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Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Flastrult Runebraid

Character In-Game Name: Flastrult

Nickname(s): Flas

Association(s): Runebraid Clan, Aerie Peak, Ironforge, Alliance, Northern Alliance

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Age: 193

Sex: Male

Hair: All his hair is a greyish white. He has a long, braided beard, which he keeps tucked into his belt at all times. Said beard reaches past his knees. His actual hair is shortcut, not reaching past the back of his neck.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 220

Height: 4'3

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a set of gray and green armor. It goes from his upper abdomen to his boots, including two armbands and two bracers. The bracers have two stones each, both his charms. He wears a leather and feather facebrace, which is a dull brownish color. He has two large hammers, which are green, gold and gray. They have runes on both faces.

Other: Both of those hammers are, for all intents and purposes, Stormhammers. However, if he uses one, then he will not be able to use the mace he threw for three hours. That's the time it takes for it to reform.

Tattooed wings cover his shoulders, back and chest. His armor and weapons were made by himself. He also owns a Gryphon, although he rarely fights on it. Although, the Gryphon will often fight of it's own accord anyways.

Personality: Flastrult is a rude, loud Dwarf to his enemies, often taunting them as he fights. To his colleagues, he's silent until he's needed, quite the opposite of how he is when he's fighting. However, if he needs something to be said, he will say it. Although, when a conversation does not need him, he will not force his will on them, spending his time thinking.

Seeing any Troll will send him into a murderous rage towards said Troll, be them Forest or Jungle. He views every single Horde member as useless, save for the Blood Elves and Undead, nothing more then practicing dummies towards him. He sees Blood Elves as traitors to both nature and the Alliance. All he truthfully cares about is protecting those around him, and those at home.

History: Flastrult was born in Aerie Peak. Although his people had been away from Bael Modan for over 50 years, they had still not fully adjusted, so Flastrult was born into a time of emotional shakiness. At that time, there was no clan under his name. There was nearly nothing under the Runebraid name at all. However, his mother and father both worked hard as Mountaineers to get a safe and full life for their boy. During this time, he was taught Blacksmith.

Things settled down in Aerie Peak as Flastrult was coming of adulthood. He, much like his parents, joined the Mountaineers. Over a bit less then 100 years, the vast majority of his life, he worked his way up the Mountaineers. He, getting more and more frustrated by the Trolls everywhere, took a group of like-minded Dwarves and led them out.

The Dwarves tore across the landscape, killing every Troll or otherwise that they came across with pure numbers. It was late one night, near the coast, that the people of Flastrult's group all swore under a new Clan name, the Runebraid Clan. The Runebraid clan continued doin' what they did, killing Trolls and takin' names. During these times, Flastrult had many 'flings', fathering a son and a daughter within the Clan. Both he kept well-fed and clothed. However, then the Horde and the Second War came. The Orcs took them by surprise and left the group broken and beaten.

The Runebraid Clan regrouped and swore yet again, vowing to kill both Orcs and Trolls whenever possible. They went to Lordaeron and helped the Alliance Forces chase back the Horde. A few of the Clansmembers wanted to go through the Dark Portal with Kurdran. However, Flastrult did not. He kept the Clan back, and returned them to their home of Hinterlands.

The Third War arrived not much later. The Runebraid Clan immediately took a station at a northern pass, killing any Undead who would come through. Luckily, not many Undead did, so the Clan survived untouched. During this time, the Clan got little to no word from anywhere else. They had no clue of the chaos happening otherwise. They returned to Aerie Peak and were shocked when they discovered of Lordaeron's fall, of the raid on Silvermoon, of the newly discovered Kalimdor. However, they could do little from their position. They guided some Mountaineers to their mountain pass and went back to their homeland patrolling.

They provided a southern excursion point for the Plaguelands when the pinch began there, although they contributed little to the Crusade against the Illidari, or the Crusade against the Scourge. They rejoiced at hearing Kurdran was still alive, yet did little other then that. They were active in their homeland, though. Flastrult met a few Humans and another Dwarf, each with their own goal. Together, they made the Northern Alliance, something which Flastrult felt would make things easier.