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Player: Majyk

Character Full Name: Freya Grey

Character In-Game Name: Freya

Nickname(s): Big Sis

Association(s): Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Freya's abilities aren't anywhere near the best. She doesn't have a great connection with the Light yet, so her healing is either spotty at best, or doesn't work at all. Her martial prowess is better, but still lacking.

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, and pulled up into a bun.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 165 pounds

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches


Freya has begun to wear armor more frequently, to get her body used to the metal suit. However, when she can, she likes to wear simple cloth garments.


Alignment: Lawful Good.

Since Freya was thrown into the caretaker role at a young age, she becomes very protective of things she cares about; such as her sister and her friends. She is also kind, affording kindness to people that probably don't deserve it. When she is truly alone, though, she has bouts of depression. Being away from something to mother lets her crumble. She has a strong connection to her sister, and they tried to find ways to be together even when they shouldn't be.


Freya was born in Lordaeron, with her sister Dmitra and their mother and father. They lived close to an internment camp because their father was a guard for one. Life was simple, but good. They got a basic education from their mother. They played games with some of the other children that were there for the same reason. One especially was Freya's best playmate besides her sister, and that was a boy named James. James, Dmitra and Freya would play for hours together, when they weren't doing chores around the house of course. Everything was going perfectly fine.

One day, when Freya was 10, there was an attack on the internment camp her father worked at while he was on duty. Her father died doing his job. As the orcs came away from the camp, Freya's mother mistook the orc's actions as an attack on the town and attempted to protect her children from them with a makeshift weapon. She told the children to go hide in her wardrobe, and to not come outside unless she called for them. They never heard their mother's voice again, because a rather vicious orc cut her down. The girls came out of the wardrobe when one of the other villagers came and searched the house. They came out of the wardrobe clinging to each other, scared out of their minds. The villager hid their slain mother from view as they walked by her body, but they both felt that she was dead. They found out their father was dead when the villagers held a funeral for their dead.

When asked if they had any relatives they could live with, Freya recalled a time they visited their “aunt” in Stormwind. They were sent with some other orphans and refugees to Stormwind, Freya looking out for Dmitra the whole way. They clung to each other like glue, with Freya being the strong one and being like Dmtira's mother for a time. When they got to Stormwind, the “aunt” wouldn't take them in. They were crushed to hear that the only “family” they knew couldn't take them. They were so clueless as to what to do next, so they just sat down and cried with each other for a long time in their “aunts” house. She wasn't really their aunt, but a friend of the family and she couldn't afford to keep them, so she left them at the cathedral. When they got to the cathedral, the priestesses and priests were very nice and loving, and a couple of the priestesses tried to be a mother figure and Freya clung to that attention like a life-line.

They were brought into the church and were taught the ways of the Light. Dmitra showed aptitude for the priesthood, while Freya exhibited traits for becoming a paladin. As they were separated for their different training, Freya found it very hard to cope with the loss of everyone she knew. One night, Dmitra crept into Freya's tent at the paladin training area and the two spent the night together, talking and giggling as if nothing changed. She didn't know that her sister was punished for that, but she too kept at her studies diligently. After that, her and her sister made a pact that they would see each other at least once a month, and they would meet after their training let up.