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Player: Geoni

Pet Full Name: Blind-Dance

Nicknames: “curious”, “blind one”, and “demon snake” by his former owner.

Association: Eta

Race: Snake

Class: Non-Combat Pet.

Age: 4 ½ years.

Sex: Male.

Skin Colour: White.

Eyes: Red and milky.

Weight: 1 1/8 lb.

Height: 2 ft. 7 in. in length.


Blind-Dance would be the size and shape of a garter snake. What makes him peculiar, is that he is albino. This means that his skin is bright white, and his eyes are red. There is a small scar on the top of his head and a dent near his tail, if anybody were to look that close.


Blind-Dance was born in a pit owned by a Witch Doctor who used snakes in his rituals. Due to his rare and frightening appearance, he was given the name “demon snake” and was never sacrificed to the spirits. The Witch Doctor did not know what to do with the snake. He didn’t want to kill him, because he worried that the snake was a sign of anger from the spirits, and that killing it would make them even angrier, so he kept it alive, holding a grudge against it.

Once Blind-Dance was a few months old, having fully developed as a healthy snake, the Witch Doctor encountered a Tauren couple, one of them pregnant, a belly large as she was likely overdue to give birth. Having known the Witch Doctor from previous travels, the pregnant Tauren had an exchange with him, and after a few minutes, she offered to take care of “demon snake” in order to ease the man’s worries.

A day after she received the snake, her son was born. Because of this, she considers the snake to be a good luck charm, and he has been with her ever since. Having previous experience in snake charming, Eta played a song on her wooden pipes that enticed the snake to raise his head into the air and move in a circular motion. Inspired by this, Eta named the snake Blind-Dance. Blind-Dance has been her companion ever since, and has enjoyed the company of her and her son Pashu for the last four years, despite being stepped on one or a few times.