last slaughter, as their campaign continued all over Draenor. They conquered, killed and pillaged all that stood before them and the might of The Horde.

Four years later the corruption that the fel energies possessed clearly took a toll on the bodies of both brothers. Their skin began to turn a bright green, and their bloodlust grew. Then they consumed Mannoroth's Blood and became crazed killing machines. Shortly after that Shattrath fell to The Horde and Kurgash and Ghroxxagar were sent on several assassination missions to eliminate key surviving Draenei that were in their former home of The Zangarmarsh. A year later Kurgash was sent through the Dark Portal to conquest the new world. That would be the last time Ghroxxagar ever saw his brother.

Six years passed and much had changed. The new Warchief Doomhammer lead a vicious campaign against the forces of The Alliance, and ravaged their lands. Ghroxxagar, fueled by Mannoroth's Blood, participated in several of the battles against the forces of The Alliance using his popular guerilla warfare techniques. Due to the fact that he was resting from previous battles, he fortunately did not participate in the siege on Lordaeron. However, the Alliance siege on Blackrock Spire woke him right up in a rage. He slayed only a single Human that day using the same tactics that had lead him to victory in the past. They fought with vigor, intensity and ferociousness, the likes of which Ghroxxagar had only seen in the demon-blood fueled warriors of The Horde. Ghroxxagar, along with most of The Horde that was still loyal to Doomhammer, fled to the Dark Portal once more. Their attempt to flee was in vain though as The Alliance pursued them. Instead, Ghroxxagar, along with part of The Shattered Hand, The Warsong and The Bleeding Hollow Clans fell right into the hands of the Human scum.

Ghroxxagar, like most of the other captured Orcs, was forced into an internment camp. Like most, when facing a withdrawal from Mannoroth's Blood, Ghroxxagar did seemed to lose almost all hope, and was hanging on by a thread of life. However, for once, he was able to really deeply think about his whole life and for once, and actually had the time to just sit there and consider about all that he went through and all that he had done. He looked at his hands, the dark, green and disgusting color that they had turned. He stared at himself in pieces of metal often, observing how blood thirsty his eyes had become. Due to his odd blade-fist however, he was chosen as a perfect candidate to perform in gladiator fights. Of course he was not able to wear this all the time, only for fights, which lead to further degrading due to only having a stump of an arm most of the time. He simply became a tool for the Human's entertainment. Strangely enough these fights seemed to be the only thing that kept him going. Over time rage slowly built up inside him. This was not something that could be satisfied by killing under trained Orc warriors in the arena or large unintelligent animals. No, this was something that could only be satisfied with blood and fear. Human blood and fear to be specific.

Years passed by and Ghroxxagar simply waited, staring at the sheets of metal which reflected his face as he fell deeper and deeper into a state of emptiness. Then the walls came down. An explosion of dust and cobble was interrupted by the stampede of Orc warriors, hunters and assassins that flowed in. Ghroxxagar snapped, flashbacks of his slaughters unleashing a rage that was buried deep inside of him. Ghroxxagar sprung up, dashing towards the gate as his favorite guard "Howard" tried to slam it shut. Ghroxxagar slammed his weight into the gate, blasting it open and sending Howard flying back. Before he could rise up Ghroxxagar pounced on him, slammed him into the ground and bit into his neck, ripping out chunks of flesh, muscle and blood. Fear struck the guard as he screamed in agony, and Ghroxxagar stared down with a blood filled mouth, a large grin spreading across his wicked face.

Free, pissed-off and armed Ghroxxagar went on many campaigns with Thrall and his campaign. Ghroxxagar used the same tactics that he had in the past and slit the throats of many Orc captors, thinking about the years of torture he went through, the death of his brother and the dishonor they brought to his people overall. After many internment camps were liberated, Ghroxxagar went with his people to Kalimdor where The New Horde was formed. He instantly took a liking to the Tauren people and had a great amount of respect for them, and found that he could relate to Trolls extremely well. Today he continues to serve The Horde as a member of The Shattered Hand Clan. However, his days are numbered and, physically, he is not killing machine that he used to be. What is to come of Ghroxxagar Blackheart? Time will only tell.